Karandaaz Launches a Prototype for Mobile Financial Apps

Karandaaz is a non-profit organization that focuses on mobile money. It has launched a prototype smartphone application for financial service platforms operating within Pakistan.

What Karandaaz is trying to do is to design and deliver an app that can let the average Pakistani make use of financial services via mobile banking. No matter whatever their background is, the app has to be simple enough to use for the average Pakistani smartphone user in urban and rural settings both.

About Karandaaz’s App Design

The interface provided by Karandaaz is easy to use and deploy-able for local financial service platforms. Other local financial and mobile banking services can license the Karandaaz UI for their own products.

You can view the prototype in action here:

The app is designed with Human Centered Design (HCD) in mind. This ensures that the user interface is given top priority and is easily modifiable in future updates. It also features a multilingual interface, giving the Pakistani users the option to use an Urdu-based UI as well.

According to Karandaaz, the increasing penetration of Smartphones among the general population allows them to work on an alternative delivery channel. They expect smartphone penetration levels to increase due to proliferation of low cost smartphones and better data services. The mobile financial services industry is very likely to exploit this opportunity to deploy smartphone applications for even more customers.

This prototype is aimed at, as previously mentioned, the existing players in the mobile money industry in Pakistan,

This design toolkit can help all the players in the mobile money industry of Pakistan who are interested in learning design principles while taking an HCD approach for designing their smartphone user interface that can help them target multiple segments of the market, including low income and less literate segments. – Karandaaz

The easier an app is to use, the more the people will be turning to them, especially in the case of hassle-free mobile banking services. Just imagine how much people from far-flung areas in Pakistan could use these apps if they were expertly designed with the local user in mind.

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