You Can Now Get A Degree From MIT through Online Courses

One of the top ranked universities in the world and certainly one of the famous ones, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one where anyone remotely related to tech, science or engineering aspires to study. Of course, getting into MIT is also financially unfeasible for a lot of people in our corner of the world. All that is about to change though.

In these past few years, MIT has offered free online courses for those who want to benefit from their teaching. The downside to those courses was that they did not count towards a degree.

Now, the university has started offering degrees with those courses. It is rolling out a pilot project for the same. So yes, you too can take advantage of one of the best academic qualifications in the world now.

MIT Starts Supply Chain Management Degree Program

In a pilot project announced on Wednesday, the students can take the free online course at MIT for the first semester. If they pay a fee of $1500 for an exam and pass it, they will be get a MicroMaster’s credential.

This MicroMaster credential is a new program which represents half of the university’s year long supply chain management program. Those who do well in the online courses can then give an exam to apply for the second semester of the program. The students that enter the second semester would need to pay $33,000, which is half of what the whole program costs.

All in all you can get a full degree in supply chain management from MIT for about $34,500 instead of $66,000 required if you apply for the program the regular way.

Anyone who wants to be here now has a shot to be here. They have a chance to prove in advance that they can do the work. – L. Rafael Reif, MIT President

Those who join the supply chain management program are usually the mid career workers who take a year off for training. There is a high demand from companies that want to train more workers in this field.

Are Online Degree Programs the Future?

Yossi Sheffi, director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, says that they barely have 40 students graduating each year from the university. They need more students, which we can assume is a major reason behind the decision to offer this online degree program.

Online courses are touted to be the future. Universities as we know them may change, with many more joining traditional degree programs with online courses. MIT is joined by many other universities including Arizona State University, Harvard University, Georgia Institute of Technology etc. that are offering online courses with a full-fledged degree in tow.

Its not easy getting into a big name university like MIT. Even MIT’s President admits that:

That admission system works well for people who went to schools we know very well, but for people from outside that familiar circle, it can be hard to break in. Right now the main focus is quality, and hopefully the finances will work out later but this is not something in which we expect to make money. We want to break even.

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  • 33K dollars! Are you kidding me? One can do a complete MBA with any major from a renowned University from Australia or Canada plus the perks of getting the exposure and a future shot of permanent residence and a great job. Learn through Internet and pay them half fees..yeah right!

    • MIT degree is top class.MIT students are hired with no question asked policy.There is no comparison between MIT degree and rest of the world degree.

      • Yeah right. other ivy league schools are junk. oh dear, you are seriously mistaken. Mind you, when theres no admission criterion like GRE, GMAT etc, for a business related degree, you know its just a money minting farce.
        Only those who arent famliar with anything other than Oxford and MIT, think that they are the best. No, sir! These institutions have had their prime time and only lurking around due to their past glories.

      • Thanks for the enlightenment and getting me out of the darkness friend, you just completely missed my point. Best of luck for sitting on your laptop throughout the degree and bragging about it for the rest of your life that how you earned it through internet. Forget living and working in another country and get trolled about your internet education by Pakistani companies in Job interviews.

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