Trending Videos on Youtube Show Sick Mindset Of The Nation

Youtube is the default video portal on the internet. Serving billions of views every day, it comes pre-installed on pretty much every smartphone sold on the planet. As is the case for every service, Youtube offers local portals for easier discovery of what’s trending in your country. It is this Pakistani version of Youtube that’s the topic of conversation today.

If you had to describe our local Trending and Popular videos in a few words, they would be: disgusting, vile and depraved. Just one look at the popular videos in Pakistan at any given day on any given time is bound to make a decent person look away in shame.

While there are plenty of dramas, movie trailers and Indian songs in the lists, they are also filled with shameful videos which makes one think that Pakistanis really are a repressed nation. More disturbingly, these videos have hundreds of thousands, and in some cases millions, of views.

Videos in Pakistani Youtube’s Popular and Trending lists will leave you feeling disgusted

A consequence of their popularity is that they’re highly visible to any visitor from Pakistan, be it a child who got a new device or someone from a remote village who got internet connectivity for the first time. It also has the potential of skewing how internet is perceived in Pakistan. If an impression sets in that ‘internet to kharaab hi karta hay’, internet penetration and its actual potential could be hindered.

While people are free to search and watch whatever they want, the fact is that it paints a very negative picture of our people. We understand that these are the growing pains of a newly online society and most of the time the internet is going to be used for entertainment rather than productivity but this is beyond the bounds of decency.


The trending and popular videos sections on YouTube cannot be categorized simply as entertainment. This cannot be how a country, which follows Islamic values, is represented on the internet.

There are literally thousands of positive things you can do on the internet, things that can help you in your daily life and your career. It is disappointing to see that our use of this sea of knowledge is limited to watching disgusting videos

It’s horrifying to think that the newly online generation in Pakistan is viewing these videos

Most titles of the these videos are so reprehensible that you feel dirty uttering them out loud. So why do people feel okay watching them in private? It’s not even a surprise anymore if we are being honest. Multiple polls over the last few years have showed Pakistan as a nation that searches for the most porn on the internet and comes out on top in other negative indexes. This just continues the trend.

At the end, we just have an appeal to the creators of these videos. For the love of all that is holy: STOP. You are causing irreparable harm to the burgeoning internet population in Pakistan. Do remember that whatever you upload on YouTube, you are showing it to innocent kids and youth of your country as well.

How to Change Your YouTube Homepage

To get rid of these videos on your homepage, you can change your region to Worldwide instead of Pakistan. That’ll show you the most popular videos across the world. They’re decidedly tamer.

On Your PC

youtube settingSimply open the YouTube website and head to the bottom of the page. There, you will find a setting for “Country”. Click on the button and select “Worldwide”. This will prevent you from seeing any country specific content.

If you want to avoid inappropriate content in suggestions, also turn on “Restricted Mode” and also lock it so the setting doesn’t revert back automatically.

On Your Phone

Open the YouTube app > Go to Settings > Click on General and select Content Location and Choose Worldwide.


From the same settings page you can also turn on Restricted Mode and stay safe from nearly all of the inappropriate content on YouTube.

Talal is a Director and the Chief Content Officer at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • these channel must be banned , if PTA take some serious action contacting youtube. and curse on those cheap people using these topics and name of islam for haram earning. :(

  • pehley pakistani pakistan chor k janey p mjbur hein, aur ab youtube ko b pakistan se hata k chalana perh rha h, anyways thanks for the solution, I was also shocked to see those titles on the front page.

  • Videos hum log dekhte hai aur naam Pakistan ka badnam krte hain agar ko pasand nai hai to ap location change krne ki bajaye video ke context menu mai ja kr “Not Interested” per click kr dai ta k jo log location nahi change krte unko b nazar na aye

  • We can’t even open YouTube in front of Parents and Children now cuz of these disgusting Thumbnails

    • The workaround to this is to click ‘Not Interested’ everytime such video shows… and YouTube will gradually tune your recommendations

        • Strange thing, luckily I am not getting even a single of such video on my home page. Mostly the stuffs is based on my browsing history.

          And yes I think if you keep on doing this not interested thing it would work eventually, because I recall I used to have a lot of these but I keep on reporting ‘Not Interested’ and now finally I don’t get any in appropriate one on my YouTube home,

          • You have to go the the trending videos tab not your home page. Trending videos don’t show based on your history but what is trending.

            • alright, may be aap sahi keh raho ho.

              But maine tu article ki base par kaha tha. Because article main hi likha tha “To get rid of these videos on your homepage, you can change your region…” So maine socha ke yeh home page ki baat horahi hai.

              Anyone can confirm this?

          • youtube shows videos according to your search history and what you may search in future. If anyone getting such videos in their homepage it means you have made search related to these videos.

          • I made a new ID for my Android TV, immediately I saw such videos as recommendation. Now tell me is it from my browsing history or from the interest of public in Pakistan.

            • Ji bhai you are right, new ID par tu bilkul fresh hoga tu wohi dikhae ga jo Pakistan trending hoga. Once you start using your ID and keep on reporting not interested for videos then after some time you might get better results on home.

        • Weird, because I’ve never ever come across any such videos. My home page is populated with only videos from my subscribed channels, so I’m also kind of curious what could be so bad on YouTube.

          On another note, it’s probably because only Pakistani awam looks for pr0n on YouTube. Becharay tarsey log hen, and if this is the worst of it, then I’m glad, because I’ve seen firsthand how twisted the rest of the world can be. They just do it in the deep dark crannies of the internet where even Google does not dare go.

  • Pakistan is not responsible for this but the citizens are who watch these videos and I guess this article addressed it in this article and it’s shameful to open Youtube and see what’s trending in Pakistan!

      • aap be news channels ki tarah breaking news dy rhe ho :D
        indeed, it’s the citizens and the small population of internet users who watch Youtube videos like those but Pakistan as a whole gets embarrassed in international media and that was my Point.

  • technology has made it easy to understand the mindset of nation. there’re so many resources but, well, doesn’t matter.

  • if i use youtube without sing in my account then i cant because of some stupid and foolish people making videos of how to enlarge man power and stuff like that it was so disgusting making video like this for what just for few views shame on that and may Allah help us

  • Sick mind due to lack of motivation entertainment poor life style ab nation ny apni frustration b nikalni hai na

  • YouTube has restriction access please turn it on for kids and stop complaining. A mindset of 1% is not a representative of a nation. Blog is propakistani not antipakistani.

  • What u say about this @propakistani which is at your own webpage? this is how u make money and the same way others are doing ….change your self first then point fingers others

      • what i m saying is that Propakistani itself publishing such disgusting things on its webpage to make online money and ppl like this doing the same by posting such things on youtube…

      • Totally disagree. I purchased an android TV and signed up for a new Google ID on TV. Immediately I got Youtube recommendations on this TV screen which were total crap…From where youtube got that “history” you are referring to?

    • LOOOOOL that’s based on your browser history & most visited sites preferences… :D trololololollllll

      • Totally disagree. I purchased an android TV and signed up for a new Google ID on TV. Immediately I got Youtube recommendations on this TV screen which were total crap…From where youtube got that “history” you are referring to? ? ?

    • Adsense shows ads on the basis of things you watch and search on google and YouTube.
      So don’t blame Propakistani for this.
      Anyway, if you want to remove these ads, install Adblock extension on your browser.

      • which means that it was wasif who was watching … ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        oh the HYPOCRISY :D !

      • Totally disagree. I purchased an android TV and signed up for a new Google ID on TV. Immediately I got Youtube recommendations on this TV screen which were total crap…From where youtube got that “history” you are referring to? ?>

    • Sometimes these are also based on visitor’s search priorities or maybe Google
      targeting a specific region in compliance with publisher’s geographic preference. I am sure Aamir Attaa has tried to stop these recently but surely he has to do more to permanently avoid such crap.

  • 100% agreed.

    We must find the ways to change the complexion of our local internet content.

  • اس طرح کی ویڈیوز اپلوڈ کرنے والے چند پیسے کمانے کی خاطر لوگوں کی نفسیات سے کھیلتے ہیں … بلکل اس طرح جیسے الیکٹرانک میڈیا اپنی ریٹنگ بڑھانے اور سب سے پہلے نیوز بریک کرنے کے چکر میں لوگوں کی نفسیات سے کھیلتے ہیں … اس سے اندازہ ہوتا ہے کہ ہر جائز اور ناجائز طریقے سے پیسے کمانے کی حرص میں پوری قوم مجموعی طور پر گرفتار ہے … آپ کوئی اسلامی سپیچ سرچ کر رہے ہوں اور نتیجے کے طور پر اس طرح کے ٹائٹل کے ساتھ ویڈیوز آئیں ” قندیل بلوچ کے ساتھ قبر میں کیا ہو رہا ہو گا مولانا کے اس بیان میں سنئے” تو لا محالہ ایک ایوریج سوچ رکھنے والا شخص اس پر ضرور کلک کرے گا …

    • بلکل ٹھیک کہا۔ کچھ ایسا ہی حال گوگل پلے (پاکستان) کا بھی ہے جسے کچھ پاکستانی ڈویلپرز نے دو،دو ٹکوں کی خاطر یرغمال بنا رکھا ہے۔

  • :: P0RNISTAN ::
    What peaks my curiousity is that are they viewing it
    for sexual satisfaction? entertainment? or education for an ignorant
    mind? :/
    in all three categories, content being created is as bad as the viewer’s mindset.

    I have no problem with whatever people watch privately, but if this
    happens to bump it up in ‘Trending’ section of a world famous public
    video website… you should probably use some other website for similar
    Recently refreshed my browser and it opened the youtube home page again… had to change it back asap..

  • That is why censoring content on the internet will not get you anywhere. Out government and PTA can block as many sites as they want, but these depraved people will still find workarounds.

    Out government needs to stop spending money on blocking and instead redirect it towards educating the people and the internet users. People have to choose to stay away from content like this on their own. That is the only way to get rid of the problem.

  • please any of you send email to google to at-least hire a Urdu reading person to get rid of such spammers.

  • Worldwide is the default location, just so the writer knows. And that is what my setting has been, from day one. Now, just to check I changed to Pakistan, refreshed and went to trends and I saw just one such video in the top 30 or so that I scrolled down to see. The rest were zakir naik, qandeel, tv dramas, etc. But as I said, the default is worldwide.
    Second, why would a “child get a new phone.” And if a parent is stupid enough to get a “child” a phone, then youtube videos are the least of their worries.

    • How is it not? I always see people complaining that we shouldn’t highlight the dark truths of society because it brings shame. What else we should do? Turning a blind eye isn’t an option, the least we could is complain and raise awareness, and that’s what they are doing.

  • due to dynamic public ip. YouTube recommend on the basis of that if that certain ip frequently access those videos, this is why i logged in to my account and set PG Level to 13 or lower to avoid such content… doing this YouTube only suggest Cartoons :)

  • What we need to understand is that most of the people watching these videos are teenagers who are desperate. its like “bandar kay hath machis”. What should be done is that we should raise awareness in parents regarding this issue.

    • You have ZERO EVIDENCE that most of the people watching such videos are teenagers.

      You don’t know Pakistan very well I am afraid. Lots of people watch such videos, including girls.

    • actually … if they could EDUCATE the public (esp parents , who will shame their child to death) on how to EFFICIENTLY communicate the REAL LIFE demerits of watching these videos to their offspring , THAT’d be great !!!

      every human is a mammal first and a muslim/hindu/jew after … so its better that appropriate guidelines about managing , controlling and eventually nullifying hormonal urges and temptations , which MANY teenagers and young adults OFTEN face , be accurately passed on !

      its rather sad that , its easier to scold , reprimand and humiliate a young person , rather than openly and affably teaching them the vital guidelines.

  • Lol propakistan I didn’t think that u would say that but there is nothing wrong with appealing to them but you actually think they are gonna kick their revenue for sake of country XD I see it like a child goes to mafia asking him hello sir will you stop all illegal things for the sake of safety and country ……but hey it’s just me “umeed” pe duniya qaim Hai” let’s hope I’m wrong and they stop it

  • If you are signed in with your google account than you only see content relevant to your watch history and channels you are subscribed too it takes a little time if its a new account but the personalized homepage is great to find new and relevant content

  • What makes you think that trending videos on youtube show a nation’s mindset? Some types of content are always more ‘interesting’ than other types of content. Go to Youtube UK homepage, you would also find trending videos which are pure non-sense and are in no way representative of UK’s mindset.

  • Ban every website you want, pe sexually frustrated people will find something to lay their hands on.

  • Thanks from the bottom of the heart Propakistani for raising this damn issue. It’s so disgusting on a widely popoular websites homepage to show such obscene content which is shown by default when you open the website.Again thanks for raising awareness.

  • i dont know what the writer is thinking! may be he is pissed at Youtube being accessible again. however you dont see Trending Videos on your home page.. i see Recent videos and related videos and recommendations… never even had to visit Trending videos and why would I? i have my own choice and dont give a $hit what everyone else watches.
    so utterly useless piece of writing just to entice hatred and increase no. of views on his stupid article!

  • My country is set to pakistan, but I don’t see any weird shit. I think writer is into such videos, so Youtube tracks his behavior and then recommends such videos, based on his interest. Author of this article should need to clear its cache and recheck the site.

  • All content is controlled From Greater India, So PTA can do nothing…,, Youtube is educational and it is very good content for our new upcoming generation, they can practice things well for real match….

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