Countdown for Daraz Mobile Week Begins

T minus 5 days to go for Daraz Mobile Week – where the snazziest mobile phone deals will be offered on the hottest phone brands including QMobile, General Mobile, Infinix, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Huawei.

Customers should be all set to enter a virtual mobile phone paradise on June 20th, featuring exclusive launches and discounts up to 50% on their favorite brands at

Additional Discounts through EasyPay

After the record-breaking Black Friday sale in November, Easypay and Daraz will be working together again to provide a thrilling online shopping experience for their customers.

Easypay, which is Pakistan’s biggest and most well-known payment gateway, will provide great discounts and deals to customers who will use Easypay during Mobile Week.

A fun development this time around is the introduction of special Easypay Deals featuring exciting daily offers on mobile phones, with new offers being unveiled every day.

Customers can get additional discounts by purchasing the Easypay Voucher at – by just making a payment of RS 1,000, customers get a voucher worth Rs 2,000 to shop during Mobile Week – effectively doubling your cash.

There are limited quantities for these vouchers, so act fast.


Q-Mobile and General Mobile will be the leading mobile brands for Mobile Week. General Mobile will be launching the General 4G Dual exclusively on Daraz during the event. The General Mobile 4G Dual is Europe’s first and most powerful Android One Smartphone to date, and this is the first time customers in Pakistan will be able to buy the phone.

Exciting news comes from QMobile; during Mobile Week, Pakistan’s largest mobile phone company, will offer its entire range of stylish, affordable phones on high discounts. QMobile is known to give stiff competition to rivals in the Pakistani market and with this partnership with, there is no doubt that it is set to conquer the online sphere.

Additionally, and Zong are working together to provide free internet packages on all purchases of 3G and 4G Phones. Zong will provide all 3G phones with free 3GB data for 6 months, while 4G phones will get 6GB.

The countdown for the biggest mobile sale has begun. For customers to be a step ahead in availing the best deals during the Daraz Mobile Week, they should download the Daraz App (available on both iOS and Android), sign up for updates at and watch out for their favorite brands set to go on sale.

  • How come Q-Mobile is categorized as the Hottest and Stylish mobile phone Brand!! Just Grow Up Propakistani

    • It’s the money talking lol. Give them enough cash and they’ll start barking and wagging their tail around for you.

          • Wohooooo… Itna ghussa na kha bhai.. Qmobile he nahi sary he mobile bekar hon gy garbage type k overpriced phone he is qoum ki qismat main reh gaey hain.
            Marketing main itna paisa lagany sy behtar hai k yeh log aik he baar main PTA / So Called Security Agencies etc k monh main paisy dalain aur Chinese Phones introduce karwa dain.

            • “Marketing main itna paisa lagany sy behtar hai k yeh log aik he baar
              main PTA / So Called Security Agencies etc k monh main paisy dalain aur
              Chinese Phones introduce karwa dain.”

              soo DEAD RIGHT man :D
              i have heard BS that xiaomi phones could be used by terrorists as they are difficult to track ,which is why they are BANNED :’D !

              just feed a bit more money to pta and witness an official announcement next day saying that PTA have magically found a way to track Xiaomi phones :D

  • oh look , no top-of-the line Chinese Brands ! nothing that even whispers a hint about being good value for money !


    have fun getting ripped off YET AGAIN , gullible lemmings !

    • Qmobile , infinix provides good price to performance ratio …
      Your observation is incorrect

        • qmobile kay rebranded gionee walay phones ki to samaj ati hai lekin bakwas models ki nahe…

        • I am talking about specs to performance ratio … Paisay k hisab sy chiz achi mil jati .. Like l20 octa core 2 gig ram ,3g for 10k

          • Keh do k yeh aik bhayanak mazaq hai :(
            Dunya main aaj kal Chinese phones k name sy aik cheez pai jati hai shayad iss k bary main ap ny nahi suna ho ga warna aap Specs to Performance Ratio ki baat QMobile k liye nahi karty.

            • Bhai mujhe pata hai kafi time sy other forums ko observe kar raha … Ap ka comparision ghalat hai … jahan pe manufacturing hoti wahan wese hi rate kam hote secondly china k lye alag models hote zada tar due to TD-LTE … Comparision karo tw un countries say jahan wo available nahi aur wahan kitne ki average cost par rahi like europe,USA , Saudia Arab etc . like one plus one jab aya tha tw $550 ka para tha in countries k logon ko jab k uski qeemat approx $329(with invite) thi . . .
              Another thing , Not all shops in china offer same price as mention on their websites … wahan bhi man maani chalti hai . . .

              • you forget china is our best ally on the globe and we ARE offering it alot of mega projects already. that is more than ENOUGH incentive ! it could do the least by opening up a lucrative market for earning MORE by just negotiating with PTA the duty-free and at least subsidized import of major chinese phones in this country. brands like Xiaomi , Le Eco , Meizu and the like absolutely DESERVE to be sold in the local market at killer prices but sadly jackholes in PTA and govt are too blind or too selfish to see that !

                EU , KSA ,USA all have a GDP which makes the avg end-user capable of affording the inflated prices ! Pak’s GDP is an absolute farce ! the end-user here HAS TO BE BOTTOM LINE FRUGAL.

                unfair taxes and stupid customs regulations mean we cannot get the chinese phones here at all and the brands that ARE available here , cost horrible ,sky-high prices due to unnecessary taxes the greedy and poorly managed govt applies on the imported handsets !

      • yea , riiiight.
        maybe YOUR ‘observation’ could stand a chance at being even REMOTELY correct if it was just a one may army composed of me saying all that i have said so far…

        BUT you see ,its NOT JUST ME. 3 of my very good friends have already shown STRONG disapproval of your rebuttal on my statement and there are many more who chose not to comment or get involved.

        short and sweet is , you just confirm what im trying to say … the locals excel at getting ripped off and what you call ‘good price to performance ratio’ is actually performance coming from OUTDATED and ANCIENT HARDWARE that will cost spare change if you purchase it in china , who for the same price more or less , offer phones with the LATEST hardware specifications !

  • Rates at Daraz are more than usual. I bought a P8 Lite for Rs. 22500 from Pindi Last Ramadan and one year on at Daraz, they’ve priced it at Rs. 23000 something.

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