ITU Nominates Anusha Rehman as Commissioner of Broadband Commission

Anusha Rehman, Minister for IT and Telecom, has been nominated by International Telecommunication Union as Commissioner of its “Broadband Commission for Digital Development”, we have checked with Ministry of IT officials.

Broadband Commission is an international body governed under ITU and is meant for the proliferation of broadband in the world.

The Broadband Commission engages in high-level advocacy to promote broadband in developing countries and under-served communities. In doing so, the Commission leverages its high-profile Commissioners to spread the message of Broadband for Sustainable Development at key events, conferences and functions.

Anusha Rehman happens to be first Pakistan to become the commissioner of Broadband Commission.

Other commissioners of Broadband Commission include heads of statea, chairpersons of telecom groups, experts from telecom, academia and other relevant businesses from across the world.

Her selection is primarily the result of work she has done in uptaking the internet penetration in Pakistan.

Anusha’s nomination on this international forum is a recognition of her invaluable services by global community, which she successfully rendered in arena of broadband.

At the time of joining her office in 2013, internet penetration in Pakistan was less than 3 percent which is now hovering around 19 percent. During her tenure Pakistan successfully conducted two spectrum auctions in which four telecom companies were granted 3G licenses while two operators were granted 4G spectrum.

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