BanMQM and Pakistan Zindabad Make it to Top Trends on Twitter

After recent developments, activity in Karachi remained high during past few hours when Altaf Hussain, Head of MQM, chanted anti-Pakistan slogans through a telephonic address from London.

Mr. Altaf reportedly instigated his workers to attack Media Houses after which dozens of MQM workers stormed ARY News office in Karachi to damage property and equipment there.

The whole episode turned out to be a tipping point for Pakistanis as they resorted to Twitter to demand a ban on MQM.

Top level civil and military leadership also condemned Mr. Altaf’s statement as Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan, said that national integrity will never be compromised.

Gen. Raheel Sharif, COAS, telephoned head of Rangers in Karachi and asked to take care of any anti-Pakistan elements.

Consequently MQM’s head office in Karachi and up to 50 zonal offices have been sealed.

We also received few reports that MQM’s website was inaccessible on selected ISPs in Pakistan, however, it’s not entirely banned for now.

This prevailing situation in Karachi is reflected by how Pakistanis are responding to the situation on social media. They managed to trend #BanMQM while Pakistan Zindabad also made it to top trends on Twitter.

Twitter trends for Pakistan right now will tell you the story to an extent:


Even the MQM leaders took to microblogging website and tweeted “Pakistani Zindabad”.



  • Our families did not sacrifice for such shits in the name of Mahajar… He is just a blackmailer and nothing more. Must be made accountable

  • I guess peacefully protesting media outlets is out of the question now. Another day, another 911
    Pakistan Zindabad

  • Being a Karachi citizen, its very satisfying to see that even after these sort of situation these people were not able to close one single shop.

    Ya Allah tera shukar hai!

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