Zong Looking Forward to Test 5G with First Group of Global Operators

Zong has reportedly shown its interest to be part of the IMT Advanced Group — a global group of early operators and vendors — that will test 5G technology for consumers at the time of its launch around 2020, we have heard through sources.

While its too early to say anything, we can confirm that Zong is making efforts to be part of the global players that will conduct early tests of 5G technology for consumers.

Zong didn’t confirm us anything officially on this.

As per sources, Zong has requested PTA to be allowed to use 5G spectrum on trial basis. This is similar to the way PTA had allowed Zong and other operators to use 3G spectrum on trial basis before they were officially awarded the spectrum after the 2014 auction.

Without naming Zong, the Pakistani Minister for IT, Anusha Rehman, recently confirmed with ProPakistani that her Ministry is putting efforts to get Pakistan included in the list of countries where 5G will be tested before anywhere else.

Reportedly, Mr. Houlin Zhao, Secretary General International Telecommunication Union (ITU), was also briefed about Zong’s interest to perform trial runs of 5G technology.

Secretary General, ITU, is in Pakistan these days and was told about Zong’s plans during his visit to Zong’s HQ yesterday.

Not to mention, lab tests for 5G are already under way.

Preliminary tests suggest that an estimated speed of several hundred MBs can be achieved through 5G technology.

It won’t be out of place to mention that Huawei, and China Mobile — the parent group of Zong — have tested 5G prototypes for 3.5GHz spectrum, which also happens to be the first pre-commercial 5G design with wider capacity.

Zong was also the first operator to introduce 4G technology in the country, and if everything goes well it could be the first operator to offer 5G services in Pakistan as well.

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  • before launching 5g, will Zong be able to satisfy its existing 3g/4g users by adding more spectrum to the existing 5/10 mega hertz. Further, Zong is also increasing call set up charges by .15 paisa and Rs.3/ on getting advance from 22/7/2016. mand ka rakho Zong

    • you’re missing something , jab zong ki sim replace karwane jao to bolty hn sir is sim ko replace karwane k sath apko ek new sim bh leni pare ge zabardasti with charges or sim band karwany jao to bh charges :/ or charges bh 50 ya 100 ni 300 Rs :D

      • Aisa har jaga nai ho raha. Ye kuch specific franchise apni sale bharhaney k liye ye dramay baazi kartey hain. Zong k main business center ma jao to wahan ye dramay baazi kam hi hoti hia. Ye franchise walo ki harkatein hain

        • بس کریں جناب مجھے اپنے فیملی ممبرر کا زونگ نمبر ختم کروانے میں تقریباً 1 سال لگا زونگ کے اسلام آباد اور راولپنڈی ہیڈ آفس والوں نے اتنا ذلیل و خوار کیا ہے فرعون اور پاکستان کی سب سے بڑی بیلنس چور کمپنی ہے ذونگ
          دور کے ڈھول سہانے آپ زونگ کا نمبر دوسرے نیٹورک پر کنورٹ کروا کر دیکھا دیں اور زونگ کا نمبر اپنے نام سے ختم کروا کر دیکھا دیں تمام خوش فہمیاں ختم ہو جائیں گی

            • ابھی ہونے لگا ہے پھر بھی ایک نمبر زونگ کا ختم نہیں کرتے دو میں سے ایک کر دیتے ہیں

    • Zong has 10 MHz for 3G and 4G each. And all companies are charging 15 Paisaa except Mobilink which will start soon by them as well like other companies, Same goes for loan

  • Then their Internet promotion will be like…. . ZONG 5G. Enjoy unlimited video surfing. High speed downloading movies. Music. Songs. Games. with Heavy use Internet bucket. . Upto 50MB Internet for whole month .

    • lol.. I believe they have to keep data limits in place else they will face the same fate as telenor. Telenor offers cheap data but their speed sucks due to the heavy traffic.

    • jab zong ki sim replace karwane jao to bolty hn sir is sim ko replace karwane k sath apko ek new sim bh leni pare ge zabardasti with charges or sim band karwany jao to bh charges :/ or charges bh 50 ya 100 ni 300 Rs maa ki ankh in ki

      • I have refused this. That us a marketing tactic and I refused strictly before replacing without second sim

  • Most people here now will complain about their 3G and 4G and packages, but the truth is Zong is still best among all operators in providing 3G and 4G and Data bundles. Which company is giving better data bundlea than Zong? And also keep in mind MBB bundles of 50 GB in 2000, no company is even prividing 50 GB on MBB not Warid nor Mobilink.
    Best of luck for 5G on 3500 MHz. It will provide great speed but indoor signal strenth will be an issue to solve.

    • kyun k log misuse karty, ab tw America ma b unlimited package band ho gye bas jin logon k plan ma chal rahy thy wo use kar rahy. humen unlimited package mil jaye tw hum ny sab neighbours ko code batana wifi ka, khud torrent download karny dher o dher, software, hd videos, movies. agar sab k leay affordable ho jaye tw sab ye kaam kar k zong k server overload kar sakty.

  • Zong has no satisfy and sustainable 2g, 3g, and 4g services. How its stable its customers when he continuely increase rate of packages. And how he lunch 5g services in bad bad conditions of Pakistan’s economy.

  • Salam Friends, i need sincere advice regarding which device should i purchase as far as coverage and signal quality is concerned, if i have to use in Lahore Defence area. Should i go for PTCL CHARGI or Zong 4g mbb?
    Besides I’ve also read comments on different forums where consumer says that they get speed for 3 to 4 days for Zong and then downloading speed declines.. Plus some complain that their 50Gb package ends in 15 to 20 days even though they have not consumed their traffic fully… well that’s kinda weird hehe but need comments on this issue….
    Waiting for prompt reply…. Thanks :)

  • as per my knowledge according to google, 1st country to launch 5g is Korea and year 2018 after that america in 2019 and europe in 2020… so where is Pakistan 5g???

  • Thanks Mr Aamir Attaa on the coverage of 5G trails eight months before approx., from now after the conclusion of WEF, Davos, GSMA2017 which was participated and well addressed by our Honorable Minister MOITT, endorsed by the Secretary General ITU while visiting MOITT. As the honorable Minister recently returned from Barcelona focus on Digitalising Pakistan and earlier her address at the WEF2017 are excellent messages globally for Pakistan’s readiness to technology. Some weeks back 5G trails solicited in the UK with a specific band allocated to the operator. Our Honorable Minister should announce the conformity of international standards by Pakistan as member of WIPO, IPR to be observed in Pakistan, rather Zong a Pakistani announcing Zong standards. The announcement of the MOITT for suggestions/comments is encouraging which should be extended for optimum transparency, and in forums of PTA inviting international operators for bid of 4G spectrum for an available spectrum. Observation of WIPO/IPR for Pakistan at level playing field and will draw attention. We can see the participation of Vodafone in India and the bids being recieved in India is a show case for us to match that response for Pakistan in leadership of MOITT. I’d given my comments to the Honorable Commonwealth Sectt., to contribute for conformance to Pakistan’s enlightening for 5G trails as in the UK. Best wishes

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