Exclusive: Download the Approved Copy of Pakistan’s Cyber Crime Bill 2016

As we told you before, currently the Cyber Crime Bill has been passed by Senate of Pakistan. But since it was amended by Senate, the bill has to run-through National Assembly again to become a law.

While we don’t have a date, sources in government say that Cyber Crime Bill will be tabled in National Assembly in next few days.

It is said that Cyber Crime Bill will be passed by National Assembly without any further amendments as both the ruling and opposition parties have agreed on the approved bill.

Also to note that bill was not released to public since Secretary Senate hadn’t signed and approved the copy.

But, as always, ProPakistani has gotten the hold of the approved copy of the bill, that our readers can download the PDF file of Cyber Crime Bill by clicking this link.

Once again, the bill is pending final passage from National Assembly to become a law in Pakistan.

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