Gamers Rejoice As The Best Anti-Piracy Tool Finally Gets Cracked

The first and second quarters of 2016 increasingly saw the release of popular PC games riddled with anti-tamper Digital Rights Management (DRM) software that prevents cracking. They were released with proprietary Denuvo (company) piracy protection that had previously taken cracking groups months to crack.

3DM’s temporary exit

The group that did release a working crack for Denuvo protected games last year, 3DM, first announced that they have a working crack ready for Rise of The Tomb Raider back in February but never released it to the public. 3DM then announced in the same month that they were taking a break from the scene to see whether not cracking the games could help increase the sales of the games. There seemed to be no hope for the piracy scene, at least on the games side of the things.


Just about a week ago a Bulgarian known online as Voksi released a bypass for Doom 2016 which was another popular game that had Denuvo DRM on it. The bypass worked successfully and was soon followed up by more games which had Denuvo on them released with Voksi’s Denuvo bypass which included Rise of The Tomb Raider, Just Cause 3 and Inside. The bypass was however in danger of being unusable if the companies behind those games fixed it.

Only a few hours later a cracking group called CONSPIR4CY released a working crack (not a simple bypass) that allowed pirates to play Rise of The Tomb Raider offline. Which just goes on to show that no matter how much you try you can never truly squash piracy.

Piracy Unkillable?

Earlier we saw the biggest torrent site in the world, Kickass torrents’ owner arrested and the site taken down followed by the famous torrent search engine Torrentz also taken down (both of which resurfaced later with different names).

The cracking of Denuvo’s anti-tampering brings back life to the piracy scene. The company will of course fix the loophole that allowed a working crack for the game but the blow has been dealt and confidence has been restored for pirates since Denuvo was often hailed as the death of piracy.

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  • This post is a bit strange. Does Pro-Pakistani encourages piracy. Pro Pakistani means something which is in favor of Pakistan in the right way. Whenever any tech company does something which propakistani thinks is unethical then they report it but in this case they are showing people who do piracy as heroes. Maybe they are in ignorance for not considering piracy as something bad

    • The post does not in any way encourage piracy or regard the ones that cracked the games as heroes or people who need to be appreciated.
      This is only being reported as news, facts not opinion.

      • Gamers rejoice?……
        How would you feel about an article with a title “Dacoits rejoice since they have incapacitated the police force”

        What is the need for reporting and promoting this news.

        • It probably means that gamers are rejoicing, not gamers should rejoice. Because I’ve been visiting the Piracy and CrackStatus Reddit subs and at least a large portion of gamers there are, well, rejoicing.

          I’m not in favor of piracy either, but I also think that companies should provide viable legal alternatives here in Pakistan. With that I mean, local pricing that makes sense.

    • Har koi tere tara seth abid nahi hai is mulk main.Zara apne Seshay wale mehal se bahir nikal kar dekh phir tughe pata lage ga.

    • yes exactly.par bc kia karen.abi to bc hai hi typical pakistani soch.gandu jahn muft ki cheez dekhi naagy hi hoage.ab yeahi bc writer be ulta ho kr dance kr rha hai kay piracy phir start hogai naacho aur yeah heading sy saaf pata chal raha hai.acha aur ab koi tmhry jesa sawal kary kay bhai yeah kyn heading lagai to gandu lame excuses dany lag paro

  • Title of the article encourages piracy. because gamers would not rejoice but theives would

    Dont condone piracy. or karma will get you. Many cost effective ways to get legal games too like, steam crate etc or we can even wait for seasonal sales.

  • Apparently, the author likes to steal things from others and does not believe in paying others for the hard work and effort they put in. I mean, software engineers, game designers, artists etc. don’t really have a life or families to feed right?

    At least that’s the impression I got from the tone of this article.

  • First thing first, they were bypassed not cracked (JC3, ROTTR, D4, Abzu)

    Denovu fix the issue, so far CPY crack ROTTR. Volski has find the vulnerability to nuke Denovo to ground but he’s waiting, so are we.

    Denovu is gone. Follow updates here

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