Lahore to Get High Grade Surveillance Equipment Under Safe City Project

After Islamabad, Lahore is also going to become part of the Safe City initiative. This was confirmed after Huawei Pakistan recently won the bid for the project in Punjab and held discussions with Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif over the same.

The Safe City project is expected to roll out high-grade surveillance solution for the city of Lahore, helping law-enforcement authorities in curbing crime, and in improving governance as well.


Huawei, the Chinese telecoms and hardware giant, was adjudged the lowest bidder for the Lahore Safe City Project after a successful bidding process. CM Sharif also invited them to introduce out a low-cost health IT solution in one of the District HQs out of 36 in Punjab as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts.

About the Lahore Safe City Project

The Safe City project will connect Lahore by way of high-grade surveillance cameras with facial recognition software. The cameras will be connected via 4G technology, allowing them to transmit CCTV footage to control rooms that monitor video feeds from these cameras,

They can prove to be instrumental in controlling the crime rate in the cultural capital of Pakistan and help law-enforcement agencies monitor criminal, terrorist and suspect elements.

A similar system is also in operation in Islamabad and you can read all about it here.

About Huawei Healthcare Solution

By leveraging the benefits of ICT and connecting them with the healthcare sector, Huawei’s ehealth platform can help medical professionals here save more lives than ever. This system can help medical organizations and practitioners use data to collaborate, share, treat and process medical service solutions by way of:

  • Remote HD video,
  • teleconsultation,
  • remote surgery demonstration,
  • medical video on-demand,
  • and remote doctor visits.

Essentially, it can help bring the Pakistani healthcare sector up to 21st century standards. Huawei has been invited to set up the initiative in the first DHQ for free.

Concluding Thoughts

CM Punjab has indicated that if the eHealthcare solution by Huawei proves to be good in Lahore, the company will be given the go-ahead to expand it to other cities in the province as well. We hope that other provincial authorities are taking notes, be it for the Safe City initiative (especially for Karachi and Quetta) or the eHealth venture.

Given how Punjab is making rapid progress in numerous spheres, the people’s representatives from other provinces have their work cut out for them. From a security point of view, a venture like Safe City is essential in curbing increasing incidents of crime and terrorism.


  • Yet again a first if its kind initiative By CM Punjab let’s see how it follows through. It’s unprecedented and again Punjab Govt leading by By example and it shows Punjab Govt is most tech savvy.

      • Maybe the guys at Propakistani who wrote this Piece got paid even before me… and more than me.

      • PMLN Zindabad, Once again proove that Lahore is always on first, rest Punjab go F**k yourself. Living in small town holding 13 PMLN parlimantrians giving us nothing just to say Lahore Zindabad.

    • Step 1. have crime committed against you where it is recorded by those cameras
      Step 2. try to register FIR based on that at nearest police station.

      You will lose your respect for the CM very quickly my friend. Very quickly.

      • Is it really difficult to give Andriod devices to the Police to record street crime and any other minor major offense on roads to be recorded with fingre prints, ID Card data and facial photo so that a generlized record can be maintained only within lahore if we talk about. Why we always need an expensive system to set up with. A graduate engineer can develop such an applicaiton or a person like me can make a simple Oracle data base for them.

        • Yes but what is the phone and recording system compared to Rs 5000 bribe given to police on the spot?

          • Well this is a behavior of all Police especially in Lahore, they just need something from you even Rs. 20 as it give them satisfaction. Yet let people to discourage it like last time when Police stops me and after everything completed they insist they need money else car will be sent to Police Station, I have step out of my car and given keys to them, go and take it with you.

            They were surprised as they had no intenstion to take the car with them, started hasitating and then handed over my car to me.

  • Only 1 issue in using 4G network…whenever govt shut down the gsm operator due to security issue then these cameras are not useful.

    • This 4G network is private network not used by any telecom company like Zong Warid etc..
      So don’t worry for that. everything is carefully planned and being executed :)

      • yeah right. P Govt has the muscle to buy/lease and deploy base stations and cams etc operating on ‘special’ frequency. And that too without permission of regulators? Dear, this is not phone cable that you can run from one point to another without giving a sh8 about anything. Your cluelessness is appalling.

  • Who said 4G back haul? How would they be able to dilever the video on required fps ,resolution and pixels on 4G best effort spectrum or did CM punjab have dedicated a seperate spectrum for safe city? What codec would camera be using ? Dont they need fiber backhaul ?

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