CheezMall to Reward Shoppers with Eidi and Hadiya Gifts

Cheezmall, the ecommerce website, is launching a new promotion for the Ramzan and Eid season. The deal is expected to combine the essence of charity with commerce, helping Cheezmall members contribute to the betterment of society as well.

As Ramzan approaches, many people are hoping to save up for Eid. Since Eid-ul-Fitr also is the day where many look forward to the Eidi they can collect, Cheezmall is also hoping to capitalize on the same. For Eid-ul-Fitr, the online store is offering free Eidi on any product you purchase at

Eidi from CheezMall

Cheezmall’s Free Eidi offer works when you purchase an item, and get the same amount that the item is going for originally. For example, a Rs. 3000 item is going to give you an additional Rs. 3000 to spend across the site.

Reward is going to be valid for any shopping purchase.

Eidi Offer will start from July 1st onwards till Eid.

Additionally, in order to make it more than just another Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer, Cheezmall is also going to give a free “Muqadas Hadiya” to buyers. The “*Muqadas Hadiya” box is expected to include:

  • One Tasbih,
  • one Lemon Miswak,
  • one digital counter,
  • one Etar fragrance,
  • one small Towel,
  • one imported Praying Cap
  • Chinese Muslim bookmark characters for bookmarking.


You can find out details about the free “Muqadas Hadiya”  box here.

The Spirit of Sacrifice and Charity

Ramzan is about more than just fasting and prayers. It is about becoming one with the poor and the unfortunate. It is about knowing the pain of those with limited means.

Since Ramzan is about cleansing oneself and emphasizing with the poor segments of society, Cheezmall is going to donate the proceeds from the sale to a charity account associated with Shaukat Khanum.

This way shoppers can contribute towards a charitable cause and be socially responsible this Ramzan.

  • The box seems nice. Specially chinese characters they are so cute. Good offer cheezmall

  • Just placed order. Hope to get the Muqadas Hadiya box soon cheezmall. Thanks also for making my shopping as part of charity to the best brand Shaukat khanum.

  • Is Cheezmall’s “Rush Hour” offer just a publicity stunt? because whenever at the time of offer i try to place any order, it says some error occurred please refresh the page or inventory finished. Even i try to place the order instantly but can’t go with it.

  • Stay away from this bullshitmall. They will bombard you with promotional emails when you signup for any of their offers. They use marketing tactics by offering promotions to get email subscribers.

    P.S. Don’t believe the comments which are appreciating them, these are all paid comments by their employees. You can check each and every (fake) profile to verify.

    • It has been a week since I ordered Zong’s deal with free power bank and I am still waiting to receive the product.
      So yeah I agree with above comment and would suggest people to not buy anything from them.

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