PTA to Get Objectionable Websites Blocked on Mobile Phones

Not so long ago, Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) took an initiative where over 400,000 websites with objectionable or explicit content were blocked in Pakistan. Now, reports are suggesting that the PTA is planning on expanding the initiative for mobile phone users as well.

PTA reportedly received multiple complaints from the general public stating that explicit websites were still accessible through mobile internet — on 3G and 4G networks — which poses an even greater threat to minors who can accidentally access such stuff through their parents’ smartphones.

“Whether you access internet through a personal computer or mobile phone the law is same; objectionable sites are banned in country” said an official.

Sources tell us that there was a list of blocked website, which is regularly implemented by ISPs, however, mobile phone operators are at times not very strict on this.

Telecom industry representatives denied the allegation, claiming they do not provide access to objectionable content in order to increase profits.

However, they have said that blocking too much content or putting a lot of restrictions results in slow internet and browsing speeds. This affects the website loading speeds on mobile devices which decreases the overall user experience.

Officials say that establishment of Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Pakistan will help the regulator centralize the content blocking exercise in order to keep national internet usage local.

For now PTA may ask mobile operators again to block all objectionable and explicit sites which have been legally forbidden in the country by a Supreme Court order. This includes the list of 400,000 that PTA had asked ISPs to put on a ban list.

Via The Nation

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  • asadkhattak

    So what about VPN and particularly the free one. What PTA will do for them? Through them one can reach each and every site.

    • PK Citizen

      Start with Blocking, then proceed to ALL ALTERNATE channels.

    • Aamir

      Metric pass people don’t know much of VPN! Even when I was in metric, I even didn’t know what is proxy, and how to open a blocked website. But due to Youtube, a lot of people came to know about it! With the passage of time or our new generation will forget about it. But due to blocked websites, traffic to such sites really reduce.

      • Ali Tahir

        Matriculation is abbreviated as Matric and not Metric. Metric is a system of measurement :P

        • Aamir

          hahahh!! Maaf Kar Dain Bhai Galti Ho Gye!

        • Plus,

          much about the VPN*
          didn’t even know*
          traffic to such sites has really reduced*

          While none of these is acutally true.

          • Aamir

            1. Participle adjective mistake
            2. Definite article mistake
            3. Negative Use of Past Indefinite mistake
            5. Preset Perfect mistake

            bas us waqat mera dimgh ghuma howa tha! Maaf kr do yar!

      • Arsalan Shah

        When my Dada was in Matric, I bet he didn’t even know about a PC or a mobile. I bet my Dad didn’t know about an iPhone when he was in his matric (30 years ago) :P

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          Your dada is only 43-44 years old?

          • Arsalan Shah

            My dad is 60 years old, and my dada died in 2002. Can’t you read my dad matric over 40 years ago? How can my dada be 43-44 :/

            • Muhammed Ovais Alam

              You wrote 30 years ago.
              If he was 13-14 at that time then he will be 43-44 in 2k16.

  • PK Citizen

    We desperately need FILTERED internet.

  • asadkhattak

    Though i am too old for the job and belong to old school of education, but in Pakistan, there is lot of talent both in hardware and software category. Some should come up with some crazy hardware or software to eradicate this menace once and for all. The European will not like the idea because its multi billion dollar business and they are willing to sell even their souls to devil for dollars.

  • Desi

    The question is why the hell people go those websites? and then expect Gov. to block them…

    Pakistanis go to Europe and other countries and have no issues with anything…. political rhetoric, homosexual neighbors, porn websites, why? because they focus on their own life and mind their own business but in PK no, what neighbors doing is their direct business, hell what neighboring countries are doing is their business, thats sad. PK People should focus only on education and trade and not invite Gov. in every aspect of their lives. Most importantly no one can beat the technology

    • Ali Tahir

      True that. And here in Pakistan we actually ‘laud’ 16 years old who compile lists of 100,000 porn sites as part of a war against pornography. Makes one wonder what the kids research was.

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    Mobile companies are never gonna block these websites as they are main source of their data consumption by users. Before that YouTube was not banned on mobile internet and same situation will remain with these explicit sites.

    • AbdulB1

      Ufone actually blocks many websites objectionable by PTA porn or no porn.

  • Censorship is not generally a good idea, especially when the blocking process is so shaddy.

    There should be a portal maintained by PTA where proper stats should be listed regarding whatever shady things they’re doing regarding censorship.

    One feature we should have is the ability to enter a URL to see the reason behind its blockage.

    See pastebin . com for instance, nobody knows why it’s blocked.

    • AbdulB1

      They won’t.

  • AbdulB1

    PTA blocks many other religious websites too in the name of blocking objectionable material. I wonder why PTA never looked up to bla,pakhtunistan and sinduesh websites? PTA is just a hypocrite…..

  • AbdulB1

    Pakistani govt is trying to force a narrative on its population which won’t help. Even bloggers like Amir who run this website advertise VPN to unblock websites know there is a demand for that even after unlocking of YouTube.

  • Hassam Tahir

    Internt service is so bad in Pakistan. We still haven’t auctioned all the 4G licenses..ko asal kam hai woh croro. Moral policing karwa lu

    • AB

      4G licenses slots and auctions are completed. Lets wait for soft launch.

  • Arsalan Shah

    Mate, re-read. Even if I wrote 30 years ago, you inquired about dad’A’ being 43-44 years old…………………!

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Did matric 30 years ago.
      His age at that time 13-14.
      13/14 + 30 = 43/44