NVIDIA Announces the $250 GTX 1060

Nvidia may seem to have lost some of the earlier shine of its 1070 and 1080 releases following AMD’s more mainstream offerings of RX 480 ($199/ Rs. 22,000), RX 470 ($139 / Rs. 15,000) and RX 460 ($99 / Rs. 12,000), respectively. The green team is back with the new GTX 1060, though, a new card which starts at $250 (approx. Rs. 27,000), or just $10 more expensive than the 8 GB RX 480.

Of course, the performance boost here is a sizeable one. According to Nvidia, the 16nm FinFET, Pascal-based card is said to be thrice as performance as the GTX 980, a card twice as expensive.

On the spec side of things, you get the new GP106 graphics processor, 1280 CUDA cores, 4.4 billion transistors and a 192-bit memory bus. You also get a boost clock of 1.7 Ghz, and 6 GB GDDR5 memory with an 8 Gbps memory pipe.

The card requires a single 6-pin power supply ring with a TDP of 120W. On the connectivity side, you get three DisplayPort 1.4 and a single HDMI 2.0b. Similar to its competitors, it is also VR-ready.

The 1060, which will only be available in a 6 GB option, will cost $250 on retail. The Founders Edition will retail for a slightly more expensive at $299. The price difference could be covered if you consider the fact that the card is 15 percent faster and 75 percent more efficient than the RX 480, meaning it is the biggest Polaris competitor on the horizon as of now.

Of course, real-world figures could vary and a decision is very difficult to make until we get some benchmarks. That shouldn’t take long as the card is said to go on retail just over a week later.

  • “According to Nvidia, the 16nm FinFET, Pascal-based card is said to be thrice as performance as the GTX 980, a card twice as expensive.”

    Gtx 1080 = 2×gtx 980
    Gtx 1060 = 3×980????!!

    • a gtx 1080 surpasses a titan x in gaming performance
      gtx 1060 is more than equal to 980 which is a low end card than a titan x

      • the article says that a 1060 is 3 times as fast as a 980 (from what i understand from his english)
        Thats my whole point!

      • titan x was never meant to be a gaming card .its used for something called “deep learning” where you DO need 12 gigs of ram do some shit load of work and people are flipping the fuck out like “1000 dollar wtf nah fam” because you dont use deep learning at your house its used by massive corporations

  • ” thrice as performance as the GTX 980″

    clearly the author has 0 knowledge about graphics cards

  • How can a 10’60’ be x3 more powerful than 9’80’ ..thats common sense..get rekt author

    • No company would allow that much gap..where they couldve earned millions ( same guy as commenter)

  • ok… before everybody goes ape**** crazy on this.. lets just discuss a fact or two…
    1. This is a 192 bit card compared to 256 bit RX 480
    2. It has the SAME scandulous 6GB ram , as the GTX 970 in the previous iteration did , where only 3.5 GB was available for usage or so the NVIDIA reps said. lets all be wary about that.
    3. THIS IS EXPENSIVE THAN THE 8GB Rx480 ?! why should we go for this when the maxed out Rx480 is cheaper , performs better on DX12 API (for now , but its vulcan API is a beast as well , will be used by Doom in a future patch)

    4. Power efficiency does not matter much if we talk about pakistan … electricity is expensive anyways and any sane person will buy a good PSU to house the less power efficient Rx480.
    5. Benchmarks is the only question mark on this. Rx480 has already proven to be VERY PROMISING on the 1080p resolution (which is IDEAL for budget and frugal gamers like those in Pakistan , not to mention many people are still using 480p/720p monitors which , if managed correctly thru GPU settings can yield amazing results in game perf. ). IF the GTX 1060 outperforms the 480 in benchmarks , it;ll be a very interesting prospect to consider… but in the end it all comes down to how the aftermaket editions are priced.

    • 1) What proof do you have that the 1060 uses the same “scandalous” 6gb ram?
      2) “Power efficiency does not matter” ??? Try telling that to overclockers …

      • 1. just telling you all to be careful. not a particular fanboy but i always appreciate better priced option , esp since PKR is so weak in the $ market.
        2. Overclocking is NOT the recommended solution… yes , you can get some gains from it but overall it can be a risky proposition esp w.r.t system temps and conditions of the electronic components. you can confirm this with another user , named Hassaan , commonly found lingering around these forums.

        • yes ofcourse the 970 was a fail but amd has had more than 5times failed (they delayed many gpus,archetecture,their drivers were always shit,they consumed shit tons of powers and generate heat (thankfully not with rx 480) but still it did cause controversy that was “peoples pcie slots (whole mobo actually) dying because the card sucked more power from the pcie than its limit
          nvidia in my opinion is the perfection .. take a cheap sedan car its more practical and cheap and etc
          now compare that with a luxury sedan car with all the luxuries one can dream of

          you pay for what you get

    • yashir bhai, ek aur cheez mention karna chatha hon k Nvidia gpu ki cache ziyada hoti hai (e.g gtx 960 has 2mb of L2 cache and R9 380 has 512kb of L2 cache) But RX 480 now has 2mb of L2 cache.i will wait for offical benchmarks of 1060 to show up then we’ll know who’s the best btw india ma 1060 6gb version ki price confirm hai k 22900 ka mily ga. another rumor state that there will be a cheaper 3gb version of gtx1060 which will cost 149$.

      • thanks for the addition , bro :)

        obviously, third party benchmarks are the main determinant ! im also telling everyone the same thing , wait for the benchmarks. altho i won’t recommend that 3GB version to anyone , considering how GPU-heavy in-game textures are 2015 onwards (with the advent of Dx11 and now 12). 4Gb VRam is bare minimum every budget gamer should aim for.

  • my point exactly, thats y i said gaming performance… but people in the past still used it for enthusiast build and even in sli config. where money is not an issue, you can do whatever you want.

  • I don’t think your article describe well about this great thing.. Because It is also the first GPU to support GDDR5X memory which enables higher memory bandwidth and larger memory sizes. The Pascal-based GPUs has enhanced asynchronous compute and is the first to harness the power of 6GB of new GDDR5X memory.
    GeForce GTX 1060 GeForce GTX 960 the most amazing card in this price….

    Please review your article Pro Pakistani… whenever i try to open your link if i found something on your website i got confused too.. Anyway… thanks for half article.

  • Assalam o Alaikum!
    My question is here where can I find this online in Pakistan? I have searched every online store in Pakistan but no one has founders edition. I have waited too log to drop prices and now it happened but the problem is I cant figure it out, how to but it in Pakistan. Kindly Help me. Thank You

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