Meet Ali Moeen, Founder of the First Cinema App in Pakistan

A decade ago, if you asked anyone about the state of cinemas in Pakistan, all you’d get in return was a groan.

Those were the days when Pakistan’s cinema culture was quite literally dying. Many people with families ended up staying home because the cinemas of the time were rowdy and ill-managed.

Things started improving after a few years with the arrival of well-built and state-of-the-art multiplexes. We got Atrium, Cinepax, Cinegold, Arena and many more in the subsequent years. People started thronging the theatres and that was a good sign.

It was in 2013 that Ali Moeen, a Pakistani entrepreneur, got an idea to facilitate entertainment-starved Pakistanis and cinemas.

Ali is the mind behind Showtimes, Pakistan’s first app for cinema goers who wished to check the movie schedule and book a ticket online at select theatres.


A resident of Islamabad, Ali graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2003 with a BSBA in MIS, and worked in the US till 2006. He is now based in Pakistan.

We sat down with him for an interview, and heard his thoughts about Pakistani cinema, his app’s success and of course, his favorite movie of all time while we were at it.

Q: Lets start with the most important question. What made you come up with Showtimes?

I thought of Showtimes when The Dark Knight came out. I went to the arena in Bahria town in Pindi but the show had already started so I drove to the next closest cinema, CineGold. Sadly, I missed the show there too. So I went to the only remaining cinema in Pindi that was Cinepax, and missed the show there as well.

I ended up spending almost 2.5 hours on the road simply because there was no way to find out movie schedules. I thought it was about time we had a service where people could at the very least get access to consolidated movie schedules.

That was how I came up with the idea of Showtimes in 2013.


Q: 2013 was three years ago. Can you tell us how far has Showtimes come along since then?

Since the apps were first launched, we have a little over 160,000 downloads and more than 2.5 million sessions (the number of times users have used the app).

69% of our downloads have been on iOS and 31% on Android. Our average session time is close to 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Q: Those are some impressive numbers. Speaking of which, can you tell us which Pakistani cinemas and which movies did well with Showtimes users recently?

I have listed some metrics for the last quarter. You’ll see that Indian movies are clearly the preferred choice over Hollywood movies. In a lot of smaller cities, such as Sialkot, Gujrat, Gujranwala, etc, Hollywood movies are played in Urdu since most cinema goers in these areas are not well versed in English.

Showtimes Pakistan’s Users by City:

Lahore 53.6%
Karachi 21.9%
Islamabad/Rawalpindi 18.5%
Multan 1.4%
Gujranwala 1.3%
Other 3.4%

Top 10 Cinemas:

1 Cinepax Fortress
2 Nueplex Cinema
3 Cinestar Cinema
4 Centaurus Cineplex
5 Super Cinema Vouge Towers
6 Atrium Cinema
7 Cinestar Xinhua Mall
8 Imperial Cinemas
9 Cinepax Lake City
10 Cinegold Plex Rwp

Top 10 Movies:

1 Sultan
2 Fan
3 Captain America: Civil War
4 The Jungle Book
5 Housefull 3
6 Maalik
7 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
8 X-Men: Apocalypse
9 The Conjuring 2
10 Mah e Mir


Q: Pretty impressive. As the maker behind what is probably the most oldest movie schedule app in Pakistan, what are your all-time favorite flicks?

It’s hard to pick my favorite all time movie. If I had to pick I would go with the first 2 Godfather movies.


Q: As Don Corleone from the Godfather would say, it’s just business! Ali, as we wind up this interview, can you share your thoughts about the cinema culture in Pakistan?

The cinema culture in Pakistan is developing slowly. New cinemas are coming up every few months and more and more people are starting to enjoy the cinema experience. This has encouraged local film makers to make more movies since they now have access to a larger audience.  We’ve also come a long way in terms of how people watch movies.

It wasn’t too long ago when you just couldn’t go watch a movie with your family because of how people could behave at cinemas. With newer cinemas and stricter measures by the staff there, the overall cinema experience is now much better for movie enthusiasts. Another major change is how fast newer movies come to Pakistani cinemas. A lot of times we get movies the same day as their international releases.

Q: A word for fellow Pakistani entrepreneurs out there?

My advice to young entrepreneurs – be passionate about what you do, be honest, look for mentors and don’t be afraid to fail. Above all, never compromise on quality.

We wish Ali Moeen and the Showtimes team all the best for the future. You can also check out the Showtimes apps here – Android / iOS

Samir is the Head of Entertainment at Lens by ProPakistani. You can reach out to him at samir.ya...

      • I have developed apps for chain of restaurants in HK, Boat trading companies in HK, Rugby club in USA, and many others. These projects were good enough but I do not think these were special. Right now working on app using Augmented Reality and AI. That is something special I think.
        I just want Pakistani developers to raise their level. Website k concept ko app mein convert krna is NOTHING SPECIAL!!

        • No offense buddy but there’s a difference offering app development services to restaurants, rugby clubs, etc. and conceiving an app that offers a service unique to a country. This app offers a service that was otherwise not available in Pakistan i.e. access to schedules and ticket purchasing. It’s no different than say a Food Panda albeit targeting a different niche, even if its not nearly as big as them.

  • Been using this app since a while now. New updates are really good but imo there should be a way to buy tickets directly through your debit/card. Currently, tickets are delivered at your place through a service for whic there are extra charges. Other then that , outstanding app and has never let me down !

    • if you have a positive idea, can you please come up and share it? Na kaam karna, aur naa hi kisi ko karney dena..

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          • Budi baat Yasir bhai, Ahsen bhai ka apna point of view hai aur aapka apna and we should respect everyone’s point of view.

            • i respect everyones views but the problem is one should come up with a justification. if ahsen saheb cannot justify his view he should not speak or come up with a better app, or solution to a problem

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        Bhai kuch asa b tu ho sakta tha jis sa logon ka bhala ho, log educate hon, ya lifestyle ma behtari aya.
        hollywood, bollywood, lollywood dakhna sa kon si behtari aya gi…?

        Wasa ma apna nam ka sath apna ideas ki tashkheer ka leya comment nahi karta .

        • the point is. you are telling him what he did is wrong. look at his efforts. he had made an ios and android app for the first time in pakistan for cinemas. accept it, it is a business now.

          Unforutnately if you have a better idea, please come up with it or i request you to kindly avoid declaring others haram

          • @disqus_RiZs2TnqRB:disqus ! We are just giving our own views, why are you getting tempered. Anyway, you’re right too that its everyone’s own point of view and is business, but @imahsen:disqus is right too and is pointing him/everyone in the right direction. What good is a time spent on movies/music? We appreciate his hard work, but if this hard work was spent on positive things (Islamic point of view) it would be much appreciated here and hereafter.

            Also, you’re provoking Ahsen to come with a better idea because he just gave negative review about the idea/app. Well, everyone has to give review doesn’t mean the negative reviewers should come with a better idea. If you could please give me your play-store account link and I’ll check your reviews. For each negative review on any app, did you come with a better idea and worked on it?

            What I am trying to say is to let others talk their views, is that too hard?

        • Good movies can teach you a lot!! lekin aisi movies cinema mein beth k dekhny ka maza nhi aata.. Cinema is for entertainment.

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      Allah pak is tarah ke craze se qaum ko bachae…

    • Kash App Ka Pass Be Itnay Passay Hotay Ka App Cinema Main Ja Kar Movie Dekh Saktay.
      Par Ek Movie Ki Ticket Se To Apka Poray Week Ka Rooti Pani Chalta Ha.
      Becharay ?

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  • In “2016,” a guy who developed an app that tells you “showtimes” for “movies” is actually being “interviewed.” Ahsan gives his opinion (Jazak Allah) and Yasir says, “idiotic Religious views.” Bigoted much.

    Kudos to Saba for making a very valid point (Jazak Allah).


  • Ahsen bhai said the right thing. Some wonder around on a road for 2.5 hours for a movie that will only harm us in this world and here after, but have we ever thought aur done this, that if we miss a jamat(prayer, salaat) in one mosque, we try to get in another mosque and then another mosque. Its not compulsory that if someone is stopping you from something wrong, you start asking him/her for a better idea, one should use his/her brains too. Making an islamic app is 100% halal/better than cinema thing.

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