Ufone Takes Down Social Media Pack from its Super and Mini Cards

Ufone is taking back the social media pack that it was offering with Super and Mini cards, a statement running on Ufone.com has said.

For those who don’t know, Ufone’s Super Card and Mini card used to come with free minutes, SMS, internet MBs and then additional MBs for social media websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.).

Starting June 28th, this additional social media pack will be taken back — while other free resources will continue to exit — and any social media usage will be deducted from Internet MBs that are allotted with the respective cards.

According to Ufone Website:

Effective from 28th June 2016; for Facebook, Whatsapp, Line & Twitter, additional 500 MBs Mobile Internet in Mini Super Card, 1000 MBs Mobile Internet in Super Card and 1200 Mbs Mobile Internet in Super Card Plus will no longer be part of the offers. However, all other resources will continue to be available in the Super Card

Ufone has said that it expects customers to have better better user experience after the change.

After June 28th, Super and Mini Card resources will be as following:


On-net minutes can be used for Ufone to Ufone and Ufone to PTCL Calls.

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  • They are suspending accounts before last dates, my balance of many months got expired couple of days before the last date. Ufone is playing thieves. I’m not recharging again Ufone.

  • ‘Ufone has said that it expects customers to have better better user experience after the change.’ LOL. Joking, right?

  • stopped recharging my ufone long because they are thieves . They steal your balance using different techniques .

  • یوفون صرف سپر کارڈ کے ذریعے چل رہی ہے اور اب لگتا ہے جو چند کسٹمر رہ گئے ہیں انکو بھی بھگانے کا پروگرام ہے ان کا انٹرنیٹ کا سب سے بہتر پیکج میگا بکٹ تھا وہ بھی ختم کر دیا ہے لگتا ہے یوفون غلط فہمی کا شکار ہے کہ انکے کسٹمر پکے ہیں مگر یہ نوکیا کا انجام بھول گئے وہ بھی سمجھتے تھے کہ ہم لوگوں کو سمبین آپریٹنگ سسٹم میں ہی کسٹمر کو خوش رکھیں گے اور یہی غلط فہمی کا شکار یوفون ہے سپر کارڈ کے معاملے میں ہے سپر کارڈ کی وجہ سے یوفون نے کوئی رمضان المبارک آفر تک متعارف نہیں کروائی اور یہی پالیسی رہی تو جلد یوفون کا شمار بھی مُردوں میں ہوگا

  • “Ufone has said that it expects customers to have better better user experience after the change.”

    LOL. Even if they…. charge Rs. 1000/minute for a call, they’re never going to say they’re doing this to earn more, or the actual reason. There will always be a deception to fool it’s customers, and convincing them that everything is for their betterment, that’s what business is all about, after all.

  • I Try to leave Ufone then they said..
    Dear Customer, please send your CNIC number to 6001 via SMS in order to check the details of verified and un-verified numbers registered against your CNIC free of cost. You can return the numbers of Ufone which you are not using and are biometrically verified on your name. For the “Sale Return” activity please visit nearest Ufone Service Center/Franchise. The presence of original customer, active SIM and valid CNIC is mandatory for “Sale Return”. Charges are Rs.250 per SIM.

  • I am unable to understand the Marketing strategy of Ufone. They know that they are providing most cheap services among all operators whether it is call, sms or 3G but still they are increasing prices and discontinuing their good package.
    No company charges whatsapp call but Ufone do. They were running on Supercard but now this happened.
    Previously they knew that one can not get 4G License untill acquisition of 10 MHz of 3G, still they bid only for 5 MHz and showed their brain level by also applying for 4G. I think Ufone tower in Islamabad is full of fools who live in a world which never exist in reality.
    A proud ex Ufone user who is happily enjoying Zong 4G since MNP introduced.

      • Sahi tou keh raha hai woh. Ufone se call aur sms karna bhi mushkil hogaya hai. Main apne bhai ka number jab bhi try larta hun tou recording aati hai “aapka matluba number durust nahi” phir takreeban 20 times milany k baad bell jati hai number pe. Ufone aik lailaaj marz ban chuka hai ab. Customers services wale sub acha hai ki rat lagaye hotay hain aur kehtay hain k aisi humain koi shikayat masool nahi horahien hoskata hai aap k mobile main issue ho. Aur yeh jo sub log yahan ufone ko galiyan de rahey hain yeh koun hain phir? Har customer nakhush hai ufone ki services se.

      • Well speed in Faisalabad of 3G and 4G is still ammazing. Aur Zong ki kam se kam b Ufone se Ziada hi hogi woh b without whatsapp call charges

  • This is most expwnsive deals, just see warid prepaid is much less price than this Ufone is worst now

    • Warid 4G Lte
      Ramadan Offer 7Gb in 7 Rupees For Night 12am to 9am
      2nd 700Mb 70 Others Network Mintus 700 SMS And 700 Onnet Minutes Best Offer

  • Kambakhtoo na 3 pa 3 offer bhi 5 rupay main 2 ghanty ki kr di hai……

      • Mery chanda! mashoqain aap ki bhagain gi meri nhi.. mera kya hai main to maray hoye sa bhi baatain kr leta ho….

  • whats happening to ufone? recently they revised the internet mega night bucket from 5gb in rs. 10/- to 1gb in rs. 99/-. then they revised *343# offer. i was a happy user but now am not.

  • Ufone is again and again making bad moves. They really need to re-define their company strategy. Also they r hiring wrong ppl who r making these mistakes.

  • Dafuq is wrong with Ufone! I believe they’re just milking customers before they are gone for good

  • Ufone cut down U-U mins, SMS and Data in Super Recharge offer with increasing price of Rs. 39

  • ufone is notorious for taking down the bundles offered, as soon as they receive a large number of client base they switch the bait , i.e: their 5000 offer used to be 5GB data, 5000mins, 5000sms, for five days, it was a good deal, considering you can do quite a bit of work with the data and free minutes without worrying, but as it turns out, they switched it altogether, once to 3GB/3000min and then to 1.5gb/1500min and, finally, now this same offer is 1/5th (1GB-100min) for the same price.. This is the perfect bait and switch.. i despise these companies for having no moral obligation to the customer or staying true. well its not all that bad, eventually find some other network like jazz that offers so much and has been great to their customers in all times.

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