Karachi Innovation Challenge & Hackathon to be Held in September

The Pakistan Innovation Foundation has officially announced their 2016 Karachi Innovation Challenge and Hackathon to be held from 23rd September till 25th September this year.

The innovation challenge will be held at Habib University Karachi with four categories of Citizen Innovation. This means that citizens of Karachi are being called out to bring the ideas with which they can recreate the damaged machinery of the city’s infrastructure or simply form loopholes to enhance the standard of living within the Karachi city.

The four categories include:-

  1. Do It Yourself Citizenship- In elaboration it means that ideas that citizens can do themselves and through which Karachi can be in benefit. This can include wall painting, garbage disposals or even safety modules.
  2. Creative humane Spaces:– This can include ideas to promote cultural heritage, art and aesthetics of he city. It can be in forms of societies, cafes, joints or so on..
  3. Smart City:- The smart city is a more technology related category which can include applications, modules or services using smart devices to enhance the user interface of the citizen’s of Karachi.
  4. Trusted City Government– The city government and local bodies are usually missing in action. This category includes any possible way of rebuilding the government-citizen relationship. it can be through technology, complain centers or most probably anywhere the mind takes one..

The winners of each category will receive a seeding capital of three hundred thousand each & they shall enter the Civic Accelerator to materialize their startup idea. The Karachi city is filled with brilliant minds and there are probably astonishing ideas waiting for this opportunity. The registrations are open from 17th August till 31st of August. The registrations are free of cost and easily done online here.

The social media campaigning is done with the hashtag #KHIinnovates and it was a hot trend in Pakistan throughout the orientation trending number 2 on twitter across the country. Team MastTrends.com did an out of this world job, making a noise.


The responses to the other hashtag #KarachiBadlayGa by influential people discussing the originality of ideas that can change the city into a more sophisticated place to live, this proves how eager are the karachities to be in the KIC 2016 challenge. The new ideas included building restorations, mobile applications, helper services and more.

Last year over 400 teams participated, the question is did they give up or will they try again?


Practice often makes a man perfect and after a whole year we believe the inspiration must have doubled to be innovative, after all inclusion inspires innovation..

    • yes indeed lol, they’re so called educational institute, I don’t know if they understand the meaning of “manners” the moto design “ایجاد کر نقل نہ کر ” seems like a curse word. they should at least use some proper behavior, which shows they follow the ethics and respect.

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