Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5″ Now Available in Pakistan

Xiaomi is a brand known for its low cost yet high quality products, which range from drones, and bicycles to Smartphones and smartwatches. Recently, they unveiled their newest Mi laptop series.

While Xiaomi products are a rarity in Pakistan as they have not yet officially entered the Pakistani market. That means that these laptops would have to be imported; a tedious and time consuming endeavor, until now that is.


Xiaomi Air is Now Available in Pakistan

Cheezmall has listed Xiaomi’s 12.5 inch Mi Notebook Air laptop for Rs. 79,999. That’s higher than the international price for the Xiaomi Air 12.5 inch, but when you add up the shipment costs and the duties, we believe it is a fair price for a product like Xiaomi Air.

Considering that you can’t import this laptop from China through an easy method, this deal from Cheezmall is the best you can get currently if you’re looking to buy the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air.

Xiaomi_Air_02 Xiaomi_Air_03 Xiaomi_Air_04

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Specifications:

Xiaomi’s 12.5″ notebook air comes in at just 12.9 millimeters thick with weighing in at 1.07 Kilograms. Specifications for the laptop are:

  • An Intel Core m3 processor
  • 4 Gigabytes of RAM
  • A 128 Gigabyte Solid State Drive
  • 1080p (1920 x 1080) screen with thin under glass bezels
  • 1 MP camera on the front
  • Full metal body
  • USB type-C port for charging and data transfer (supports fast charging, going from 0-50% in just half an hour)
  • A battery of 40Wh which can last up to 11.5 hours according to Xiaomi
  • Price in Pakistan: PKR 79,999

You can order the 12.5″ Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air from Cheezmall from here.

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  • You can buy a 2014 macbook air in this price. Why waste your money buying one of a company that your friends will always term as “Chaaeennaa!”.

  • I suggested this news, to be honest price is high, Rs. 65-70K is the fair price. Rs. 80K is expensive.

  • @Haamiz On their website they have shown video editing thumbnails, is it really strong enough to handle video editing/compositing of graphic/web designing?

    How strong is this Core m3 processor?

    • M3 is like the lowest offering from Intel right now.. so how could you even think of video editing on this thing I’ll be surprised if this thing even does 1080p 60fps video playback smoothly. That claim on cheezmall website is a blatant lie to justify their exorbitantly high price for a low end product

      • I think you are underestimating it to a whole new level. M3 is not as weak processor to not even run a video 1080p 60fps :/

      • No, just no. Core M3 processors are equivalent in performance to second generation Core i5 processors. They’re more than capable of 1080, and even qhd playback. Atom is the lowest offering from Intel right now.

  • So and so looting. Only shipment charges can be apply. If you update the record which is ‘taxes off on labtopbin in current budget’ not a impressive deal. Only for executive class can be bye.

  • y on earth someone would buy a China laptop with a price tag equal to new Japanese honda cg 125…. which one is a fair deal.. think…!!! :P

    • Are other laptops not manufactured in China? We’re talking about price. which is almost Rs 28,000 more than their international price.

  • no discrete GPU and you expect me to fork around $800…

    yeah , good luck with selling that … pakis are already deluded about ‘china ka maal’ , can’t wait to see their reaction to this

  • Cheezmall. order on cheapmall and forgets you will get delivery after a month. total bullshit cheezmall

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