First Pictures of PIA Premier Service Revealed and They Look Good

Pakistan International Airlines is launching a premier service this month on 14th August. They will be featuring wide body planes with more space for passengers and better service offerings for their premier service, just in time for the Independence Day celebrations.

PIA’s New A330 Aircrafts

PIA has leased 3 Airbus A330 aircraft from Sri Lankan Airlines on a wet lease.

The wet lease means that the aircraft will be operated by a Sri Lankan crew but the aircraft will be painted with the PIA logo on the outside. They will be travelling 11 hours a day, with costs ranging from $88,000 per plane per day or $264,000 for all three planes per day.

Launch Details for PIA’s Premier Service

The leased aircraft will be used for the Islamabad-London “premier service” which will be inaugurated by PM Nawaz Sharif on 14th August.

The first flight of the premier service PK-785 will be departing from Islamabad airport at 14:00 hours on 14th August.

You can check out some photos of the new planes below:

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PIA_ (1)

PIA_ (3)

PIA planes 3


PIA (2)

PIA (1)

PIA planes 2

PIA planes 4

PIA planes 1



The new service will have a professional crew with services offered on par with the international airlines. Maryam Nawaz, the PM’s daughter had tweeted pictures of the new aircraft earlier as well.

Barely Holding Up

It is widely believed that standards at the national carrier need massive improvement. The premier service aims to reclaim some of that prestige that PIA was famous for a few decades ago before political mismanagement and nepotism ruined it.

If the standards of this new service are demonstrated to be at par with those of international airlines, PIA’s newest investment may work out for the better. This is because the national airline is already criticized for offering subpar service with a price that doesn’t justify their existing level of service.

On top of that PIA is neck deep in losses. Sources indicate that the decision to buy these new aircrafts despite increasing losses for the airline did not sit well with the board of directors of PIA either.

There are only 3 days left until the launch of the premier service. Whether this new service represents a newer and better PIA or not will become evident in the coming weeks.

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  • Chalo jee ab PM n FnF PIA Premier k zarye LOndon ilaj k liye jayein gy Will done NS n MNS

  • the featured image of this post shows 777 but PIA Premier service will be using A330’s aircraft.
    is this the official pic that PIA reveals, how bad it is.

    • cheating and disinformation is the style of PIA management and employees. They think we are naive to believe them.

    • MoaZ this is the picture of A-330 not 777 wings on all boeings are straight not curved in the end like airbuses, and I have travelled on 330 and my first expression after looking at the aircraft was the same as yours but it’s not boeing for sure

      • I know that 777 wings are straight, and A330 has small winglets, and i am asking about the featured image of this post.

    • And also I have friends in PIA who were getting training for 330’s anyway fingers crossed for a better service

      • yes after sometime these wet lease converted into dry lease for long term period, till then the cost of these birds are too high.. don’t know how PIA can make profit till that time.

      • An airline’s (or any other business’) positive business dealings have nothing to do with PML-N, IK, PPP, Pakistani government, or what have you. That’s what you blind patwaris don’t understand. Businesses aren’t run on sugar, spice and everything nice. They’re run on profits, and to function properly an airline needs to lease, buy, or sell planes from time to time just like your grocery shop orders its stock from somewhere. It is far from an “accomplishments”. But who would tell that to the patwaris.

          • Either bring up an argument that renders my point at least debatable or STFU. And no, illiteracy, idiocy, and low IQ aren’t arguments.

            • Look at the name by which you are posting. And then talking about literacy, ethics etc. You are feeling shame to show even your own name. ?

              • I asked you for just one simple and valid argument, against multiple of mine. Either prove me wrong or shut up please. Be a Pakistani, not a patwari. If you love PML-N so much elect them in your own province instead of ruining the whole Pakistan for the rest of us and our future generations.

  • it is a good initiative, but $264,000 seems to be very costly..

    when PIA has a trained staff for 777-200 and 777-300 aircraft’s then they should go for the dry lease for 777’s.

    • According to PIA spokesperson figure is highly exaggerated. He didn’t reveal the original figure. According to my source it’s 900k$ for a complete month. Still expensive…

  • Is Mariam Safadar Nawaz Sharif a spokesperson or Chairperson of PIA? Why is she revealing the new service instead someone from PIA itself?

    • IKR! Airlines buy, sell, and lease, planes all the time. Government has nothing to do with it. Yet she’s doing it because PML-N has supporters dumb enough to tout this as another “accomplishment” of PML-N.

  • Scared to read about all these mishaps happening with PIA these days. I hope these are more recent aircrafts. The airline desperately needs to re-claim its lost trust and repute.

  • Ha, Ha , the famous and fabulous PIA of Noor Khan and Asghar Khan’s time now borrows planes from Sri Lankan Air lines. They are showing pics of Sri Lankan plane to impress local Pakistanis. I am frequent flyer of AIR SRI LANKA and very impressed by their services, staff attitude plus, plus. Imagine PIA now borrowing planes from national air lines of a smallest Asian country.Shame on PIA management.

  • We hope that it will help to build good image of Pakistan. And we should all pray that other industries like Pakistan Steel Mill, and other organisations are also re-designed to make better Pakistan.
    Also if the work is Positive and done without any hanky panky, it should continue to improvise the service event a change of PMs or CEOs. #JagooPakistan

  • Shehzaadi e Aala tweets: “New leased PIA planes. Day not far when PIA will be at par with the world’s finest airlines IA. That’s Nawaz Sharif!”

    Someone tell her that PIA was and always been much finer and bigger that this. They used to lease planes to airliners, and even helped establish Airliners like Emirates and Saudia etc from the ground.

    Now thanks to her daddy sharif and Zardaris et all, PIA is where it is today. That they have to wet lease Planes from Srilanka.

  • why on earth this lady is posting this, where is pia concerned dept, media, pr dept. this totally show our country is in control of these fake leaders and after that, their children and their children will rule us. #GodBlessPK

  • bus ab aur ziada lotain gain PIA Ko bhi in sha Allah Alhumdulillah keh keh ke lotain gain.

  • PIA has finally realised that it is in service oriented industry, it has to pamper its customers and not treat them like it’s doing them a favour.
    I wonder how long before this service meets the same fate as the much touted private trains in Pakistan Railways.
    The basic fundamentals of PIA are wrong in this age, the government is supposed to govern and not run businesses. Sadly in Pakistan, government priority is to run businesses to the ground; and they do not have the capacity to govern.
    God help us, we keep choosing the same inept leadership; hoping all the while that our fortunes will change.
    Fool me once, shame on you…
    Fool me twice, shame on me
    But we as a nation have been fooled for tens of time, yet we continue to do the same.

  • Yes the featured picture is of 777-300.
    The wings at end bend where as for a330 they have winglet and another way to see the difference is to check the end tail part as a330 has a round end and 777 has a slightly punched end.
    Moreover pia is loosing thier a310 as they are getting way to older had pia bought these a330 only then one can think of a smart move.
    All this service is crap and pia won’t benefit from it.

  • Until the day comes when 160 million people ‘Ghulami Qaum, Ghulami Sauch’ wake up and fight for their rights. Bring on the Chorr Bazari man. Let the Chors rule Pakistan. Pakistan murdabaad. PIA Khabarstaan.


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