Pakistan Invites European Car Makers Renault and Peugeot for Local Entry

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar briefed representatives of two major automobile companies; Renault and Peugeot, on Pakistan’s expanding vehicular market during his recent visit to France.

On Wednesday, Ishaq Dar met with the representatives of the European companies and apprised them of the opportunities that Pakistan presented to them. He also mentioned the latest automotive policy introduced by the government, which is attractive for new car manufacturers.

It should be mentioned that the new policy allows them to play less taxes on import of parts and various other incentives that can help new entrants in the automotive field set up their operations in Pakistan.

Dar also stated that Pakistan’s economy is booming after terrorist and political setbacks in recent times. The minister also reflected on microeconomic stability, sustained gross domestic product growth, stable exchange rate and higher consumer spending.

Renault and Peugeot were also made aware of the constant demand in Pakistan’s market for new cars which is an incentive for any car manufacturer. Minister Dar invited them to join the Pakistani market and lay the foundation for newer players in this field.

Members of the two leading French automobiles appreciated the economic turnaround in Pakistan and showed their keen interest in working together.

Chairman Bol, Ambassador of Pakistan to France and French Ambassador to Pakistan also observed these meetings.

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    • NO it is very easy for new comers ,just produce the quality cars and keep the price lower than current car producer in Pakistan. People will give boost to their cars, and TRIO will be on survival and may be dead specially Pak suzuki who can not survive on low profit.

    • No wait…they were later given five minutes to decide and then sign an agreement to enter Pakistani market.

      What do you think how FDI starts? Like a T20 match ? Of course briefing, then manufacturers will decide and something will happen.

      • i don’t watch that boring cricket crap … so you’d have to improve the analogy.

        but aren’t you nettled at the lethargy they are showing ?!

        the policy was announced LAST year … something solid and concrete should have materialized by now but all they’re doing is either appeasing the big three with stay orders or just holding talks.

  • An average Pakistani earns only 30-35K per month. So he saves years of hard earned money only to end up buying a crap like Mehran which comes at a whopping price tag of 700K

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