COMSATS Rector’s PhD Thesis was Plagiarized: Inquiry Findings

An inquiry body set up to investigate plagiarism charges brought against the CEO and pro-rector of Comsats Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Haroon Rashid, has concluded its report and decided that his thesis is unworthy of getting a PhD degree.

Details of the Case

These details emerged when a report was shared with the Islamabad High Court (IHC) recently.

The COMSATS rector Mr. Haroon Rashid had previously moved the court in October 2015 regarding the charges of plagiarism being brought against him by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The thesis in question was submitted to Preston University in 2006, it was titled “Parallel Scientific Applications Scheduling on Distributed Computing System”.

The court dismissed Rashid’s plea on Friday which he had filed against HEC, in which he challenged the body’s probe into his “plagiarized doctorate thesis”.

Details about the Investigation

An investigative body consisting of 4 members from Preston University, Islamabad, after a letter from HEC on September 18, started investigating the plagiarism case against Haroon Rashid.

HEC’s Quality Assurance Division checked his thesis through a plagiarism detecting software called “Turnitin” which found the plagiarism level to be 72%.

Three meetings were held between October 5 and October 12 at Preston University regarding this finding.

The report found that most of the plagiarised content was taken from the thesis of one Rafiqul Zaman Khan. The original thesis was submitted to Hamdard University in New Delhi.

This thesis was submitted in 2004 and was titled “Empirical Study of Task Partitioning, Scheduling and Load Balancing Strategies for Distributed Images of Computing System”.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s ironic. If a university’s rector is copying other people’s works, they can’t expect the quality of their own student’s works to be any better.

Their own bad example will serve as a reminder of the corruption prevalent in the country at the top all the way to the bottom, especially in the academic circles as the present case illustrates.

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  • howler

    Preston University sells degrees – undergrad at least. They must have sold him PHD Thesis + research work in a combo deal.
    I am not worried however. A third class university ought to have third class faculty and even worse rector.

    • shahid

      he is not in the faculty,,,, and nor uni is third class however ur mental level can of third class

      • Kamran

        Shahid, you may be right, but it is also a bitter fact that what Haroon has done is disgusting, and you should realize that he has got a lot of power at CIIT. The Rector must kick Haroon out of CIIT boundaries.

    • aik mujy b lay do yar I really need it for promotion

      • Salman Qureshi

        thora time OLX per lagao… u will find a seller of preston or Alkhair university… they act as immigration consultants

    • Pro-perty Rector

      The faculty is not third class at all. Most are educated and competent

  • Corleone

    Your headline is misleading. It is the “Pro-Rector” not the “Rector”. Don’t mislead people with wrong headlines.

    • Faisal

      Rector has been supporting this Pro-Rector during all this time. Shame to both of them. From Controller Exam to Director P&D, every other person is part of this corrupt regime.

  • With this state of affairs, no wonder we have one of the poorest higher education system in the world.

  • Zaki

    Degree asle hau yeh Nakli hau koi farak nahi parta job tau koi hai nahi tau degree achar dalna hai.

  • Adnan

    Mr. Haroon is was also awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz.

    • bullubutt

      Awarded by Who ? plz provide the salient credentials of the awarder of SI .

      • Faisal

        Hazrat Zardari the Don of Corrupt Regime

  • Safi Saleem

    Clearly misleading article with no referencing or citations. Manipulation of facts is used to defame an educationalist. Shame on the writer and shame on the people behind this baseless defamation

    • Taha Najam

      So your saying this entire story is fabricated and the authenticity of this thesis was never contested in a court of law?

  • ranasrule

    Preston “University”

  • Owais Ajaz

    Not just preston university every other university except 2 or 3 universities are selling degrees.they have nothing to do with technology and research..They are producing students not scholars

  • Naru-hudo

    2nd number log….

  • True Picture

    Management science in COMSATS is being led by a person who is not even capable to handle sheeps Some body should also check khalid Raiz degree.

    • Educational spy

      Yes true.. also check the degree of lhr campus director Dr Qaiser Abbas. Many of them have only done coursework and no dissertation.

  • buttugul

    with reference to his post “”

    That “Rafique uz Zaman Khan” guy was with Kalim ud din Qureshi in King Fahd university of Pertroleum & Mineral sciences at around same time(2000-2005). Most probably being the phd student/associate of his.

    Kalim ud din was dear friend & Phd supervisor of this Haroon rashid. Haroon also gave lucrative positions & conference calls, in “His” university to him while he was director of Comsats. And he still does.


  • majid

    Haroon is my QAU fellow. He was a communist at that time but he changed his mind and joined the establishment. What he has done after that is not very relevant. He already made a big U-Turn. He can make another one or an-other million U-Turns. What all this boils down to is left to anybody’s imagination.

  • ZR

    Shame on the education system of this country. You are pathetic Mr Haroon.

    • Farhan

      His name plate outside his office, and all official letters at CIIT still call him Dr Haroon Rashid, how disgusting.

      • jump

        yeah sheeple go with the flow. (ref: Dr. Amir Liaqut )

  • TAK

    this is called ALLAH KI LAATHI.
    This man along with the other in the pic (Dr. SHAHID) were behaving as NA KHUDA of COMSATS.
    Actually it is true