NADRA Makes a Substantial Reduction in Smart ID Card Fees

The fee for the Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) has been decreased by NADRA. Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar, has ordered the authority to reduce the fee for the smart ID cards substantially, we have learned.

Smart National Identity Card

The smart ID card contains a QR code for easier and faster identification as well as a data chip with 36 security features which makes it one of the most secure cards in the world.

Each layer of the card comes with its own security features and it also has secure communication protocols for remote identification.

A large amount of space on the card has been made available for the private sector to utilise for their products and services.

Although, its expensive for the private sector to use this card, once the number of smart card users in the country reaches critical mass, it will be much more profitable for them to use this universal and secure platform.

New Fee Structure

NADRA has decreased the fee for smart ID card from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 400 for issuance of a smart ID card in the regular time frame.

They also said that urgent issuance of the smart card will cost Rs. 800, while Rs. 1600 will be charged for executive smart ID card.

Importance of the Fee Reduction

This decision by NADRA will help to shift majority of the citizens to Smart ID Cards, which, as mentioned above, allow for faster identification of individuals and improve security and utility of the cards. The old cards will no longer be issued after some time.

It is about time NADRA automated their entire operations in order to remove human intervention which brings about corruption and fake entries.

Use of Smart ID cards is a step in the right direction, since these cards use technology and prevent tampering.

About 60 million people earn less than Rs. 2500 per month in Pakistan. Affording a smart ID card or taking advantage of such a service is impossible for such a large population of the country.

They can’t afford to register themselves for the smart ID card. With the reduction in fees, more citizens will opt for a smart ID card. The government will also see a higher adoption rate and see an increase in the Smart ID card demand.

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  • Off the topic, during this re-verification phase from NADRA, do we have to physically be present there for the process or what ?

  • No one is using NADRA’s SNIC for so called secure functions. like Driving License authorities has their own driving licenses, so what exactly is the use of SNIC

            • haha woh to theek hai 2 saal ho gay, lakin correction kar layni chayay thi k 3 din ma kahein say b card nahi banta, 7 din to lagtay hain

                • haha koi baat nahi lakin bhai baat yeh hai k me nay abhi daikha tha yeh page so is lia comment kiya, ore mera purana CNIC Expire ho gaya tha to me Nadra Office Renew karwanay gaya ore unko me nay yeh nahi kaha k CNIC banao urdu wala ya Smart banao, lakin unho nay khud hi mera Smart kar diya, urdu walay CNIC bilkul khatam to nahi howay abhi b bantay hon gain ? lakin Nadra walay zaida tarh Smart card bana kar detay hain

  • & what about the duplicate one? I’d obtained normal cnic due to heavy fees on smart card few years back.

  • Can someone explain the difference btw Smart ID and Executive Smart ID ? What are the additional benefits if any for an executive smart card ?

  • Well, executive centers were only issuing Smart NICs and at 1500. The timeframe was 10-15 days. Now, it is revised to 1600 with 7-day delivery. I can spot a scam in that!

    • Mene 1500 me bnaya the 7 din me mene le lia tha ab 1600 rupe ye to mehenga kr dia he, aor smart card ho ya dosra 1st time free hona chahiye normal

  • Sirf loot mat machai he, free normal lins me bnana chahiye, mene 1500 me executive bnaya tha 7 din me bn gia tha ab to ye mehnga kr dia he NADRA ne,

  • Well..NADRA office executive branch is NOT reducing it’s is still charging 1500 for SNIC..n upon inquiry, they say ministry has not issued any letter yet! What to do now?

  • I had mine Smart ID made in 1500 in just 3 days. Few perks of living in JAMHOORIYAT KA BIRTH PLACE aka LARKANA … :D

  • Whenever the Government of any party tries to develop the nation in anyway either education or transport or hospitals or even a very simple id card this idiot nation and illiterate but very educated people speak nonsense and orthodox things like we can read here. in fact this nation deserve to be ruled by people in sucha way that they should be labours and dont have time to think even for a single minute and this is the secret of a successful Pakistan. Negativity is in blood of such persons who are ready to discourage everything everywhere.

    • Exactly, We never try to be more precise but always enjoy blaming and keep spreading negativity in society

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