Audi Pakistan Website (With Specs and Prices) Goes Live

As we hinted you before, it is now confirmed that Audi, the German automaker, is in final stages of entering the Pakistani market.

Audi Pakistan has already launched its country specific website for Pakistan, which includes all the details about the cars models that will be available in Pakistan — and the prices for all the Audi cars that will be sold in Pakistan.

The German car maker started feasibility study for the Pakistani market in late April. Soon after, it was reported that Audi Pakistan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with BankIslami in order to provide tailor-made financing packages for the Pakistani consumers.

Reportedly, Audi Pakistan is releasing 10 car models for Pakistani market. Being a luxurious car brand, Audi Pakistan will be selling the cars with heavy price tags, albeit unbeatable luxury and quality.

Take a look at the cars and their prices below:

Audi A3 Sedan – Price: PKR 3.85 Million


Audi A4 Saloon – Price: PKR 5.8 Million


Audi A5 Sportback – Price: PKR 6.6 Million


Audi A6 Saloon – Price: PKR 7.5 Million


Audi A7 Sportback – Price: PKR 15 Million


Audi A8 L – Price: PKR 22.5 Million

audi a8 l

Audi Q3 – Price: PKR 5.7 Million


Audi Q5 – Price: PKR 11 Million

audi Q5-Front-1-

Audi Q7 – Price: PKR 15.55 Million


Audi R8 Coupe – Price: NA


Not to mention, above Audi models and prices are available on Audi Pakistan’ website — which isn’t officially announced yet, there’s no guarantee that the available models or the prices for these Audi are final and confirmed.

Audi Pakistan’s website is still under development and more information or details should be expected as the site will go live officially.

Meanwhile, our readers can take a hint on the prices and the cars that could go on sale in Pakistan. Nonetheless, it is in the consumer’s interest as more and more car manufacturers are entering the market thanks to the new Auto Policy announced in 2015.

You can view more information about the cars and their features by going to the official website

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  • Audi had this PK website from years. Exact same design and contents and prices too. Ultra late news

  • Yar itney may tu aik acha khasa ghar aajata hai DHA may jitney ki Audi A3 sedan hain :/

  • I don’t know what cave have you guys been living in but this website has been functional for a long time.

  • Hahah. Audi launch his website. But video and 360 shows left hand cars. At-least audi needs to create some new 3d animations for local market.

  • This has been around for at least a few years, if not more. Super late to the party, guys.

  • Oye it’s tooooo old you have seen it now. Stop misguiding people of Pakistan. Please its humble request.

  • This blog was a waste of writer’s efforts and our reading time. Who didn’t already know about this website?

  • With the abundance of cheap 2nd hand imports they won’t be selling much cars here that’s for sure…

  • Is owning a showroom the equivalent of “being in Pakistan?” I saw one for Audi during my visit to Karachi.

  • Gays talk logically, what ever is said here by “propakistani” is WRoNG. pakistan economy is not that good that a german car manufacturer will set up a plant in pakistan with 10 different production lines.

    if they come here, they will not start with more than 1 production line.

  • by the way, let them disclose a location to set up a plant in pakistan & then see how terrorist activities increase particularly that area & in the mean while an indian company will approach audi with a better proposition & audi will go to india rather than coming in pakistan. ……….. PLUS elections are due in pakistan with in couple of years & who so ever (political figure) is behind this “audi-project” will not be in power and the audi themselves will setp back. Hahahahahaha

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