Zong is Rebranding Itself

Zong is relaunching its brand, which will see it completely overhaul its logo, brand positioning, brand presence and all marketing efforts that they will carry in future.

ProPakistani has gotten hold of the new logo that Zong is going to adopt very soon.


Sources tell us that the rebranding is led by Zong’s desire to look at the future and position itself as a true innovator and digital leader in the market.

The new logo — as shown below — employs brighter and more optimistic colors and the tagline looks towards the future: A New Dream.

zong new logo

This is Zong’s first major brand overhaul since it started its operations in Pakistan. We don’t forsee much changing for customers in terms of services offered but Zong as a company is embarking on a new chapter in its journey in Pakistan.

Our sources indicated that there’s a lineup of packages and offerings in the pipeline, but they’ll take a month or two to surface.

Check below the new TVC that Zong will air very soon:

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  • isko yeh log logo kehte hain? Strange, mujhe tu yeh kisi hair removing cream ya toothpaste ke colors lag rahe hain. I mean seriously strange choice of colors…

    Baki Teaser Ad Impressive hai, magar us main bhi beat kahin aur hai aur drummers ki movements kahin aur, I think properly sync nahi hua pora.

    • Bhai They probabaly choose green from Pakistan’s flag I suppose but you are somewhat right about color combination.

      • Zafar bhai, even if they choose color from Pakistan’s flag, even then this green is not even close to the green in our Great National Flag. Our Flag’s green is somewhat closer to ProPK header, what do you think?

      • Salman bhai aap apnay posheeda baal saaf karwa laina ZONG 4G say ……………ha ha ha

        Lekin jo marzi kar loo KATRINA phir bhi nahin lago gay………..ha ha ha

  • کیا آپ کا مطلب ھے گدھا وھی ھے صرف اسکا کھتہ بدل دیا۔

  • Rebranding and refreshing a logo is a good thing but seriously I don’t like it ! Very strange and ordinary type color selection. I must say despite the worst voice and 3G service, telenor’s logo and color scheme is the most beautiful of all. Zong is the best in all services and packages so I’ll remain stick to it .. Best of luck for ZONG

  • zong postpaid information is missing on the main website of Zong. Is it only rebranding or something new?

      • aap k chachu sharif jo surgery kra rhy hai os bhi koi comment karain na….

        • Qadri Sahab, sawal Aata aur jawab Chana? Baat kuch jachi nahi Qadri Sahab.. Sawal ka jawab dain goli na dain.

          • I totally agree with Tahir Padri’s objection. Corporations should not dance to sell their mobile phones or milk (it is not necessary to shake milks to sell milk). Otherwise, give the task to “hijras” to dance “gali gali” and promote their products. Corporations won’t have to spend hefty some on tv ads then as hijras will do it for pennies.

    • Dear adnan nay chikni bachiaaan nahin deekhein AD mein ………..that is the first offer for your eyes treatment. if you can see them it means your eyesight is 6/6. whatelse you need.

  • They should just change their Name for once… instead of ZONG ding dong…. revert back to CMPAK…. its a wonder no one suggests that to their marketing teams…!

      • Really the color scheme and fonts they use are free so thats why this logo looks awful.
        Logo design of a brand must be unique and show brand work :)

  • logo change krne se poori company change ho jaye gi kya?, logo ka achaar daalna hai hum ne?

  • Let’s see what the new logo gonna do….anticipating good service hope you don’t let us down.

  • It is becoming a trend in telcos to rebrand whenever u get a new mkt head. Its all personal nothing business on cost of business

  • I don’t know WTH is their branding n marketing team thinking, 1st of all its not the right timing, would come across as copying Mobilink’s Jazz rebranding – Remember Jazz was Aamir Ibrahim’s success story so when he came back, he felt mobilink lacks coherent branding strategy or it could simple do better.

    With Zong, their current logo is very good, if you look at the color scheme and that round ring shaped circle.

    The new one is terrible to be honest, it doesnt feel like a telco operator and also lacks a logo, putting ZONG 4G isnt a well thought out logo. I think someone’s been going to fiver.com to get this logo done as cheap as possible :)

  • If this is called a logo relaunching, I guess they have re-launched a logo for lawn brand

  • Are they serious? This is Zong’s branding. They have gone nuts with their sense branding. They have confused people weather its a telco’s Ad or A Film Industry’s Movie Trailer :/

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