How to Play Hidden Games in Facebook Messenger

In the recent few months, Facebook has made a lot of changes to its Messenger application. Now it allows you to make group calls, set usernames, provides a new Home page and has the ability to send SMS via the same app.

These are some of the features you know about, but there are some hidden additions as well. Just make sure your Messenger is updated and you can play 3 hidden games to cheer up the day and challenge your friends. These games only work in the iOS and Android versions of Messenger.

Soccer Game

This one is the latest addition to Messenger, all you need to do is open up a chat window with any of your friends (or even yourself) and send a football emoji ⚽. Once sent, tap on it and it will lead you to the game.


Be warned this game is quite infuriating and it is very hard to play in the beginning. Tap the the ball in order to keep it from falling off the screen. The more you bump the ball, the more you score.

Basketball Game

Not a fan of soccer? Well you can play the basketball game, which is comparatively much easier to play. All you need to do is put more and more balls in the basket consecutively.


To start this game, open up a chat window with any of your friends and send the basketball emoji ? and then click it to start the game.

Chess Game

If you want to go beyond tap and play, there is a different game of Chess available as well.

To start this game, open up a chat window and send the command @fbchess play. You have to use the standard algebraic notations to move the pieces along the board. To practice all the commands type @fbchess help and get all instructions.


Messenger has lots of other emoji as well and we do hope that Facebook will keep introducing new games. Do play these games and don’t forget to share you score in the comments section below.