AUDI Starts Feasibility Study to Assemble Cars in Pakistan

Following the passage of the oft-delayed but very much welcome Auto Policy 2015, the space for new automobile manufacturers/ assemblers to enter Pakistani auto market has been opened.

There has been talk of European manufacturers expressing their interest in opening up shop here, and now it seems efforts are being realized for the same.

Audi, the premium car maker from Germany, has expressed its willingness to set foot in Pakistani auto industry, making for a very interesting development for consumers and the industry watchers alike.

To this effect, a Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed by AUDI AG and the Sindh Board of Investment in Ingolstadht. The MoU calls for Audi to study the possibility of assembling the cars in Pakistan.

Audi, the brand with 4 distinct rings, will study the federal trade policies, legal, logistical and economic feasibility to establish an assembly plant in the Province of Sindh through its authorized general importer in Pakistan; Premier Systems.


Signing of the MoU was carried out by  Ms. Naheed Memon, Sindh Board of Investment and Mr. Martin Birkner of AUDI AG. It was witnessed by Mr. Rainer Schmiedchen, Consul-General of Germany in Karachi and Mr. Arshad Raza of Premier Systems.

Currently, the Pakistani auto industry is populated by Japanese car makers and the entrant of a quality-conscious brand like Audi is sure to make local auto-makers more competitive (and nervous). We hope that the competition amongst new and old companies in Pakistani auto industry brings standards up to par with what’s expected globally. With more competition, prices of cars are expected to go down too.

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  • A most welcome development.. If it becomes reality.. It will obliterate the local Toyota and Suzuki monopoly.. Better quality cars and parts available.. Definitely better times coming..

    • No it won’t because even the Audi A3 base model starts from 31 lacs in USA and they’re going to follow the same pricing pattern over here. However, the top of the line models will be affordable as compared to now. The prices as compared to Honda and Toyota would still be high.

      • nope .. people will prefer luxury cars company instead of these !!
        price will draaaapp ..

      • it doesnt matter man , the main thing is … A GERMAN CAR MAKING GIANT IS EVEN DARING TO THINK ABOUT COMING TO PAKISTAN…

        that in itself is very VERY vital for us ! not only is this a MASSIVE chance for us to FINALLY entice the creative and exception genius of German automotive titans to INVEST here . BUT , also the fact that THIS will draw OTHER foreign carmakers to invest here and set up local assembly and manufacturing plants here !

        just like the first drop of rain , which encourages all others to follow it !

      • Audi a1 would cost less than 20 lac, audi a3 for 30 lacs is a good deal considering a topped up grande costs 26.

      • If Audi aren’t going to shake up the market considerably by their own self, they would at least encourage other automakers to come to the country as Yasir points out above me. And you know, if the Audi launches the Q2 here, most Prados and Land Cruisers would vanish from the roads before Audi could say “Kaisa Diya?”

        • these subsidies and cheap labour will only be given to Audi. Not Toyota/Honda making Audi cars more attractive than others. delusional thinking at it’s best.

  • Lets see what happen bcaz as i remembered from last time our so called auto industry bribed some minister to stop this auto policy 2015 and make it to be go away policy

    • That’s true.. Toyota and Suzuki have held their monopoly by bribing every government.. They can shun small manufacturers but they cannot muster a bribe big enough to keep a giant like Audi at bay. Let’s hope the unstable political and security situation doesn’t scare away the German heavyweight..

  • This is MASSIVE , people , i tell you MASSIVE !
    German Automotive industry is LITERALLY the best in the world ( no doubt every one wants an Audi or Mercedes)
    it beats even the best US and Italian car makers !

    Germans coming here is a MASSIVE milestone for Pakistan !

  • For the first time Pakistan may see a quality car product .Indus and Suzuki have been giving us third rate products with disgusting build quality and materials.
    No wonder people prefer to buy used cars from Japan. Honda is a notch better.

  • Although I can’t afford Audi’s 30 hundred thousand car but they have pleased me with this news. Whenever n league government comes our economi rises .keep it up Pakistan.

  • I hope that the deal is transparent and helps the country overall rather than few people reaping all the benefits. The deal must work in favour of Pakistan incorporating environment, pollution, water usage, work conditions, etc. I hope there are no land grabs and carefull planning is done by the government. Looking forward to this development as it may bring hope in reviving our steel industry.

  • It ‘s Audi group, this does not means that they will assemble Audi, might be after study the come up with an other brand of it Volkswagen, Sakoda.

  • Feasibility study for Audi, but manufactured will either be Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda, or even VW’s light commercial vehicles, and opportunity for Scania/MAN Buses for they own Audi, VW, Seat, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, MAN, Scania & Skoda.

  • The price for any car, any vehicle is HUGE in Pakistan. That’s all I need to comment :(

  • The price for any car, any vehicle is HUGE in Pakistan. That’s all I need to comment :(

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