NADRA Slashes Smart Cards Fee by Half Starting Today

NADRA is officially decreasing the fee required for the issuance of new and renewal of the Smart National Identity Card (SNIC). Previously, interior minister Chauhdry Nisar had ordered NADRA to decrease the fee required for making a new SNIC to make it more accessible for people.

Official announcement

According to sources, NADRA is about to officially implement the new fee structure starting today.

The fee structure of the card is as follows:

  • Urgent:
    • New SMART Card: Rs. 800
    • Renewal: Rs. 800
    • Modification, duplication: Rs. 800
  • Executive:
    • New SMART Card: Rs. 1,600
    • Renewal: Rs. 1.600
    • Modification, duplication: Rs. 1,600

According to details, the fee for regular card might also see a revision.

Home delivery

NADRA management has decided to set a fee of Rs. 100 for inland home delivery of the Smart Card.

This is a first for NADRA, and would certainly help the elderly and disabled persons, who would need to wait in queues for hours just to get their card renewed. The general public would also benefit from this by removing the added hassle of getting the card after waiting in the queue again.

Furthermore it would help reduce the amount of people waiting in line and lessen the load for NADRA’s officials issuing the cards.

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  • Potato

    Good initiative!

  • normal fee is400

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Still not implemented sir… U know well ;)

      • Nadeem Asghar

        Dear sir
        Abi currently kitni fees hai normal smart id card ki?

    • Biggiesmalls

      Normal fee RS-400/-? For smart or non smart

      • Bilal Iqbal

        actually normal cards are being abolished. and there will be only smart cards in future. and plans are Free for first time and 400/- for normal smart cards.. but currently not applicable

        • AbdulB1

          What benefits these cards can provide to the users?

          • Bilal Iqbal

            basically nothing special for user at this stage. however a large user base is required to offer solutions which would be based upon these smart cards by different organizations from public/ private sector and that would be the right time to enjoy the advantages of smart card but currently.. only wait .. nothing special

            • Agha

              miNe Smart Card’s Chip part fell off somewhere…They should improve Cards Quality…

              • Bilal Iqbal

                hmm…sorry for inconvenience…I also observed few such cases.. your suggestion will be forwarded to HQ Islamabad.

                • Tallal Hassan

                  Hey I am from Lahore. Can you pleasetell how much would i need to pay to change my present address? Also If i need it urgently do I have to pay additional fee for that? waiting for your earliest reply

                  • Bilal Iqbal

                    1600 is fee for executive and if you want home delivery. then 100 additional but it will not affect speed. only difference is to get your card delivered at home. average time for executive processing is 4 to 6 days (working days)

                    • aneebahmad

                      any person can express difference between smart card and executive card by Nadra ?

                    • Bilal Iqbal

                      Technically speaking, executive is a category name.. Can be of any product e.g. id card, nicop, b-form, FRC etc… Smart card is a technology for ID cards/ nicops … It can be normal or executive …hope u get the point

                • Tallal Hassan

                  If I apply for present address modification from Executive Center then how many days will it take? Actually i need my card asap with new address :(
                  one more thing will they take new photo of me in this case?

                  • Bilal Iqbal

                    every time you apply for any thing like modification, reprint lost, your bio metrics are captured. Executive cards are being delivered withing 4/6 days usually…

                    • Tallal Hassan

                      Ok. Thanks a lot.

            • Nadeem Asghar

              Sir currently kitni fees h normal smart id card ki?

              • Bilal Iqbal

                normal 400/- urgent 800/- and executive 1600/-

      • smart card but normal processing is not started so far

  • sahil

    Some days ago I applied online for my cnic reprint(as I lost my chic) and they charge 1100 for reprint.why not go for smart card if it is actually 400 or 800.?I haven’t paid anything.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Online is different case . it is executive catagory… 800 for urgent 25 days catagory in smart card

      • Aamir Ijaz

        Urgent is 25 days? Jo Phly Normal 1500 Me Bn Ra Tha Wo Tou 7-10 Days Me Mil Jta Smart Card.

        • Bilal Iqbal

          1500 wala executive ab 1600 ka hogya hay.. urgent is below than executive .

  • Ghazanfar

    Should be online and cash on delivery

  • Muzafar

    1- Would NADRA introduce a scheme of Franchises so that shops like Composing Centres, Photostates, Customer Services Centres etc may be authorized to facilitate public? Any idea?
    2 – Whether providing services to public by Composing Centres or similar shops is legal in present scenario?

  • saqib najmus

    what might be the defference in urgent and executive

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    Sir mainy n.i.c.o.p overseas card Applay kia ha 23.8.16 ko tracking no ha 108121300779 ha sir wapis kab tak mily gaa mainy khuch din tak traval karna haa
    My no 03217513181 plz contect me And inform me..

  • Sami Ullah Asghar

    Sir ma na smart card banana dya tha 12.4. 2017 koo wo kon see date tak mila ga