Rs. 193.78 Million Worth of Project for Computerization of PM House Approved

Planning Commission today approved the PC-1 for Computerization of Prime Minister Secretariat (Phase II) with a total revised cost of Rs. 193.78 million, revealed documents available with ProPakistani.

Project was originally approved in June 2007 (with a cost of Rs. 23 million), but was revised in June 2014 with an estimated cost of Rs. 59.04 million. Recently the estimated cost was revised again with a total value of at Rs. 193.78 million.

Phase two of the project will be executed by National Information Technology Board while funds are provided from PSDP.

The project is meant for catering hardware, networking and human resource requirements of both Prime Minister’s House and Secretariat.

The project will also include provision of ERP application modules i.e. Human Resource Management System, Internal Communication and file movement, Budget and Accounts System and Inventory & Procurement.

Furthermore a comprehensive Cyber Security Plan has been added in the revised project.

The software applications developed through this project will include Public Grievances Management System and Visitors Pass Management System etc.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Office’s official website and Youth Programme website will also be taken care of by the project staff. The software for Prime Minister’s Task Management and Public Affair System will also be developed.

NITB will complete the project by June 2018.

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  • Maryam Nawaz: Papa please windows 10 karaday!

    Nawaz Sharif: Beta Uncle Ishaq Dar say bolo

    Ishaq Daar: O my son has an IT firm let me ask him, he loves tax payers projects with zero accountability projects :D

  • Lanat noon league per aur inke supporters per..
    Awam ke Pakistan ke 60 million log Rs.2500 / month per guzara ker rahe hen aur ye pm house mei 200 million ka computer lagwa rahe hen..
    Raheel Shareef lanat tum per be G**d**

  • Turkish pm spent $1 billion dollar to upgrade his presidential house if he can do it why not Pakistan this amount is peanuts compared to Turkey also foreign meetings are held in pm house so I think this is justifiable investment. Parliament also need upgrade they should make it like US or Russian Parliament they look so beautiful in pics.

    • Aur teri soch pe bhi lanat hai. Tu kahan Turkey, USA aur Russia ko mix kar raha hai Pakistan se. Bhaiyo aik dafa sub ba-awaz-e-buland is pe bhejien.

      • PM has to make some important decisions regarding country so does Parliament so they deserve a good place. These pm house and Parliament are Pakistan assests. On the other Imran Khan did his second marriage on tax payer money and also did his dharnas on tax payer money.

        • Imran khan did his marriage on tax payers money? Please don’t breed, we have enough Nooras around!

        • Are you even sane?
          Big decisions? Like where to save the next billions? That Ahole and his incompetent ministers has f”ed the economy.

          People like you DESERVE that Ahole.

          And I am not IK’s fan.

    • ان ممالک میں تعلیم پر کتنے پیسے خرچ کئے جاتے ہیں شرم تم کو مگر آتی نہیں

    • Are you really this ignorant or making an exception today?
      Have you EVER TRIED to read the benefits of people of Turkey? and how they were treated?

      Turkey do NOT have ‘baadshahat’ system like here in Pakistan where an Ahole is spending millions on stupid things.

  • First of all those should be barred who are responsible for delaying this project. The project that would have been completed from 23 million is now going to be finished with 193 million. Who has paid extra 170? It’s me and you – the taxpayers of the country.

  • Only this paragraph from the article is enough to tell how our governments actually work.

    Project was originally approved in June 2007 (with a cost of Rs. 23 million), but was revised in June 2014 with an estimated cost of Rs. 59.04 million. Recently the estimated cost was revised again with a total value of at Rs. 193.78 million.

  • On other interesting fact,

    First 7 Years main 23 million se 59 million par gaya so the difference in 7 years is 36 million
    In next 2 years 59 million se 194 million par gaya so the difference in 2 years is 135 million.

    Feel the difference… :-)

  • Baandar baant phir se shuru.
    Yar koi saftweer install ka theeka hi dilwa do yahan pe. Main bhi ‘kuch’ laakh bana loun.

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