Transworld Completes 100G Upgrade of its TW1 Undersea Cable

Transworld Associates Private Limited (TWA) has successfully completed the 100G upgrade of its undersea cable TW1, said a statement issued moments ago.

The 100G upgrade will combine submarine and company’s terrestrial systems into a unified network to ultimately enhance the operational and management capabilities of the TW1 system.

Using the state of the art 100G transmission technology, original system design capacity has been increased by six times; adding 36 x 100G wavelength on each fiber pair and total of 72 x 100G wavelengths which will boost the network assets and enhance the life of the overall cable system.

Through this cutting-edge system upgrade Transworld has accelerated and expanded the capability to deliver to its end users a much improved quality of service experience for our customers.

“Transworld is dedicated to providing high-speed, cost-effective, reliable international bandwidth. The 100G upgrade will increase system capacity to meet the expectations for high-quality international connectivity services for our customers,” said Kamran Malik (President of TWA).

He further added “The flexible upgrade solution will provide options for us to upgrade 400G or 1 Terabit in the future, allowing greater flexibility, while enabling us to maintain our quality and reliability commitments to our valued customers.”

  • Good new, Zong is TW client. I hope now Zong will provide more data under existing tariff.

  • Multinet SRG1 cable is 1000G lambda.Will be 10x the capacity of Transworld. Transworld buys all of its capacity from Oman where it needs Omantel permission. Omantel is partner in Multinet cable and this is not good news for Transworld. Future is very bleak for Transworld and only if it gets SMW5 cable can it be successful. Otherwise company is over.

    • Multinet’s cable will come online late 2017. We have just two international bandwidth providers now and they are PTCL and Transworld (TWA). Your saying the entrance of a third one will kill TWA? Both PTCL and TWA have been making a killing all these years. They have fattened themselves up nicely at our expense. I’m sure they can handle one other competitor. Multinet will probably join their cartel and fix prices right alongside them.

    • hav some research before posting ur comment … “””ransworld buys all of its capacity from Oman where it needs Omantel permission “”””….. go home .. .. u need to hav some sleep bro..

    • And 2 years later, SRG-1 is still on paper and TWA gets the SMW5 contract. TWA-1 on the other hand also has a landing in UAE so its not all from Oman.

  • Transworld is a company owned & managed by the ORASCOM GROUP and cant be over so soon!

  • Guys take a look at submarinecablemap dot com. You will see that there are currently 4 cables operational in Pakistan. They are seamewe 3 & 4,imewe and tw1. There are two more that are expected to come on line this year and a third that will come online late next year. So this year alone the international bandwidth capacity will be increased by at least 50%. Meanwhile newer technologies mean they can push more data through existing cables like TWA has done with their recent upgrade. Hopefully all of these developments will mean lower prices per Mb/s and increased reliability.

  • bhai upgrade apni jaga, bas maslay na aeen, werna har 2 week bad to cable ka masla ajata hai

  • I’m waiting for smw5 & aae-1 project to be completed and expecting that the bandwith will at least be doubled for the same tarrif specially for karachi users. I’m a fariya user.. after the upgrade of aforesaid cable I’ve not scene any improvement in bandwith. is fariya a transword associate Client? if not I hope I’ll get better internet speed after completion of aae-1..

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