Mobilink Reports 14% YoY Growth in Revenues

Mobilink has reported Rs. 29.8 billion in revenues — an all time best in local currency — for second quarter of 2016, up from Rs. 26.2 billion it reported during the same period last year.

Company said that its 14% YoY growth in revenues is mainly due to 13% increase in Mobile services revenues that reached PKR 28 billion.

Company said that its voice and SMS revenues are still growing, mainly due to customer growth and due to price adjustments that led to an ARPU increase.

Data revenue grew by 55% due to successful data monetization initiatives, including attractive bundle offers and unification of the tariff portfolio, together with continued 3G network expansion. Company’s data revenues reached Rs. 3.2 billion during the quarter.

MFS revenue continued to show good growth of 56% due to an increase in over-the-counter (OTC) transactions and higher agent activity. As a result, MFS revenue now represents 3.5% of service revenue.

Underlying EBITDA margin increased 5.2 percentage points to 45.4% in Q2 2016, and underlying EBITDA for 2Q 2016 increased 29% to PKR 13.5 billion due to Performance Transformation benefits and scale effects.

Capex decreased to PKR 3.6 billion in Q2 2016 with a LTM capex to revenue ratio of 17%. Mobilink said that it continues to invest in its high-speed 3G network roll-out.

Mobilink reported that it successfully completed the network swap, an action of the global procurement program in order to improve pricing and technical support activities.

Mobilink’s ARPU, during the reported quarter, reached Rs. 233, up from Rs. 225 an year ago during the same period.

Mobilink said that it sees data and voice monetization as the key priorities to enhance its ARPU during next few years.

The company now offers 3G in over 350 cities in Pakistan, many of which previously had no access to broadband services. Mobilink said that it has over 19.4 million mobile data (2G/3G) customers.

Highlights from Mobilink’s results in below chart:


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  • looks like their lack of investment in infrastructure upgrade and constant Ads of Nargis Fakhri ( who herself uses an iphone) using third grade phone is finally making good returns.

    • Hey Abdul, this is not an era to invest on infrastructure upgrade but to deliver world class services on world class standards to customers. Infrastructures in teleco can easily be leased from third party or could share mutually ..

      • World class services? Damn they don’t even allow 3g in their network and keep you on 2g mode even if the area is 3g supported on their website

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