Nokia Is Back: First Branded Smartphones Coming Later This Year

A few days back we reported the arrival of former Rovio CEO Pekka Rantala as Nokia’s Chief Marketing Officer. Now we also know when to expect the company’s first Smartphones in quite some time.

Nokia will be launching its first phones in the fourth quarter of this year. That’s over a month until you can start expecting to see some new phones from the former Finn giant. The phones will obviously not be manufactured by Nokia itself, but by Foxconn, the gargantuan phone manufacturing facility which also caters to Apple and Samsung.

Mike Wang, the general manager at Nokia Siemens Networks indicated that the number of phones that will be launched will be around three or four. However, he also said the launch could be pushed back into 2017 if there are development hassles.

The phones’ licensing deal has been signed with HMD Global Oy, a company based out of Finland which is allowed to use the brand name in its feature phones, smartphones and tablets over the next decade. It also published a blogpost announcing the news but told little else.

The phones will be running on Android, however, it could surprise us with a fuller integration of the OS this time rather than a “forked” version as with the old X phones.

Nokia claims its brand is still one of the top five brands consumers consider when buying a smartphone. Whether this consideration turns into profit once the phones get released is to be seen.

        • Its true, Nokia will be back soon with Android OS. Its actually Microsoft which led the company down, Nokia’s x-ceo was an x-employee from Microsoft so what else he would have not done to stick those phones to the failed MS OS.

          • “Nokia will be back soon…”

            No they won’t. They simply can’t. They neither have the means nor the talent to manufacture phones anymore. So they’re doing exactly what qmobile does: release mediocre Chinese phones stamped with their logo. It’s just not Nokia. Nokia is dead. Or rather working for Microsoft on the rumored Surface phone.

            • Foxconn’s subsidiary will make it for em’

              Foxconn makes apple phones , sounds hopeful … at the v.least

              • Nokia camers are top in market if they add good camera in New phones then Nokia might be able to capture some market share.

                • and they badly need to attend to the lower-mid range sector … with prominent and visible reforms !

                  one thing that was absolutely despicable in Nokia 1.0 was that their budget smartphones and feature phones were ABSOULUTELY SHAMBOLIC !

                  i agree , alot of the BoM went into the careful quality , craft and ingenuity that Nokia put into their phones but they were simply despicable when it came to price-to-performance ratio. Value for money was nearly ABSENT , as far as the features of the phones were concerned.

                  if Nokia are the SLIGHTEST bit serious about turning their fortunes around and making a serious comeback , then they MOST DEFINITELY NEED to look into this issue before pursuing anything else !

                • The original Nokia’s manufacturing division which produced that quality hardware including the camera you are talking about now lies with Microsoft and producing cameras for lumia phones now.

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