New Taxes: High-end Handset Prices to Increase by Rs. 11,000

Mobile phone importers in Pakistan have pleaded the federal government, the finance minister and Chairman FBR to re-consider its decision of increase in taxes on mobile phones.

A press advert, published in various news papers, reads that mobile phone industry is already heavily taxed since past few years and that the imposition of these new taxes were made without the consent and input of the industry.

Federal government, yesterday through budget for 2016-17, increased taxes on mobile phones from Rs. Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 1,500 respectively; depending on the phone specs and models.

Mobile phone vendors say that this revised tax will add up to make high-end phones more expensive.

Current taxes on high-end phones are up to Rs. 8,000. With revised taxes, each high-end phone could get expensive by around 11K mark, said Karachi Electronics Dealers Association Idrees Memon while speaking with Express Tribune.

“High end phones, like new iPhones, could get expensive by Rs. 11,000 with these new tax rates”

Mobile phone makers say that taxes on mobile phone industry have reached its threshold level and industry is currently on the verge of catastrophe.


‘A press ad published in Dailies today

Mobile phone importers said that increase in taxes on mobile phone is not going to help anyone but the smugglers who import Mobile Phones through illegal channels to avoid taxes.

Experts say that increase in taxes on mobile phone is going to be impact negatively for all stakeholders, including mobile phone makers, cellular companies, content providers, advertisers, consumers and as well as for the government as tax collection through sector will decrease due to increased number of smuggled phones.

  • سب بولو ای واری فیر شیر۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • Behtr he jb mobile lena ho to kisi dost ko laha jae k jab dosre mulk se waps aye to sath 1 cell phone b la de

      • Jese mera koi dost nagi jo bahir ho, lekin iska hal iske ilawa koi nahi, kisi dost ka czn ya frnd to bahir hoga na

  • Now as usual some PML-N people will say if you can afford a high end phone, then you can afford to pay more taxes

    • increase is 3000. Current taxes on high-end phones are up to Rs. 8,000. With revised taxes, each high-end phone could get expensive by around 11K mark, said Karachi Electronics Dealers Association Idrees Memon while speaking with Express the overall tax will become 11K

  • New taxes are imposed so that Nawaz and company can go abroad for heart operation and hair transplant.

  • Went to hafeez center Lahore recently. Business situation wasn’t good. It was a Friday evening and market was supposed to be absolutely packed from customers but it wasn’t. Saw nothing but just worried dealers and resellers. Now this will jolt it even further. Oppo is nearly dead, new entrants such as htc is expected to fail misreably. Seems like there is going to be significant surge in smuggled phones after this budget.

    • everyone is buying refurbished lg g2 or lg g3. Which are smuggled and have fake imei.

  • Baat kuch samajh nahi aai, new tax on high end phones is 1500 which was 1000 earlier. Ab yeh 500rs bharne se 11k ka farak kaise aaega?

    Also the overall taxes were 8k previously as per article and now its 11k so so technically tu 3k ka difference aaya na. But still not sure yeh 3k ka difference bhi kaise aaya sirf 500rs bharne se…

    • Yeh Ishaaq Rafu Foundry se nikal kar 11k ka ho jaye ga KMQ is main simple maths kaam nahi ayegi. Patwari ya Munshi geeri ka course karna paray ga isko samjhnay k liye. Kia tum ready ho course k liye? :-)

    • bhai asa nahe hai. aik tax increase kia hai phir dosray tax automatically increase ho gai because of percentage.

        • tax calculations are different. first they will put this new tax then take additional taxes on percentage basis. so overall this will increase the amount to this much.

        • Yeh keh rahe hain ke high end phones (like samsung galaxy, iphone etc) 11K mehnga ho jaye ga.. Jab ke yeh ghalat hai.. Yeh simple calculation hai jo shayed big importers ke lye sahi hoo mager normal importers ko mazeed dhachka lage ga.

          Last year Eid ul Adha ke baad men ne 2 UMI Iron phones mangwaye China se DHL ke zareye.. Jiski price $175 RS: 18000 x 2 (RS: 36000) thi or yeh high-end phone nahi tha.. I was expecting about 2K/3K maximum tax per phone.. Mager mujhe about 9.5K tax dena para. or bat yahan tak nahi.. Pehle mujhe Lahore se Imei number registered kerne ke liye Islamabad letter send kerna para.. Jisko reply receive hone mein almost 2 weeks lag gaye.. 2 weeks tak mobiles airport per parey rahey.. Jiska izafi tax about RS: 3000 dena para.. DHL walon ke apne charges alag se they.. Total 14000 se 15000 tak izafi charges lag gaye 2 mid-end mobiles per. Abhi jo tax izafa howa hai.. Ager yeh hota tu shayed game RS: 20000+ chali jati..

          Yahan se aik cheez ka lesson mila ke kabhi bhi chez DHL se mat mangwao.. Normal shipping se taqreban wohi time lag jata hai jo delay imie number registration waghera se howa mager dar e sir kuch kam ho jata hai..

          Yeh govt hamari khaal utarne per lagi hoyi hai.. Main ne RS: 3300 tax pay kya $60 Chinese phone UMI Rome per.. Onda Tablet $102 per RS: 7300 tax pay kya.. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 $170 phone per RS: 2800 tax pay kya.. Yeh tamam charges last year ke hain..

  • This is total bullshit to impose brutal taxation on items of daily use. After doing this another stupid statement strikes our ears every time that it will not affect the ‘Comman Man’. I really wish to be one of those common men who are not being affected by such pickpocketing.

  • Good and we will buy smuggled goods.. not gonna give even 1 rupee to these pml n thieves

    • lol. I heard gfive even said we wanted to make in Pakistan besides assembling but PTA is not allowing us to do so.

    • tax calculations are different. first they will put this new tax then take additional taxes on percentage basis. so overall this will increase the amount to this much.

  • Bhai jo banda 80000 ka mobile ly skta wo 11000 govt ko tax bhi dy skta. And iphone buyer is not a poor.

    • I also think the same about iphone buyer but I think the govt should set a limit of let’s say 50k. After that tax will double. And this wont apply to developers etc….

  • Best solution to ease financial burden is to reduce the number of MPAs and MNAs. These people are literally the most useless bunch in Pakistan and are nothing more than Leeches drawing blood from the Hard working Pakistanis and giving little to nothing in return.

  • doesn’t matter. I believe that they have taxed everything and left us to be curious about what is high end. :D LTV

  • mobile phone ke aagey 2 mobile phone AND mobile ke pechey 2 mobile phone BOLO kitney mobile phone ……………? Hahahahaha. have any one of you ever been to local electronics market in any city of Pakistan, the shop salesman clearly says, “SiR this 32” sony lcd is legally imported cum with original custom receipt COST Rs:42500/=, This Sony (same style & size) is smuggled (No receipt) COST Rs:33000/= AND this Sony (same style & size) (green channel) (brought in by an individual) (No receipt) COST Rs:37000/=.

    This is Pakistan Yaroo, Jaisy Hum Loog Hain Bilkul Ushee Terha Key Humarey Hukumran Hain. Woh bhi to hum main sey he hain FARAK yeh hai key un ko moka mil gya ooor woh “stand-out” kar gayee. (Chotey Chooron main sey he baray choor nikaltey hain)

  • Prices would increase by 3K not 11K right? it’ll go from current 8K to 11K not directly from 0K to 11K.

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