8 Reasons Why You Should Switch to DC Inverter ACs Right Away!

With the blistering hot summers that we see in Pakistan, Air conditioners are almost a must for everyone. Even the indoor temperatures get very high and life without proper cooling equipment is not easy.

We have previously explained the workings of DC inverter ACs and how they are different from conventional ACs. The electricity saving claims by manufacturers were also discussed previously.

Today, we will list 8 reasons that make ACs with DC inverter technology a must buy for the Pakistani consumers.

Electricity Savings

DC Inverter ACs operate at a much lower power rating under normal conditions. While conventional ACs always operate at full power, Inverter ACs only draw the required current. Every time a conventional AC starts, it requires a very high initial current, called torque current, to start. Multiple starts at full capacity throughout the day make conventional ACs power hungry.

DC Inverter ACs save on electricity by starting with a low current draw and slowly varying (or increasing) it until the desired temperature is reached. Once the target is achieved, the inverter AC consumes very little current, which is just enough to maintain the temperature. Hence, saving on electricity bills and preventing extreme current draws.

ORIENT DC Inverter ACs, for example, can take 2.5 Amperes under normal usage to 9.5 Amperes at peak usage. The electricity consumption under normal conditions is a lot less than conventional ACs.

With the constantly increasing electricity tariffs, such a big saving on one of the most power hungry equipment is great. DC Inverter ACs can payback their complete cost within one season of use.

Low Noise

Inverter ACs can reduce all motor functions when the desired temperature is reached. They also do not require a jump start and start slowly. This results in very little noise unlike conventional ACs, which make a lot of noise when they start and the loud indoor and outdoor motor sounds only stop when the AC stops cooling.


ORIENT ACs come with a large indoor unit (1.1 metre) coupled with a large indoor blower fan (84 cm). As it covers a larger area (compared to some other brands), it makes even less noise because it requires less rotary-part movements for the same amount of air throw as a small indoor unit.

Environment Friendly

DC Inverter ACs do not use hazardous CFCs as their refrigerant gas. A new environment friendly gas, R410A is used instead. It is an alternative gas which has no harmful effects like the CFCs, which can damage the ozone layer.

Works on Low Voltage

All DC Inverter ACs convert the normal electricity supply to DC current in order to function. When the voltage is low, the output DC voltage becomes is reduced but since these ACs are made to work with low DC voltages, they keep on operating at the low voltage.

ORIENT ACs use an LVO (Low Voltage Operation) technology which lets their ACs operate even at 140 volts.

Can Operate on UPS, Solar Panels or Generators

DC Inverter ACs do not require a large current when they start. Therefore, they do not require very large power supplies and can work on relatively smaller UPS, Solar Panel or generators. Additionally, the power supply needs to output a proper sine wave, otherwise, DC Inverter AC could malfunction.

If you have already maintained the room temperature before a power outage, the Inverter AC would take very little power since it would only need to maintain the temperature.

Orient claims that their DC inverter ACs require the following UPS/Solar panel capacities to operate:

  • 1500 Watts for 1.0 Ton
  • 2500 Watts for 1.5 Ton
  • 3500 Watts for 2.0 Ton

Fast Cooling/Heating

DC Inverter ACs can achieve the required temperature very quickly since they can calculate the required current and increase the power capacity based on it. This results in a much faster cooling (or heating) function.


Of course, having a larger unit would mean even faster cooling. ORIENT claims it offers one of the highest rated compressor capacities, i.e. 4979 Watts. Their ACs come with a larger 89.5 cm evaporator (one of the major components in the AC) and pure copper piping.

Component Life

As DC Inverter ACs do not operate smoothly, without requiring a torque current at the start, the AC’s electrical components’ life is increased. The initial jerk can cause wear and tear resulting in faster breakdown of electrical equipment.

The gentle power draw is also good for the household wiring and other electrical equipment.

Stable Operation

Inverter ACs offer a stable operation. Since there are not start/stop cycles, the user does not feel vast changes in temperature. DC Inverter ACs are always operating with a small power draw, maintaining the room temperature while the conventional AC waits for the temperature to change before it starts again.

The same can be said for the noise and electricity input as DC Inverter ACs change the operating power so smoothly, the difference is not noticeable.

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  • I’ve heard alot that these DV inverter electronics only perform better when there is a continuous electrical supply. If there are interruptions as in the form of load-shedding, such devices not only fail to result in required performance but also do not save much energy. Can any body confirm this?

  • DC inverter ACs outdoor condensers are designed up to 40 degree centigrade. whereas in Pakistan it goes beyond this temperature thats why the units are being failed in Pakistan.

  • “Additionally, the power supply needs to output a proper sine wave”

    Can you explain how can a consumer make sure that the power supply has a proper sine wave on output? Also, why did they feel the need to mention this when the electric supply coming through wapda is already AC which essentially means ALTERNATING current?

    • They are trying to tell you do not run them on your pathetic desi UPS that gives worst modified sine wave output.

    • Kindly lookup the meaning of “sponsored post”. And even if they don’t put that, this post (and series overall) was so informative and they just mentioned Orient as part of the article. Grow up!

  • So what’s wrong in advertising? Mufta Awam of Pakistan wants everything valuable free of cost. Either become premium member or read such posts

  • All DC inverter brands are almost same. Only difference is in price. This orient=72k , gree= 76k and the best Mitsubishi=90k for 1.5 ton.

  • Using 1.5 ton orient ultron DC Inverter in my upper room of 15×13 sq feet and cannot be more happier with the performance – excellent cooling. Very happy to have bought it.

    • How do you deal with the loadshedding? Generator, UPS or something? As they say DC inverter savings are not good if stopped?

      • Saving ka itna pata nahe bas they do work on low voltage thats helps a lot in pakistan…………

  • This is true for ideal DC vs AC. Inverters are a fail. So it doesn’t apply. Try end up taking more electricity.

    • When you have power failure every hour or after every half an hour or after every few minutes, Inverter AC will definitely fail. So stop complaining and start cursing electric supply companies.

  • Q: wider unit means it will cover more area side ways but to reach farther area of room the indoor fan has to move just a quickly as any other normal AC fan blows , but due to large size it will take more electricity .
    just as larger Fan will take more electricity to be at same RPM compare to smaller fans

  • Well, i think this is true. I have bought the same model and i am pretty satisfied with all whats mentioned above….
    where as there is reduction in my bill too….

  • Is Orient offering full DC inverter AC (which have inverter motors besides inverter compressor) or do they only have inverter compressor in them?

  • When I built my house I decided to install inverter based AC. They are perfect, initial cost is bit high but at long run lot of power cost saves. Their cooling is excellent. We keep temp at 27C which is perfect. Also I have a very large solar system which supports very well to air-conditioning. By the way I am happy with Gree units.

  • Orient Ultron versus Greedy Brands?
    Seems like 8 LEGIT reasons why i should not switch to Orion thanks!

  • Who else thinks, the writer wanted to say Gree not Greedy. A good try for establishing a slogan Greedy for Gree like Go Nawaz Go.

  • I am an engineer. I will suggest you to buy GREE conventional Air Con if you want Chilled Cooling. Beacuse DC inverter ACs maintain room temperature to 26 if set , the conventional AC will take room to 21 degree if set to 26 degree. You will always be chilling because during load shedding hour a room having DC inverter Air con will becomes hot quickly as compared to Conventional AC. It is an all in all benefit to buy a Conventional AC specially Gree or Diakin, because they offer large Air throw as compared to Mitsubishi , Acson and others…..

  • wtf? all home appliances that we use, always convert AC to DC so that current can be used. AC was devised only for transmission lines because DC transmission was unsafe, unstable and costly.
    It is ridiculous to suggest that only these inverter ACs convert AC to DC before powering the cooling and that somehow magically saves electricity costs.
    Instead of wasting money on invertor ACs, we should invest in proper insulation of our rooms and thats the ONLY way to bring cooling costs down.

  • Can orient prove this, by showing working model?
    Second, I’m using sharp inverter split Ac 1.5ton. Bought with official warranty from panatron pakistan.

    Here is what I have found,
    It does start from 0.1amp n compressor starts from 1amp.
    It slowly starts to go up and within 1-3min u start to feel the cold breezes and if u check the amp meter u will see it will go to 9-10amp before it starts to go down once it feels room is getting better.
    I have tried its Eco button, auto fan , and set temp at 24 n 26 degree as well.
    In Eco u will need fan to be on at all time, as lower amp but not chill wind. Amp I estimate in 3-5 amp.
    Then it have double Eco, I don’t bother since I’m not satisfied in Eco if I start from starting, best is in the middle or once u have reach the desire chill, or when u going to sleep.

    The Ac guy of panatron also, said some amp u will see reduce on auto or not on full speed.

    Cooling is good if I keep full speed fan, 26 or 24 degree n no Eco for an hour before I decide to turn Eco on or not.

    Now, here the part of orient, where orient need to prove on what it is saying by having a live display testing with amp, voltage meter .

    1. Sharp inverter Ac don’t works.. I repeat Don’t Work with generator. I tried it on 5kv Honda generator and 7kvs China generator with only Ac outlet connecting it, no other load of any kind. Compressor turns on for min or two before it shut down, and restart after 5min n get down again in a min or two. Sometimes even less .And I have tried it nonstop for 30min, and few different times as well. Before I give up on it running on generator. Petrol and on gas as well.
    Reason: I have found it need 50hz, exact 50hz for it to run. As generator varies from 50-60hz.
    No issue on kesc

    2. Prove to me it run and chill the room at 2.5 amp. As sharp inverter hardly does 2amp. Even on Eco. Maybe on double Eco.
    This is what I tested when I bought it. I will retest it and if it does run at 2.5 amp and give chilling wind, I will I for, here again. As I think in double Eco it will go down.

    My sharp is imported from Thailand if I recalled not from China that for sure.

    Solar not going to buy n test it until it become cheap.

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