What’s the Best Free Cloud Storage For You?

Storing your data on cloud means having access to all your music, documents, photos and files on all your devices.. Now with the internet being ubiquitous, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have access to your data everywhere.

While there are number of cloud storage services that provides free storage to its users, it’s hard to decide which one to pick. Most of the people look for the amount of free storage while choosing the service to park their data while ignoring the other aspects of the service.

But they are just as important. Questions you need to ask while choosing a cloud storage provider are: Does it offer clients for all major platforms? Is my data secure? What is the maximum file size limit? How much will I have to pay for the premium package?

Keeping all these things in our minds, we’ve rounded up best cloud storage services that will keep your digital assets within your reach at no cost.

cloud-services-comparedIf you’re one of those people who keeps up filling their hard drives, Tencent is probably the best option for you. Keep in mind that only the PC client of Tencent is available in English and you may have to struggle using their mobile apps. 10TB storage is worth the hassle though.

Aside from Tencent, Mega is the second best option. The there are the usual suspects like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and Box.

So which storage is the best? Should we have included some other services? Let us know in the comments below!

  • I think high storage space in Pakistan are useless since upload speed is damn slow to fill big storage with data.

          • Unless you are smart enough to hack into the system, give yourself admin access, install proxy changer (internal), remove admin access etc ;)

            • I have done something better. Hacked into the Firewall, white-listed my devices directly via hard-coded PHP code so it won’t ever show up in the database or bandwidth abusers graphs/list. How about that? :)

                  • You did that right in front of their eyes? or they were hypnotized before you hacked the system?

                    • You can access firewall from anywhere within the LAN, don’t need to go to their seat, use their laptop, in their presence, use their creds to get it. You know that right? It’s called exploiting the known vulnerabilities. It’s easy then most people imagine.

                    • I know that but the IT department is using a system where any attempt to hack the system will trigger an alarm.

                    • This is again a misconception especially when you’re dealing with a desi IT team. They’re always too busy keeping their systems up and running that they don’t have any time for Continuous Security Monitoring. Besides, it’s not their job to keep the systems secure. In 80% of my encounters with local companies, they don’t even have and IDS/IPS or a SIEM, let alone the dedicated team of Security Analysts. How do you expect them to know what’s lurking around their network?

                      Plus when someone knows his stuff to an extent that he can get into the FW and modify its source code, you can safely assume that he can bypass the alarms as well.

                    • Let’s hire some security ‘walay’ into the IT department to find out that you’re abusing the traffic.

  • I use pcloud 20 GB free. Their pc and android apps have been working flawlessly for me. Before this I used Mega and Yandix,I find pcloud better than both of these.

  • Except first two, I use all other mentioned above.
    Unfortunately “Copy”, great cloud storage, is closed now

  • The first two choices are risky. Tencent being Chinese, you have no idea when they might block their service outside PRC, just like netease, taking all your data along with them. Mega, being the brainchild of the founder of Megaupload, which was taken down by FBI, is also under constant surveillance according to the founder himself.

  • Maximum file size on Google drive is 5TB? how is that possible if google provides 1TB storage maximum?

  • Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive are more reliable services and +point is these will not block by government ( imo ), so, i will be mentally peaceful using these cloud storage services.

    • OneDrive? Seriously, which just deprecated the storage from 20GB to 5GB. OneDrive from Microsoft is not Trustworthy.

      • it is their business and they offer us it FREE, what Banks were offer here (interest rate) and they reduced so no bank is Trustworthy? but people are trust on them and deposits huge amount for their Interest.

  • I use Windows VPSs rather than these bullshits. Although I have a university email that offers unlimited Google Drive space with individual files up to 5TB. I directly upload files from VPS to my drive.

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