Trending Videos on Youtube Show Sick Mindset Of The Nation

Youtube is the default video portal on the internet. Serving billions of views every day, it comes pre-installed on pretty much every smartphone sold on the planet. As is the case for every service, Youtube offers local portals for easier discovery of what’s trending in your country. It is this Pakistani version of Youtube that’s the topic of conversation today.

If you had to describe our local Trending and Popular videos in a few words, they would be: disgusting, vile and depraved. Just one look at the popular videos in Pakistan at any given day on any given time is bound to make a decent person look away in shame.

While there are plenty of dramas, movie trailers and Indian songs in the lists, they are also filled with shameful videos which makes one think that Pakistanis really are a repressed nation. More disturbingly, these videos have hundreds of thousands, and in some cases millions, of views.

Videos in Pakistani Youtube’s Popular and Trending lists will leave you feeling disgusted

A consequence of their popularity is that they’re highly visible to any visitor from Pakistan, be it a child who got a new device or someone from a remote village who got internet connectivity for the first time. It also has the potential of skewing how internet is perceived in Pakistan. If an impression sets in that ‘internet to kharaab hi karta hay’, internet penetration and its actual potential could be hindered.

While people are free to search and watch whatever they want, the fact is that it paints a very negative picture of our people. We understand that these are the growing pains of a newly online society and most of the time the internet is going to be used for entertainment rather than productivity but this is beyond the bounds of decency.


The trending and popular videos sections on YouTube cannot be categorized simply as entertainment. This cannot be how a country, which follows Islamic values, is represented on the internet.

There are literally thousands of positive things you can do on the internet, things that can help you in your daily life and your career. It is disappointing to see that our use of this sea of knowledge is limited to watching disgusting videos

It’s horrifying to think that the newly online generation in Pakistan is viewing these videos

Most titles of the these videos are so reprehensible that you feel dirty uttering them out loud. So why do people feel okay watching them in private? It’s not even a surprise anymore if we are being honest. Multiple polls over the last few years have showed Pakistan as a nation that searches for the most porn on the internet and comes out on top in other negative indexes. This just continues the trend.

At the end, we just have an appeal to the creators of these videos. For the love of all that is holy: STOP. You are causing irreparable harm to the burgeoning internet population in Pakistan. Do remember that whatever you upload on YouTube, you are showing it to innocent kids and youth of your country as well.

How to Change Your YouTube Homepage

To get rid of these videos on your homepage, you can change your region to Worldwide instead of Pakistan. That’ll show you the most popular videos across the world. They’re decidedly tamer.

On Your PC

youtube settingSimply open the YouTube website and head to the bottom of the page. There, you will find a setting for “Country”. Click on the button and select “Worldwide”. This will prevent you from seeing any country specific content.

If you want to avoid inappropriate content in suggestions, also turn on “Restricted Mode” and also lock it so the setting doesn’t revert back automatically.

On Your Phone

Open the YouTube app > Go to Settings > Click on General and select Content Location and Choose Worldwide.


From the same settings page you can also turn on Restricted Mode and stay safe from nearly all of the inappropriate content on YouTube.

Talal is the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani.