Ufone Clarifies its Position Over Twitter incident

Ufone has issued a statement over yesterday’s activity where someone — as Ufone is putting it — had illegally used company’s account to endorse a tweet in personal capacity.

Ufone said that it deeply regrets the posting of inappropriate and irresponsible tweets using company’s official Twitter account by someone who used the account illegally.

Ufone’s statement reads:

We categorically state that the said tweets do not in any manner represent our position or opinion. We are a responsible, law abiding and apolitical organization that is committed to serve its customers at all times.

Ufone said that the errant tweets were removed from Ufone’s Twitter account, however, there were some copies made and are being circulated on internet, “for which we really feel very sorry but it is beyond our control to remove these copies”, said the statement.

Ufone said that it has launched a full fledge investigation into how this incident occurred and will take strict action against those held responsible.

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    • Ham kisi ko aise hi kuch nahi keh sakte. Hosakta hai it was really an accident.

      Khud socho yar koi itni bari company apni position kyon kharab karegi.

      • A rogue employee perhaps? Maybe a third party who manages promotional media for the company. Working in SEO, I’ve got full access to every client’s twitter, YouTube and Facebook account. If I want, I can literally post anything. And get away with it too. So catching the culprit is not that easy either.

      • If it was more than a mistake, it would’ve been much bigger. Had it been a rogue employee, they would’ve tweeted concerning ganja, or something that would actually harm the repute of the company. It was an honest mistake, as anything else intentional would definitely have been bigger.

  • Yeah, they have to passed a statement on Tweets but not on other illegal activities under PTA supervision.

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