3 Alternatives to Google Maps in Pakistan

Google Maps is one of the most popular maps and navigation services available worldwide. It is one of the most widely used apps on mobile with over 1 billion downloads.

However, there are tons of other map applications on the Play Store and Google Maps might not suit everyone’s needs.

If you want to escape Google’s clutches or are looking for something different and unique, we have compiled this list with the best alternatives to Google Maps that you can use:

1. Waze

Waze is a community-driven traffic and navigation app. It provides you with real-time traffic updates and road conditions.

All the data is reported through the user’s phone. It also reports on police traps, weather conditions, accidents, blocked roads etc.

waze-logoIn Pakistan however, navigation is available but the community reports such as those mentioned above aren’t available because of the lack of Waze users locally.

Waze was acquired by Google back in 2013 but the actual service is still available separately. It is definitely not as feature rich as Google Maps but the community experience definitely makes it worthwhile. Try it out if you’re in the mood for something different.

2. HERE WeGo

You might have heard of HERE Maps. HERE Maps used to come bundled with Nokia phones but were the only source of navigation on them.

Since then, they have been ported over Android and have remained as one of the popular map and navigation apps.

Photo-26-07-16-08-35-26Recently, its name was changed to HERE WeGO. HERE maps provides a clean and easy to use interface. You have POIs, satellite view and navigation.

It is definitely not as feature rich as Google Maps but the maps are updated on a regular basis and new places are added too. You can also save places for quick directions later such as your home or your work place.

3. Sygic

L8OdqSygic offers one of the best maps in Pakistan. At the time of signing up, you get an option for whether you want to use Sygic without a membership or buy one.

You get a 7-day trial at the beginning, which expires after a preset time if you don’t buy the full version.

It detects your country automatically and starts downloading maps for it. This gives you the benefit of offline navigation, a feature not found in most other map apps.

The downloaded maps are kept up-to-date. In addition to maps, Sygic also packs a DashCam, HUD and a Travel Book (your travel log).

Sygic offers all of the essential features and more and is definitely a complete package and is worth checking out.

So there you have it folks. What are you using for navigating the Pakistani streets, roads and alleyways? Do you have some other Google Maps alternatives for your location needs? Let us and our readers know more in the comments below.

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    Dear Author,

    Pls note as follows:

    1) Waze is bought by Google, it uses the same map data of google map however this app is social because users can report speed camera, road accidents, traffic jams, road blocks etc.

    2) Here Maps doesn’t offering maps for Pakistan even its web based maps service is blocked to be visited from Pakistan

    • DJ

      True.. Here maps sucks big time Google Maps are the best till now Sygic is good as well but its update time is 3 month on average also they charge for premium membership so i think best option with maximum information is Google Maps.

    • Bilal

      Author here.

      1. Yes, I mentioned the same thing above in the article.
      2. Here Maps do work in Pakistan. I tested them at the time of writing this article. Though voice guided navigation isn’t available. Check screenshots for info.

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        i am sorry but dont agree with you, you are just showing me satellite images, where is the digital map with roads and navigation route

      • Arslan Ahmad

        there is no detail on the map(on HERE maps), only main roads and highways and city names

      • Arslan Ahmad

        you should also check the TPL maps app, freshly launched

    • Desi

      Apple maps updated Pakistani cities now…by Tom,Tom

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        Apple maps doesn;t support direction and voice navigation

  • HumayunMaqbool

    Out of these apps, Sygic is the best. I had issues on Android but there is no match for this app in offline navigation while using on iPhone. Using this app for more than a year..

    • Ehtisham Ul Haq

      You bought it ?

      • HumayunMaqbool

        No. you can use free version. premium has voice instructions and many other features but for navigation free version suffices requirements.

      • Disposable Janan

        I have cracked version. If u want it just let me know

        • The Irrelevants

          i Want the Cracked Application If u can give me
          my Email is [email protected]
          Thannks !

  • Aon Bilal

    World No 1 Offline Only Sygic
    Main Taqreban 5 Sall Se Use Kar Raha Hoon

  • Aziz Ur Rehman

    Tpl maps and maps.me are best

  • Disposable Janan

    Google maps save offline maps which can be used for navigation purpose. The only downside is you have to update saved maps every 30 days. There is an option for automatically updating saved maps over WiFi which is by default enabled. So select offline maps from menu select the area you want to save and it will be automatically downloaded to your mobile. …

  • Umair Khalid

    Sygic is the only alternative for users in Pakistan. Has offline maps and UI is quite good.

  • Umair Khalid

    Being a Windows Phone user for past three years, I have used both waze and sygic, not much difference. Sygic has the edge of offline maps.

  • Kazim

    Thank U Pro-Pakistani, I added new information in my knowledge.

  • Salman

    one name is missing tplmaps. Hope you will get a good option in future for navigation.

  • Farhan Hashmi

    But, none is equal to Google Maps they are far behind.

  • Khurram Mahmood

    I tried Waze in Europe and North Africa and I regularly use it in Europe. Waze is undoubtedly the best navigation software by miles, no other software is nowhere near as good as Waze, I can see now the reason behind Google acquiring Waze with a hefty prize, as Google maps was far behind in quality of information and ease of use.

  • M Usman

    Google maps for pakistan is available on iphone now

  • Shahtaj Ghufran

    TPL Maps are now the best option for Pakistan. I have used them and with their focus on Pakistan they have more data than google at the moment.