Mobile Phone Service Suspended in Rawalpindi, Islamabad

We are getting reports that mobile phone services in Rawalpindi and some parts of Islamabad are disrupted due to Defense Day preparations.

Multiple reports are emerging that services — for all operators — are down in almost entire of Rawalpindi and parts of Islamabad.

Official sources confirmed us that services are closed in parts of Rawalpindi on directions of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Mobile phone services with-in 10 KM radius of GHQ to remain offline for now, that will include some parts of Islamabad as well.

Sources said that services went down on September 5th, 2016 at 1600 hours, however, directive didn’t communicate any ETA on when to reinstate the services.

In a separate activity, Mobilink’s network in Karachi is facing down times due to a cable cut, we have checked. Mobilink said that its engineers are working to get the service back at earliest.

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  • Asim Ajmal

    Mobilink is not working in F-11 Islamabad since 1600 hrs.

    • Mu

      same as Ufone

  • Aamir Ijaz

    Islamabad Mein Bhi Band Hain.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    I have tried to highlight 10KM radius area on map, here it is.

  • Arsalan Zafar

    I am out of country. Have an emergency back there desperately calling back and got different replies for different operators;
    Ufone; Busy and sometimes switched off.
    Mobilink: busy

    Can anybody please confirm about I-8/4? will really appreciate your help here.

    • Arsalan Zafar

      Also data services are not working either as cant approch any body on whatsap, fb messeagner or viber

      • Aamir Ijaz

        I-9 Me Band Hai.

      • Aamir Ijaz

        Wifi Tou Thek Kam Kar Rha.

        • Arsalan Zafar

          Thanks, Aamir,
          what about mobile data? and which ISP you are using?

          • Aamir Ijaz

            I Think Mobile Data Bhi Band Hoga Jb Signal Nahi Tou Wo Ksy Kam Kary Ga. I am using PTCL DSL. Don’t You Have Landline Number?

            • Arsalan Zafar

              Haven’t tried that but let me check. Thanks again my friend.

              • Aamir Ijaz

                You’re welcome! Try it, that is working fine.

          • Guest

            Only Landline/Broadband is working, therefore if you have PTCL Broadband, it may work.

            • Arsalan Zafar

              Thanks Guest. Zong 4G and mobile data. none is working.

              @Aamir, we have NTC number starting with 9101 and not working either.

              Thanks for all your comments. Really appreciated.

    • Osamahashmi

      No service in I-8/4

      • Arsalan Zafar

        Thanks Osama

    • Ajee Malik

      Try WhatsApp, they they have WiFi on Land Line, it will work.
      Or if there is PTCL in I-8 home, call there

  • Atif

    Saala aik machar aadmi ko hijra bana deta hai

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    Why they always have to seize the life in its tracks on the name of security.

  • Zéshan

    No service in Westridge Also since 2PM

  • Sohaib Hassan Rajput

    Islamabad ma off hain subha sy :/

  • Omar Rafeh

    yeh kaisa defence day hai jis pe mobile sevice off karni hai. wtf is this. no signals in westridge

  • Kazim

    Yeah I know, as got hundreds starting problem face by our customers.