PEMRA Issues Order to Stop Airing Hindi Dubbed Cartoons

PEMRA has decided to ban the airing of dubbed cartoons on cartoon channels on television. Specifically, Hindi dubbed cartoons were banned from airing by PEMRA. This move seems like a response to previous orders by the Supreme Court to take strict measures against objectionable content aired on the TV channels.

Drama serials were pointed out as being the prime offenders, while some channels were accused of being bribed and promoting agendas against Pakistani society and even against certain individuals. The Chief Justice had urged PEMRA to take stronger action against the offenders instead of just issuing warnings to them.

Why Were Hindi Dubbed Cartoons Banned?

Watching cartoons in Hindi, children inevitably start speaking adopting Hindi terms. In addition to that, these cartoons include Hindu culture specific words, which leads the children to use these terms in everyday speech. PEMRA has deemed this unacceptable and banned Hindi dubbed cartoons.

The cartoon channels themselves are also to blame for this. They use Hindi dubbed versions of cartoons which are easier to acquire and cheaper, instead of hiring voice actors to get them dubbed in Urdu.

Urdu dubbed versions will be more accurate in terms of language used in our country. They will also help children improve their Urdu, whereas most of them speak better Hindi nowadays.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the better initiatives introduced by PEMRA to help decrease the amount of Hindi content that has seeped onto our TV channels. Our national language is dying a slow death and anything that helps reverse the trend is a welcome move. This could also help in creating many jobs for English-Urdu dubbers.

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  • Jab Ban Ho Jain Gy Tb Dekhain Gy. Hamesha ki trha sirf aik Hukum he sabit ho ga implementation karwany ka dam hai nai PemPra main :P

  • Our govt unfortunately is good at banning only? Now what is to be banned next? The whole internet for containing objectionable material & Cable TV as a whole?

    • Its a good decision. Why hindhi why not english? English is much better than Hindhi

      • Why not both; hindi and english. Why are we so biased toward Hindi. Hindi is not some property of Hindus, just like Urdu is not of Muslims. Language is just a way to communicate and more you know more its better.

        • Since Hindustan is not the property of the Hindus why don’t you move over their

          Just a thought.

        • kuch log hoty hian jinka kaam hota hai bass Tankeed kerna Just like OLD LADIES
          you are one of them :D
          urdu sakhawat to mardi hai tumlogo nay abb urdu zaban ka bhi rape kerahy ho
          phir ko fir, khair ko kcare bol bol ker
          if you don’t understand what i said so i am sorry you don’t know urdu and i don’t know hindi
          Allah apko hidayat dy :)

          • O bhai tum se kahin behtar Urdu aati hai hamain. Urdu nasar aur poetry parhi bhi hai khuch likhne ka bhi shoq rakhte hain. Ghalib, Daag, Mir, Iqbal, Faiz, Amjad Islam Amjad, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Banu Qudsia, Ishfaq Ahmad aur pata nahin kitne naam cheen logon ke kaam ke maddah hain. Aap tu janab theek se likh bhi nahin paate aur bane hain thekedaar urdu zuban ke.

            Bas faraq itna hai ke mein aap ki tarah inteha parast aur kuhna parast nahin. Zuban jiddat pasandi ki taraf jaye tu hi bachi rehti hai warna khatam ho jati hai. Zabardasti se pakarne ki koshish karo ge tu tabah ho jaye gi. Umeed hai koi 1% bhi baat samajh gaye hoon ge aap.

    • Bhai mere agar aapko koi issue nahi ke aapkay bachey yeh Chota Bheem, Krish and pata nahi kaunse kaunse hindu mazhab ke characters ko ideal banaen apna tu hats off to you…

      • Yr content ban kro na specific … yun all hindi dubbed content to ban na kro na yun to phir hindi movies b ban krni parein gi aur hollywood culture ki waja sy wo b ban krna aur rahi baat pakistani movies ki to wo b aaj kal kese sy kam nahin.
        So, Ban Content NOT LANGUAGE

  • Cable operators need to be regulated to stop distributing the Indian feeds of foreign channels like Cartoon Network. Cable operators don’t purchase the official distribution devices/cards and tap into Indian feeds thru satellite and pay no money to transmit. It is these illegal transmissions causing loss of revenue to the licensed channels and the negative impact on children.

  • Dair Aye darust Aye.. Also banned Hindhi language Channels like national Geographic and Discovery and also try to launch these channels in urdu

    • Only in name though. Pakistan is actually heaven for getting your hands on illegal content.

  • I think ab inko Urdu Dubbed cartoons start karnay chahiye. Q k akhir hamaray pas bhi zuban mojood hai, k nai? :P

  • And yeah, that’s a SUPERB order. I can’t speak Urdu well -_- All because of these Hindi Dubbed channels + because of watching Hindi Movies.

    • bhai mere kharacha hota hai.. agr koi kharcha karay too itni kamai kasi ho gi ??
      exmple :- geo nay Burqa wali cartoon live ki too humri awam kuttu ki tarha un ko par gai

  • Yes yeh cartoon ban hony chahien. Lakin aisa hona possible hai kiya? jaisy k Star Plus ban krny ka kaha tha? Ab star plus k oper aur nechy patiyan lga kr chla dety hain. aisa hi yeh log cartoon network k sth bhi krein gy.

  • Agr Pakistan apni DTH servise shuru kry aur indian sth services ko Pakistan mein ban kr diya jaye tu hi koi hal nikal skta hai. Cable Operators kbhi bhi aisa nahin krein gy.

  • I can never forgive these channels for ruining my urdu subconciously.
    Great initiative by PEMRA.
    Should have been implemented sooner :(

    • What has exactly ruined in your urdu and how do you think it is bad for you. Urdu in itself is very much a mixture of many languages. It is a fact that languages evolve. Are you against this evolution. What Iqbal has said on this…

      Aayen-e-Nau Se Darna, Tarz-e-Kuhan Pe Arna

      Manzil Yehi Kathan Hai Qoumon Ki Zindagi Mein

      • To be precise, the use of sometimes pure-hindi words has had a very bad effect on my urdu skills. I usually find it hard to write in complete urdu without leaning on a bit if hindi.

        • Then may be it is a fault of your learning. I myself know very well Hindi and Urdu and can use easily if any situation arise.
          Anyway, it is scientifically proven then learning additional languages keep the mind active and sharp and there is less chance of Alzheimer and other related diseases in old age.

  • I think the next step is asking some reputable tv groups like ARY to start their cartoon channels as well.
    This should help promote our language in our country.

    • We already have Cartoon Network Pakistan and Nickelodeon Pakistan but the contents airing on these channels are in hindhi, because ab itni mehnat kon kre, itna kharcha kon kre jo muft mein india se mil rahi hai dubbing Pakistanion ko kharab krne k liye to wahin se ly lete hain.

  • Most of the drama entertainment channels airing indian dramas which are of poor quality in term of stories but these are cheap in price so channels to prefer such dramas, there should be limit in percentage for foreign content such as channels should be allowed to air only 20% to 30% foreign content.

  • PEMRA ko koi jaga dey aur unhen batae ke aise orders woh buhat baar pehle bhi de chuke hain, un orders ka kuch bana hai jo iska kuch bane ga.

    Initiative tu acha hai but implementation karao tu baat bane.

    • bhai apko samah nahe jab to nahe parha kero
      Hindi, Urdu bolny main same hain aur bachy ese chezen jalde catch kerty hain
      sirif har cheez k opposite likh ker kush hojaya kero
      Real life main tum failer he hogy

      • to bol le indian style mein agrezi kiun kahta hai sab bolein usei? hum kiyun america me aur dosri jaga apna mazaq baiein indian english bol ke!!!

  • Finally a good news from PEMRA…….my son use to watch these hindi dubbed cartoons specially Doremon and he started using hindi words in his conversation and that was the day i blocked all the channels showing hindi cartoons….now we should promote our home made cartoons aswell….Burqa Avenger is a great series.

  • Happy this is happening. I do not want my young kids learning Hindi words and content. I have nothing against Indians but this applies to other cultures too.

  • SEE TV’s JAN cartoon is one of the best example of URDU Dubbed cartoon and the manners and wordings used in the said cartoon is very much appreciated. NICK’s channel BURQA AVENGER cartoon is also the excellent example of Urdu dubbed cartoon

  • Ya Allah tera shukar… i was praying for this to happen since forever… !

  • I’ve been waiting for this since 2010. Hindi-dubbed cartoons and TV shows were the bane of my existence. Watching kids grow up with Hindi-specific terms and phrases is pointless. I’ve always been commended for my fluency in speaking English and understanding it. I attribute that to the early years of my life which were spent watching the original Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. They made a strong foundation which led me to excelling in studies and opening up all these doors for me on the basis of my fluency in speaking this so-called “superior language”. Now, people will argue that “humaari apni zubaan bhi hai, us pe itna command hai kya?” but what I mean to say is that at least I learnt something substantial that helped me out in the future. Kids nowadays are learning Hindi from these shows. How will that help them out in the future? Great step by PEMRA. There should be a balance between Urdu TV shows and English TV shows.

  • Very good stuff by PEMRA. Hindi cartoons such as chota bheem are extremely bad influence on kids. hangumaru type cartoons make kids disrespectful. I myself hear my cousins saying stupid hindi words. Tho i am going to miss Oggy and cockroaches myself. XD

  • Children learn urdu from many other sources and it was a plus for children to learn hindi language as well. What is wrong with learning additional language. Stupid maniacs.

      wo hindi likhna nahe sekha rahy
      tumhy kia pata tum to PANDIT IMRAN tumhy urdu nahe ati

  • I don’t see any other muslim country (even saudi arabia) has not banned any such thing. Are we the most extremist country in the world. Saudi arabia did not even ban youtube.

      • I am here in SA. They banned all these (not facebook but facebook messenger only) not due to any religious reasons but due to commercial reasons. Telecom companies complained that there revenue is less due to social media operators so they banned all these so companies earn more. Can you believe that?
        All indian channels work here including hindi cartoons and every other thing and this has not impaired their ability to produce homegrown arabic 3rd gen retards. Its because they don’t know any other language than arabic and even they don’t know it properly.

        It is my belief that one of the best reasons we Pakistani are smarter than many other nations is because we learn or we have to learn many languages and this make our mind very sharp and active.

        There is nothing wrong in learning as much languages as you can. Hindi language as a language has nothing bad in it except our hatered towards Hindus.

        So stop believing all this $hit that your children will one day go to hell because of this.

        • But why Hindi? WE have to learn English Chinese or German to grow up. Hindi is not a language to learn about.

          • Bro he is IMRAN PANDIT
            and Trying to apply for indian Passport
            and if you know about Dog tail
            he is a good example of that :D

  • Hindi dubbed cartoon hi kyn, when there is usually nothing wrong with them! Dubbed indian cartoons don’t spread nudity, vulgarism. In most cases they don’t plague the innocent minds, although some of them promote a lot of religious behudgi like krishan, bhagwan & stuff which Muslim children are not supposed to listen.

    My point is, PEMRA hindi dubbed cartoons pe haath saaf ker k ye nai soch sakta k haq ada ho gya! It’s not even 1% of the crap that we & our children watch everyday!

    PEMPRA officials if you’ve got the balls, go ahead & BAN all the hindi dramas, indian reality shows, indian music videos, indian award shows, indian movies & any other indian piece of media in PAKISTAN. Then we’ll know you’re serious!

    Stop this BS!

    • Bro dunya mian Nudity ky elawa bhi bhut chezenn hoti hian jo A category main ati hian
      aur Cartoon channel ban kea hia
      main to bola hoon NATGEO hindi wala bhi ban kero
      isky faedy bhut hian like
      Voice dubb jobs create hogi Pakistan main
      Urdu better hogi pronunciations

  • Haha, Right Job, My little brother speaks more hindi in home then urdu or any other language, “Mama ap chinta mat karien”… lol :-)

    • hahah thory din baad wo bola “MATAY app swyam mugh per vishwash rakhy chinta ke koe awashakta nahe” :D

    • hindi rape kerahi hia Urdu Pronounciation ka
      English pronounciation urdu jese nahe , na to english main
      Phir jo Fir ya khuda ko koda and khatir ko kateer bola jata hia

  • I dont know why a few people who have some special love for hindi are so upset with this decision. If you really love hindi you can carry on learning it. Watching cartoons isn’t the only way in the world. I think this is really a very good decision and i am looking forward to see its proper implementation as soon as possible because it is a very good step for saving our next generation’s cultural values. Even my 4 years old son is adopting more words of hindi than Urdu and I know this the story of almost every family because of hindi dubbed cartoons.

  • GOOD !!! All content for kids… Especially till the age of 7 should be in the local languages with proper words and accent.. ( That also includes English). Our kids must learn Urdu, English and their own regional language and a bit of arabic before the age of 10. (Parents must focus on that) ..

  • Bring back ‘Camp Candy’, ‘Captain Planet’, ‘Johnny Quest’ and all old toons from 90s

  • Urdu kyaa pakistani language tha ???? ya hai ???? Urdu belongs to INDIA (delhi,lucknow,hyderabad mainly)……….. tum log ek Indian language ko adopt kiya apne National Language k taur pe….jabki… sirf 6% log hi urdu bolte thein in 1947 aur wo bhi ………..delhi, bihar, aur baki jagah se jo hindustani muslim pakistan gaye the wo hi urdu bolte the……….. Jab tumhara apna zuban (mothertongue) punjabi,pashton,sindhi,balouchi ho kar bhi ek bharti zuban ko national language bana diye………. toh fir itna chir kyun hai india se???????

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