No More Family Planning Ads, PEMRA Bans Contraceptive Promotion on TVs

Recently, the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has been in the news for coming up with controversial directives regarding the Women Protection Bill in Pakistan.

Much hue and cry followed in social media and traditional media outlets, especially in the light of one CII recommendation calling for husbands being allowed to beat their spouses ‘lightly’.

But that wasn’t the only recommendation that caught the eye of the consultative body. They also proposed a ban on contraceptive ads running on TV, pointing to their ‘vulgarity’ and ‘corrupting influence’ on society.

Update: Family Planning Ads After 11PM Only: Revised Notice

The CII needn’t worry. PEMRA, the electronic media watchdog, recently issued directives pertaining to the airing of contraceptive commercials on TV, though it remains to be seen if it was done in light of the CII’s recommendation or. as PEMRA alleges, on the advice of concerned viewers.


PEMRA’s letter calling for ban on family planning ads

PEMRA has directed all TV channels and FM radio stations to curb the airing of family planning, birth control or contraceptive products henceforth.

Following the directives, Twitter had a lot to say about the current move. Here are what people are saying regarding the move:

On one hand, Pakistan is facing a crisis brought forward by a burgeoning population. On the other hand, the moral police deems it fit to shut down any initiatives that could otherwise spread awareness of family planning.

PEMRA’s move has invited a mixed reaction across society and will continue to do so, since its ban directly impacts the domain of health all across the country. Let’s hope that saner minds prevail.

  • good decision by PEMRA, and dear blogger if your parent would have been following such sickular agenda then you may not have been writing this

    • What part of overpopulation don’t you understand? Do you realize what happens to children who can’t be properly cared for? Crime, Lack of Resources, Unemployment, you name it. We are the fifth largest population, no wonder our HDI is so low. Simply put there aren’t enough resources for our population

      • And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you. Indeed, their killing is ever a great sin.
        Surah Bani Israel:

      • Why there isnt a population control Ministry in Europe and Americas ?and they exert full of their effort by aids to run such programs in Islamic countries ?

        • Because they do not have this issue. Their population growth rates are in decline, dumbfuck.

        • Because they do not have that problem? infact its the opposite now they are facing a problem off too little population in some euro countries like Germany

        • Then jump off a building and this won’t be suicide because death is already written. Stay at your home and don’t work because needs are guaranteed. Keep making unwise decisions such as buying that expensive car even if you can barely afford it because your basic needs are sure to be fulfilled. Islam allows four wives, it doesn’t mean you are required to have four wives. It only allows if one can give equal attention to all.

          Allah Almighty expects us to make wise decisions. You should only have children you can properly care for. Not having children doesn’t mean killing them so you have wrongly quoted the ayah. Killing is when you abort a fetus after 180 days or when you kill your born child.

      • Let me know when your 5 year old sees a condom ad and asks ‘daddy what is this condom please can I buy it’?

        • and the appropriate response to it would be ‘No beta, its not for kids’ and the kid will be like ‘okay, daddy’ also five year old wouldn’t say that because its not a product that will catch there eye or be interested in

          • “and the kid will be like ‘okay, daddy’ ”

            you wish dude. kids these days are very inquisitive

            • I remember I asked my mom about chabbi kay ads, I was 12. I asked what is this and she said its used to plan how many kids you want. and that was the end of it, the world didn’t turn upside down, mountains didn’t collapse. Tell your kids the truth.

      • Dear Waqas,
        I have a little question for you. Did you believe Allah is Razzak? if yes then “JIS NAY APP KO AUR MUJH KO PAIDA KYA HAI US PER HE CHORE DO”


        Our prophet Hazrat Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam Said
        “Nikah Meri Sunnat Se Ha, Jo Shakhs Meri Sunnat Par AmaL Na Kare Wo Mujh Se Nhe, Lehaza Nikah Karo Ku K Me Tumhari Kasrat Ki Bina Par Degar Ummaton Par Fakhar Karunga, Jo Qudrat Rakhta Ho Wo Nikah Kare Or Jo Qudrat Na Paye To Roze Rakha Kare Ku K Roza Shahwat Ko Torta Ha” (iBn-E-Maja Kitab-uL-Nikah)

        • Let me ask you, is that “Razzak” providing for all the children starving in our country and others? NO, so please take illogic somewhere else. Children die every year from starvation, where is god, the razzak? “Oh its our responsibility to feed them”? Choose one, you can’t have both ways.

          • Why you sound like you don’t believe in Allah? Are you a non-muslim, a kafir? What the hell are you?

            ALLAH is RAZZAK & HE promised to provide food to every human being. Allah ne har insaan ka Rizq paida kia hai, lekin ager koi Zaalim wo Rizq Na-Hak khaa jaey to or baat hai. In our country’s case, Zaalim includes these corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, ministers, govt. servants. More than 90% of them are extremely corrupt. They’re responsible that many children die hungry today! Allah ka nizam 100% perfect hai, but today how many muslims follow the teachings of ALLAH?

          • If that Razzak is not providing then is it your father who’s providing Rizk tou this whole universe? What do you think of yourself? you low life creep. And people are dying of hunger it’s because of the corrupt people like you who snatch two time meals from the mouth of poor n deprived people.

          • Are you Muslim? if yes then explain me what is Islam? if you read Islam you will find your answer.

            • I couldn’t find the answer. Plese enlighten me..aggar sab kuch Allah par chornay say hota hai? Then why do we do anything? Why not just lie in bed all day and Allah will provide?

    • And if you think you can get away with such a low blow as above, let me mention that we surely need this “agenda” to prevent narrow minded people like you

      • i don’t think these ads are effective at all.people know about it already. new married couples are always informed by their “naughty friends”. seriously its not like a thing about which people don’t wanna talk.

        • Agar aisa he to ye companies itna invest kyon kar rahin on advertisment? No one invests millions without substantial statistics. And what do you mean by “naughty friends”? Using condom is naughty??? This is the view we need to break. We need to stop being ignorant about this overpopulation issue.

          • aown mohammad(who replied to ur comment above) is right. i agree one hundred percent with him.

            • Well I don’t blame you or him for resorting to these type of comments. We like to think we are an ideal society and we become ignorant of our issues. Many are in a state of denial and swear at whoever points out the inadequacies.

                • That was in response to his pathetic comment so he doesn’t comment like this in future. I have no interest in calling someone names. Just because Yasir Mahmood has the option to go anonymous and can’t control his anger, it doesn’t mean he can go on saying things like that.

                  • I agree with your viewpoint completely, Mr Waqas. Population control is necessary in a country where resources don’t equal the demand for them.

                  • oh so now you are a dictator? wake up, this is 21st century. any idea about of freedom of speech?

                    • Freedom of speech does not mean that all your stupidity will be praised and appreciated with a pat on the back. Criticism is my freedom of speech

                    • No one is asking for a pat on the back. Simply ignore the comment u didn’t like. Win win

                    • It’s not win win. You are trying to say that my rights should be no, I decide what to ignore amd what not

  • At least i would call for stopping of engineers production in the country, especially in private universities. ?

  • If fathers of “PROPK Staff” had used condom, there would have been no Propakistani. So if you object on the decision of banning condom ads, start it with yourself.

    • I wish your parent had used anything like “these products” so that I am not reading your comment :D

      • So? You and I were nowhere on earth from 13 billions years. And will be nowhere after death again.

    • Stone age was our root. And we have no shame going but you will also leave this shinning world and go even beyond the stone age. Where your English n suiting won’t work. So think about it.

  • Good Decision, Totally agreed. Population is not that severe ‘problem’ as we are made to believe.

  • There are a few people here writing I’ll informed and nonsensical comments like ‘if your parents had used contraceptives you wouldn’t be writing here’s and ‘population growth is not a problem’. To those nitwits I can only suggest a healthy dose of shut-up-and-do-your-research.
    We’re sitting in 2016 and all you fucktards have as a defence is – Had Bachey Kai Saath Uss Ka Risk Saath aata hai. Stop pretending like you’re planning on popping out 8 babies yourselves. You’ll be using contraceptives, because you know about them. You’ll know your options and trust me, you’ll be loyal customers of Durex (given you manage to find someone who would want you cavemen).

    • I agree with you. Agar “Had Bachey Kai Saath Uss Ka Risk Saath aata hai.” (tell that to the kids dying in thar) then why do children die of starvation. Completely irrational arguments.

    • I agree with you. Agar “Had Bachey Kai Saath Uss Ka Risk Saath aata hai.” (tell that to the kids dying in thar) then why do children die of starvation. Completely irrational arguments.

  • ایسے اشتہارات ایک مخصوص اوقات میں چلانے کی اجازت دی جاسکتی ہے کہ جب بچے اور فیملی کے ساتھ ٹی وی نہیں دیکھا جاتا۔ ایسے اوقات میں ان اشتہارات کا ٹی وی پر آنا کہ جب بچے بوڑھے سب ساتھ بیٹھ کر ٹی وی دیکھ رہے ہوں (مثلاً خبرنامہ وغیرہ) مناسب نہیں ہے۔

  • No offense but everybody knows what child birth control is . The ads being made in pakistan are now giving direct reference to pleasure of sex . Atleast i cant watch such ads with my small children on tv .most educated people in pakistan are following the rules anyways and dont have tokra of children .

  • Pakistan is one of the highest populated country!!. Most “educated” people may be following the rules but they are not the majority. The awareness campaign is directed to those who are not aware.

  • The decisions like this are of extremely sensitive nature and this decision of banning contraceptive ads shows that they have not taken both sides of the coin into consideration. YES, there is a possibility that these ads might have negative effects on the audience especially Minors like already being pointed out in comments BUT YOU ALSO CANNOT ignore the need of awareness that needs to be spread for tackling the issue of Over Population. YES ALLAH has promised that everyone will get his/her due Rizq BUT on the CONDITION of effort for it. There is the condition of searching for Rizq to get your due Rizq. What if you are unable to make that much effort to provide for your family? WHY are these so many Pakistanis living under the line of POverty? Is ALLAH SWT not providing them Rizq?. Yes Allah is providing them rizq because thats the reason they are alive and not starving to death (Some of them are , though). BUT are they living a reasonable life ? NO. Because there are’nt mush resources/jobs/opportunities to put effort on. Thats where the concept of “Chadar dekh k paon phelao” comes in. Thats why we need a way to educate people to make only much babies whom they can feed properly. Rizk tu ALLAH une de he de ga no doubt about it but will they be able to live a reasonable life given the current situation of our economy and resources?

    As for the ban, they should come up with a more balancing solution rather an extreme one. If showing such ads might have a negative influence on people then it is acceptable to not show such ads on TV, BUT at the same time they must come up with alternative and more safer ways to educate the Masses about family planning e.g Door to Door Campaigns etc because thats also important.

  • Oh, BC!!! India mai (especially up & bihar) mai chaalo full time condom ads humari country bohot ko jarurat hai assi ads ki.

  • This is absolute BS man! Matlab contraceptive drugs k ads nai chale ge ab, but baghair shadi k pregnant honey waley aadhey nangey indian dramas, behuda Indian + Pakistani award shows, nudity promote krne waley music videos, wo sub chaley ga, wo sub normal hai. Extremely pathetic step by PEMRA! No wonder they’re working on US, Indian & Israeli agenda to destroy this country! Just sick!

    PEMRA Walo apni maa behno k saath beht k dekho ye sub kachra, qoum ki behno/betiyon k masoom zehan tabah na karo!

  • oh the Irony! a country with most school-age child laborers & 5th most malnutrition prevalent populace is not happy with population control Ideas… :)

  • and how many educated people we have in Pakistan? 6-7% these ads are targeted at the the rest of the 93% of the population. And educated person does not mean he knows why there is a need to use contraceptives. Thirdly, small children can’t understand what is the ad. You really expect a 6 year old to know what the ad is about?

  • great to see parent like you here. some single keyboard warriors won’t just accept the fact that such ads can’t be watched with family .

  • Good step. And for the twitter comments they are not banning ads they are changing timings only.

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