This Website Helps You Get Rid of Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware that can cause more damage than most other types of malware comparatively. It prevents you from accessing your data or information unless you transfer a certain amount of money to an anonymous bank account.

In other words, hand over your money, or your data goes bust.

Government officials, universities and even hospitals have faced ransomware attacks with many paying tens of thousands of dollars to get access to precious information. Given these alarming incidents involving ransomware, it is high time that someone stepped up.

Say No To Ransomware

To counter ransomware problems, several security and IT companies like Intel Security, Interpol and Kaspersky Labs have come together to create a web portal called No More Ransom. This portal helps you remove the ransomware without losing data or paying money for it.

On the surface, it appears to be just your usual advisory website. Telling you to make frequent backups, open attachments only from contacts you know, use a good antivirus software etc.

However, it also happens to have ransomware detection and decryption tools. You can upload encrypted files to get them checked for ransomware and see if they can be removed.

The organization has more than 160,000 decryption keys in its database. Their definition of all known ransomware variants is growing by the day.

Benefiting the Masses, Keeping Digital Ransom Takers at Bay

Aside from the obvious benefit of helping those who are infected with ransomware to get their data back, it is also taking the fight to the digital robbers.

Jornt Van der Wiel of Kaspersky Labs says

The biggest problem with crypto-ransomware today is that when users have precious data locked down, they readily pay criminals to get it back that boosts the underground economy, and we are facing an increase in the number of new players and the number of attacks as a result.

Like piracy, malware cannot be completely eliminated. Clean some of it, a new kind pops up somewhere else. Its here to stay and like the computer viruses before them, we need to be aware of the danger they pose.

You can head to this link to get your files checked for ransomware.

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