Xbox One Gets a Price Cut But You Shouldn’t Buy It Yet

Microsoft is discounting its current Xbox One console offerings by $50, dropping the price to $299 (approx. Rs. 34,000 including sales tax). This announcement comes just a few days prior to rumored launch of the new “slim” version of Xbox One, which is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming E3.

All Xbox One bundles are also being discounted by $50. While Microsoft has not announced a date until the bundles will remain discounted, this move by Microsoft could be permanent.

Another higher spec Xbox One version is also rumored to be announced at E3 as a direct competitor to the Playstation 4 Neo. Some reports state that it will be out in 2017.

Xbox One in the Local Pakistani Market

Currently the Xbox One costs around Rs 41,000 online (prices variable), for the Kinect-free version. The Kinect version is available for around Rs 52,000.

Its hard to tell whether the new discount will translate to the Pakistani market. And even if it does, then by what margin would the local retailers decrease their prices. A rough estimate would be around Rs 35,000 if current market trends are to be believed.

Implications for Potential Buyers

For people looking to buy a console, buying the discounted Xbox One (with a cost of at least Rs 5000-6000 more for Pakistani buyers) is not a viable option, especially with the slim version coming soon. The prudent thing is to wait and see after E3 2016 concludes. The local sellers will bring down their prices based on what newer models are coming out once Microsoft formally announces the new SKUs.

Image Credits: The Verge

Edit: Sales tax included in the price estimates, as pointed out by Uzair Sajid

A techie, Overwatch and Street Fighter enthusiast, and Editor at ProPakistani.

  • Actually, you’re not calculating the local prices correctly. If the current price in the US is $350, you also need to add 8% to 10% sales tax (depending on the State), and shipping so the actual price in PKR does go over PKR 40,000.

    TL/DR, the $350 (or $299, the new price) is before tax, not the actual retail price.

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