Mangal Bazaar: QnE Announces Up to 37% Discount on Groceries, an online grocery store, launches its first “Mangal Bazaar” campaign offering up to 37% discount on grocery items with 4000+ SKUS.

Quick n Easy (a.k.a QnE), with their own unique and distinct approach are getting back to basics and giving people a flavor of their own traditions. Enough of western ideologies and days celebrated, we need something of our own!

The portal monitored the local traditional bazaars closely, where people go out to buy daily home chores items at discounted rates.

Coming up with an interesting way by translating that into their online portal, through introducing ‘Mangal Bazaar’ to their consumers online will definitely revolutionize the industry.

The companies and brands that are collaborating with QnE in Mangal Bazaar are some heavy names from the industry.

Unilever, Shield, P&G, Mondelez, Reckitt, Himalaya have all partnered with QnE to make this Mangal Bazaar experience a memorable and fun experience for everyone.

Qne will be offering discount offer on 4,000+ items and the range is from 5% to 37% for the people of Karachi only. The discount offers will be on food items, fruits and vegetables, personal care and household products in the form of promo packs, bundle offers, mix & match and reduced price offerings to purchase from.

  • Do note the time Tuesday 30th August 12.01 am to 11.59 pm

All orders made till 12:00 noon on 30th August will be delivered the very same day.

We want to provide the real “Bachaat Bazaar Experience” to the consumers. Something that everyone can relate to, remember and enjoy but now at convenience of sitting at their homes.

Now that’s taking our traditional purchases, online!

  • Website isn’t ready even for this article not to mention the sale. Maybe they should’ve waited.

  • Bas Propakistani py Article ajaey bhaly Product ready ho ya na ho. QA py paisa kyn kharach karain yahan Comments section main Bug Catching aur Suggestions ka kam Tasalli Bakhsh kiya jata hai :P :D

  • Their website is hosted on hostgator shared hosting. Hostgator limits the number of connections a user can make to their server so even when you are browsing their site on normal days you get problems. Open up a few tabs with different pages from their site and the whole experience slows down to a crawl. For example their “add to cart” ajax requests take an age to go through.

    They use huge images instead of small ones for product pictures. The 1000px images are then resized client side by the user’s browser and displayed as a thumbnail! They use a custom CMS with all sorts of security holes in it. For example they store passwords in plaintext in their database. The site is going to get hacked eventually. They are almost begging for it.

    On the plus side their service is great and excellent value for money. I don’t know how they can make any profit out of it. Perhaps they don’t care about profits and are only interested in growth. The idea must be to get acquired by a foreign investor.

  • no bread is available… checked with their call center, they do not have any plans of keeping bread… so it means, you can’t order daily grocery from here if such a basic item is missing !

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