Zong’s Official Website Goes Down for Exceeding Bandwidth Limit

We are not saying anything on this, just have a look at below given screen-grab and imagine the rest yourself.


Thanks to Aslam Mastoi for tipping us on this.

Update: Website is back online now.

  • Went down and came back online while we were having sehri…I wonder was the author browsing the website for sasta night call package? :D

  • Although it could happen to anyone because there is nothing as “Unlimited” but a high-end dedicated server with unmetered bandwidth could have saved Zong from this embarrassment.

    Kehtay hain na…”sasta roye baar baar, mehnga roye aik baar”.

    P.S on positive note, it shows they’re getting good amount of traffic.

  • their web administrator should’ve saw this coming, the point author is trying to make here that this behavior is not professional at all..

      • Same experience they are not investing in people, true Chinese culture. I had very worst experience of international roaming and only answer is it fine in our system.

  • can happen to anyone, even Go Daddy went down for almost 4 hours once, bringing down millions of sites.

  • Every developer/administrator in these domain setup server monitoring so that they can act if there is wrong happening. When bandwidth limit nearing the limit they should have set some alerts so that they can do some thing to not happen this.

  • zong has also started cheap tactics… monthly super card that was initially charged for Rs 250 was increased to 300 and now 350… just got a message

  • Online or offline either Zong website is useless.

    Zong asks to use old windows versions (xp, win 7) for their web ecare portal to work.

    Here is the screenshot of Zong’s web chat support, most of times.

    I call Zong “quality” ka network.

  • Off the topic;
    Just wondering why PP is silent over the issue highlighted in screenshot.
    Zong injecting Malicious JavaScript in user’s webpages without any intimation

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