Sarim Aziz from Facebook Conducts Session for Startups at Plan9

Plan9/X arranged a session for their startups recently. The session was delivered by Sarim Aziz, Strategist Product Partnerships at Facebook, on Digital Tools to Grow, Engage and Measure your Audience.

During the session, he shared his concern that Pakistanis don’t share success, they share failures and it is important to change this predominant culture. This is how they are marketing Facebook; a platform where people open up and share their views.

He advised the startups to clearly understand the tools and resources available to them and figure out their KPIs for every company has its shortfalls. He added that even Facebook had tactical and organic issues in the start.

He placed great emphasis on connecting with the target audience.

“You might have the best idea but unfortunately it’s not good enough. Ask the right questions.”

He added that the best solution to understanding the audience is through Facebook analytics. He continued by saying: “People are afraid to express themselves. You have to make them comfortable.”

He believes in the fact that algorithms are constantly changing. They started off with text statuses, to videos, to 360 degree photos and now to live video. Consequently, he shared the challenges they faced which are more or less common to all:

  1. Discovery / User Base
  2. Download & Installation of the product
  3. Signup
  4. First Time Experience
  5. Ongoing Engagement
  6. Measurement

He placed great emphasis in sharing meaningful information and measuring the results. “Don’t just do stuff and hope for the best. It is important to measure the analytics.”

He concluded by advising the following to startups:

“Share your best practices with your folks. You are all in the same boat. Learn from each other’s mistakes and find ways to collaborate. Make as many allies as you can.”

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