Microsoft Pix is an iPhone Camera App for Taking Better Pictures

If you think using Office on your Apple device is a good enough idea, then perhaps you won’t object to using this new camera app from Microsoft, called Pix. The app, which uses AI, is claimed by its maker to be better than Apple’s own.

Likened to having “a pro photographer in your phone”, Pix adjusts lighting and other settings with every shot. It selects the best photos and enhances each image that you shoot and ones that you don’t, since it gets underway before you’ve even tapped the shutter (and continues afterwards).


The app automatically changes the settings once it detects faces in the shot. This results in more vivid pictures with better-looking subjects.

The app can also take videos and improves on them with Microsoft’s Hyperlapse technology, which adds more stability while playback.

Microsoft is also bringing out its own take on Apple’s Live Photos, called Live Image which is an option that appears automatically once something interesting (like a flowing stream) is detected. It is activated by holding the shutter key to activate the burst mode.

The app is 76.4 MB in size so even on a 16 GB iPhone, installing won’t be a problem.

Apple’s own app has traditionally been the fastest option for capturing the snap, but if you are all for the quality, then this is likely an option worth checking.

  • I tried to install it on my iPhone 5, but it gave non compatibility error even that my iPhone has enough storage available and latest IOS 9.3.3

  • This app is reminiscent of old Nokia WP8.1 days all these features were there in an app called smart cam which intergrated into Nokia Camera and was later rebranded as Lumia Camera. A feature of this app ‘living images’ was first brought by Nokia way before Apple rebranded it as Live Images and Marketed it better than Nokia/MS ever did … and now WM10 users seem to have lost these features.

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