A New Dream: Zong Brings Flexible Timings for Employees During Ramadan

In pursuance of the goals envisaged in ‘A New Dream’, Zong has introduced Flexi Counter for Ramadan for providing best possible working environment to its employees through highly flexible and convenient timings.

The employees have to complete only 28 working hours during the week. The Core Business Hours shall be from 10:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. from Monday till Thursday and from 10:00 a.m. till 01:00 p.m. on Friday.

After these timings, the employees have the option to adjust the remaining hours the way they deem fit to complete the 28-hour cycle.

Zong’s Director Human Resources , Mr. Wang Chunting said the policy aimed at best serving the employees in the otherwise hectic month of Ramadan .” This effort shall empower employees to effectively manage their time during this holy month by enjoying the luxury of flexi hours that is best suited to their requirements,” he said.

The Flexi Counter for Ramadan implies that the employees can choose to come to office at any time, while ensuring presence during the Core Business Hours. All employees, both permanent and contractual, are eligible. However, those working in shifts or at Customers Service Centres (CSCs) shall follow the advice of their respective heads of departments.

  • Jahangir

    And my office announces timing from 10 to 5PM :(

    • RK

      mine 9 to 5PM :(

      • ranasrule

        which company ?

    • mine is 8 to 1

    • ranasrule

      which company ??

    • Abdul Wahab Butt

      10 to 6 with Prayer breaks. :-)

    • 9am-4pm
      12pm-7pm with Office sponsored iftar :D

    • Raja Amer Khan

      06:00 am to 01:00 pm here :-)

  • Asim Siddique

    The best initiative so far

  • Idiosyncratic

    For permanent employees only or for poor CSOs????

  • amirpkco

    8-3:30 :(

  • Babar Ali

    We already have flexi timing here at PTCL from last year, BTW Ramadan timings are 9AM-3PM for 28 hours per week as friday timings are 9AM-1PM. We can also use 10Am-4PM timeline as well.

    • Ptcl per azaaab

      Ptcl employees lol ? when do Ptcl employees really work . all are nikhatuu/Kaamchor/sifarshi and the list continues…
      RAheel Shareef Sir please we need a Zara e Azab on Ptcl

  • inzamam

    9 – 5

  • Burhan Ahmad

    Telenor gives its employees full authority to set their own office timings and complete 32 working hours. Thanks Telenor :)

    • Nauman Shafique

      Only 32? Is it for just Ramzan?

    • Fiaz Ahmed Shinwari

      at Zong its 28 hours a week during Ramzan

  • Suleman Yousuf

    mine is from afternoon 1pm till 5pm then in night from 10pm to 1am

    • Mohammad Ali

      your timing still 8 hours :D and double hectic

    • KMQ

      Tu aap do baar office jate ho? din main and then phir raat main? ya yeh 2 alag alag shifts ki timmings hian?

  • ammar hassan

    No one is really willing to come again to office and burn extra fuel and face traffic… instead they will just sit for extra 2 hours …

    • ranasrule


  • Can’t believe such companies exist in Pakistan. but anyways, My company is the winner among all. 8am to 4.30pm with half hour prayer break. Blastic work in progress!!!! :-S

    • Mohammad Ali

      ROFL here in muscat oman our timing first 15 days just 5 hours including 30 MIN break plus 40 min mini breaks which we can take max 10min each :D

      • Abdul Wahab Butt

        and exactly when do you guys actually work then? :-O

  • Xeero 07

    My company is winning, 9:00AM to 5:30PM :P, Mon-Fri, no exception on work :P:P :P

    • And this is Pakistan. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

      • destitute

        Islam does not give you the right to claim lesser workload just because it is Ramadan. You must earn your salary without fail. Your sarcasm is unfounded and deplorable.

        • anas qamar

          He did not ask for anything. Islam teaches you to be sincere towards others. Where’s the sincerity when the owner wants his employees to work for so many hours (yes, we have culturally accepted long working hours as moral, but where is the sincerity?!)

        • KMQ

          Bhai mere, Nabi Pak salal laho alehe waalehi wasalam ne khud irshad farmaya hai ke jisne apne matehat se Ramzan main thoda kaam lia Allah Pak uske gunnah bhi baksh dega aur use jahanum ki aag se azadi bhi ata farmaega. SubhanAllah!

          Ab aap reference mango ge so following video dekh lo at around 5:00 (remove the space before .com, added the full link earlier but it got pending and not approved by admin)
          https://web.facebook. com/MRSMofficial/videos/1348385898510607/

  • Majid Mushtaq

    Mine is also flexible when i just have to complete 7 hour in a day ??

    • Taha Najam

      5 hours a day anytime before iftaar. We can also work from home.

  • Faiz

    and mine are 7:30am to 6:00 pm and this fucking company manufecture furniture for PM House

    • Bint E Shabbir

      your company is the winner :-/

  • Zoms

    My company’s timing is 10 am to 4 pm.

  • Mohammad Ali

    Here in Muscat Oman timing for all just 5 hours a day

    • Taha Najam

      Same here in Karachi. And we can work anytime before iftar. Or even work from home.

      • KMQ

        Good bhai Karachi main kaunsi company?

        • Taha Najam

          Can’t say for privacy reasons.

          • KMQ

            Its okay, at least you can tell us the industry?

            • Taha Najam


  • Hunzala Ahmad

    I am government teacher. So bhai 3 month ki chutiyan chal rahi hain :) pur sakoon ramzan :)

    • mar222184


    • Taha Najam

      So basically you’re unemployed.

      • AFK

        Quite a profile pic you got there

        • Taha Najam

          Yeah It’s An Anime Thing You Wouldn’t Understand

          • Herculies

            Yeah, being mature and not a kid, he won’t.

            • Taha Najam

              Spoken like a true pleb.

              If you think anime is for kids, you’ve got a lot of growing up to do pal.

          • mrtomatohead

            There are dozens of us!

      • Hunzala Ahmad

        Salary chutiyon main bhi milti hy :)

    • KMQ

      Tu bhai aap 3 Months ki chuttiyon ke illawa bhi kabhi School ka chakar lagate ho?

      • Hunzala Ahmad

        Bhai door k dhool suhany .
        Government teacher ko aik bhi chutti allow nai hy. Aur 5 5 monthguzar jaty hain baghair chuti kiye.

        • KMQ

          Aacha if you say so, maine tu aise govt. teachers bhi dekhte hain jinki salary ghar baithe baithe ajati hai, shayad month main ek aad baar jate hon. But han yeh zarror hai ke aisa sab ke sath nahi hoga.

  • Shahid Saleem

    Most Muslims in non-Muslim countries have to work the same schedule in this month that htey have to in the other 11 months. They’re not complaining so I don’t understand why people here are looking forward to reduced work hours or odd timings in this month.

    You want Pakistan to succeed? Do something about your work ethics.

    • Usman


    • anas qamar

      @shahidsaleem:disqus Except that we have people here working for so many extra hours, and people being underpaid. I know it’s a really general statement, but people here do have to work under harsh conditions without getting the payment that they deserve (if you think that this is not true, then why would people even leave Pakistan?). Those people who are not living in Pakistan are not complaining because, in other regions of the world, the working hours are made with some sincerity, the working condition is fine and they actually get paid for what they deserve. That’s the reason why Muslims won’t complain about working hours due to Ramadan in other countries. Over here, people even complain about other 11 months. It’s just that in Ramadan, the people get more frustrated and want some relief at least for this month.
      Moreover, what is it with wanting ‘Pakistan’ to succeed. I just don’t understand how working for 10+ hours will bring ‘success’. Where success, somehow, is defined as a term sitting somewhere else outside of human experience, and therefore alien to human comfort. ‘Success’ can only be achieved if we have some sort of an idea of what is it that we call ‘successful’. Working for 10+ hours and dying the next day just to make a piece of territory called ‘Pakistan’ successful is stupidity at best, because success is a state in which human life is comfortable, and that can only happen if we look towards that comfort, not exclude it.

      • KMQ

        Can’t agree more on this!

      • Shahid Saleem

        — if you think that this is not true, then why would people even leave Pakistan?

        Because there aren’t enough good jobs in Pakistan, pure and simple. We create more college graduates than we create jobs.

        — Moreover, what is it with wanting ‘Pakistan’ to succeed. I just don’t understand how working for 10+ hours will bring ‘success’.

        Then you must not believe in your job, or company, or product, or whatever. It’s just a “day job” for you. Look at your computer you are typong on, you think it and the technology inside it was made by 9-5 workers?

        Maybe you should look at success stories of Asian Tigers, the ones who learned from us in the 1960s but we fell behind after 65 war. Look at the average effort they spent in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s to get their countries where they are. 9-5 jobs? I think not, my friend.

  • Barlas

    Telenor also offered flexi hours last week…something employees loved and keeping the flag high as employee centric company. Bravooo TP.

  • Danyal Naeem Bhatti

    Mine are 8:30AM (Grace period of half an hour till 9a.m). to 3:00PM

  • Muhammad B Sarwar
  • Muhammad Noman

    Good initiative by ZONG management and we hope that this should also be offer in normal working days

    • Omar Bin Najeeb

      Totally agreed

  • Omar Bin Najeeb

    Excellent initiative, Best one so far regarding flexi timings in the industry..beat that telcos..! :)

    • Muhammad Noman

      you are right Omar, such initiative encourage and motivate employees.

      • Omar Bin Najeeb

        Indeed :)

        • Amir Wahab Khan

          Omar its just happened because of your tireless efforts. Salute man

          • Omar Bin Najeeb

            Next level ker diya apnay toh Amir champ

  • Usman Arif

    These flexi timings of zong is a big advantage to the employee.
    My office timings are 8:30-3:30
    and on Fridays 8:30-1:00

  • Zaki Uddin

    Lol, My duty hours are 07:00 To 13:00, it is also a Chinese Company, and one of the best renowned for HR

  • Amir Wahab Khan

    Its an awsome initiative by Zong HR…… Flexi Working hours will definitely improve employee productivity

  • M. Adeel

    Mine 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

  • XYZ

    good initiative….though we enjoy flexi hrs in our daily routine other than ramdan as well….long live TP – setting trends

  • XYZ

    good initiative……Telenor offers flexi working hrs for quite some time i mean years :) we to go boys…….TP -setting trends

  • Abdul

    Tricky schedule. zong’s staff have to spend more time in office as compare to others Telecom’s staff.

  • KMQ

    Good for Zong employees but I think these flexible hours can’t work when you are working a team where a lot of things depends on others and results can be achieved better when you have a full team on board.

  • Salman Mujtaba

    10:30am to 11:30pm. As always, no changes.

  • Fahad Hashmi

    I think I’m the only one having hectic timing here, 10:30 – 6:00 PM with almost 0.75 hrs of prayer break!!