Zong Introduces Power Pack SIMs with Special Packages

Zong has introduced special SIMs that come with special monthly and quarterly price plans.

According to details, Zong customers can now purchase power pack SIMs with which they will be able to subscribe to special packages that come with on-net, off-net minutes, mobile internet and SMS limits.

There are three packages that power pack SIM users can subscribe, details of which are as following:


All prices are inclusive of taxes

How to Subscribe:

  • So you will have to buy new SIMs from Zong, called Power Pack SIMs to avail these packages.
  • SIM price will depend on the package that you are going to avail
    • Starter Power Pack SIM will cost Rs. 500
    • Value Power Pack SIM will cost Rs. 1,000
    • Gold Power Pack SIM will cost Rs. 1,500
  •  Once you are new Power SIM pack, dial Dial *1313# to subscribe Power Pack Bundles.
  • You don’t have to load any card to subscribe to package, just dialing the string will do that
  • You can re-subscribe to packages by loading the required amount and dialing *1313#

Note: Available resources on Power Pack Packages can be checked through string *102#.

FAQs and Terms

  • Only customers of Power pack SIMs can subscribe to these three bundles
  • Call setup charges of 10 paisas are applicable on above power pack packages
  • If resources of power pack packages are exhausted then you can re-subscribe
  • Out of Bundle rate for Data Rs 1 + Tax /MB will be applicable on these bundles.
  • In case of complete resource consumption standard default rates of Economy package will be applicable.
  • In case a subscribers consumes all of the resources he/she can recharge and subscribe to other Voice/SMS/Data bundles available on Economy package or use on Default Rate.
  • Data bundles and SMS packages can be subscribed with the existing free Data available with the SIM

  • God dammit! I just bought a zong sim last night!!!!!!! 500 PKR down the drain. 150 for the sim, 300 for the load!

  • No need of this SIM alreadu have All in one 500 with better options n shandar haftwar offer with 75+tak for week

    • Ever had a smartphone? or you just like calling alll night? Bc i consume 1 GB data in one day, and you’re subscribing to this bullshit shandar package that has 350 fucking MBs? get a life loser. it’s 21st century.

  • Why they are forcing to get the new sims? Whats wrong with the existing sims? Secondly, minutes for other networks calls are too low in all three offers. There should be at least half of the Home Network minutes.

  • Except for the increased internet capacity I don’t see any incentive in these plans. How are they different from those all – in – one bundles?

  • bhaiyo, is there any internet package from any mobile company which is purely volume-based, not time-based ? i mean with no time limits ?

  • They would have introduced cheaper data packages instead along with such sims, I don’t use voice calls so all the minutes I will be paying for would be wasted.

  • It is new technique to get money from people. When u get sim and u want to change package but it is not possible than u remove sim from ur cnic for purchasing new sim and zong demand Rs 500 for this purpose

    • Yeah they should also provide some randies at your door step. vo bhe free, but with fixed amount. Idiot.

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