Kinetic Enables Knorr Noodles to Recapture Its Eternal Bond with Kids

What comes to your mind first thing whenever you hear the name Knorr Noodles? Is it the fun TV jingles of the yesteryears? Is It the family-friendly undertones that the Knorr Noodles brand is famous for?

Most of the people who grew up in the 90s associate Knorr Noodles with a certain fun factor. This is a brand that is renowned for its playful image, using instantly recognizable animated characters in its packaging.

One thing is for sure. Its a brand that is very much targeted towards kids and their parents, given their emphasis on ‘fun.’ Getting rid of boredom to be precise.

The task for Kinetic, a global leader in Out of Home (OOH) advertising, was cut out. To capture that feeling of quirky fun that made Knorr Noodles a wholesale name in Pakistani households. A call back to the past in the thoroughly virtual underpinnings of the 21st century.

Kinetic Holds An Event For Kids

Keeping this in mind, Kinetic went to the drawing board, literally. It came up with an outdoor idea that could aim to capture that TVC feeling that is associated with the Knorr Noodles brand name, featuring kids as their creative muscles.

The grand idea? Installing 4 hoarding penaflex sign at one of Karachi’s parks. The giant penaflex signboard could double as a drawing board, waiting for eager and enthusiastic Karachi kids.

The children’s task? Express their feelings by drawing on the huge canvas that laid before them.
After working out all the arrangements and organization, it was time for Kinetic to take the show on the road.

Kinectic held an event at Pavillion End in Karachi for kids and their families. The theme of the event? Let kids alleviate their boredom by participating in outdoor activities for a Knorr Noodles TVC.

The event attracted as many as 1500 kids from some of the most recognizable schools in the city, with one sole objective.

In a world where we see children and their parents glued to their smartphones, the Kinetic campaign for Knorr Noodles wanted to harken back to the good old days. The big idea was to capture the essence of outdoor activities, bringing back that missing sense of fun with it.

As the event progressed, the kids let their artistic license run free, adorning that 1,075 sq. ft canvass with a mosaic of expression and talent.

As the painting got done, participants of that magical evening were treated to a puppet show and a goodie bag that they could take home.

Kinetic pulled off the event, drawing as many as 1500 children from diverse backgrounds in Karachi. For Knorr Noodles, Kinetic had managed to capture that feel-good aesthetic that is central to the brand. This is a brand after all that finds its way to every middle-class household kitchen, with instant noodles, chicken cubes and many more. And on that day, Kinetic helped Knorr Noodles recapture that element of nostalgia once more.















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