Don’t Use Google Allo: Edward Snowden

Google’s Allo may have received rave reviews from pundits so far though it does have one very significant detractor: Edward Snowden.

Offering his take on Twitter, Snowden tweeted:

The link opens the article at The Verge which details the privacy features Google backtracked on since the launch of Allo.

Google had originally promised complete privacy protection to its users. This included not storing your messages on its servers apart from the transient stage. However, since its release, the option to be completely private isn’t turned on by default, allowing Google to look directly into its users’ conversations.

Google maintains the privacy features were given up in order to facilitate the smart reply feature in conversations. The connections are still encrypted with HTTPS. You can also go into incognito to completely make your connections secure.

Regardless of where you stand on Google’s stance, it is very arguable that the communication could’ve been handled better to the users, who only found out about the retraction after the software launched.

Google Allo is marketed as a smart alternative in that it comes with artificial intelligence software built in to offer suggestions or for conversing. However, as privacy concerns grow, Google might need to fulfill its promises if it has to gain back trust and users.


  • Mr. Edward Snowden is just our government. Don’t use Whatsapp, Facebook, Allo blash blah you will be spied! LOL! All big companies are spaying the users in order to gain the benefit of it. Look at Proapkistani, it uses Google Analytics that tells how many users are online on a single webpage, the whole website, what are their devices etc- the micro level of spying. This Disqus system tells the IP of the person who comments here. Where is the privacy? What about behavior biometrics? – the future of the advanced technical security and spying pattern! Can you get rid of this? Never! You will be detected by your behavior on the screen who you are regardless of the country you are in, the device you’re using, you will be detected easily because every person has his own typing speed, own favorite sites to which he visits, own way of searching on Google, everything is being stored, you’re not safe, you will be detected with ease. It has only one solution:


    • Have to agree unfortunately :( other solution is we make our own :D means our pak army or ISPR should make our own internet .

      • If Army makes something for this you can bet everything you own that it will be used to spy on you. Already ISI gets a feed of all internet traffic and phone/sms traffic in Pakistan.

    • Why don’t you tell us what Snowdon DOES recommend??? He has made it clear many many times what software he trusts with his life but you only concentrate on what you like but he does not.

      Examples: Signal. Tor.

      • I agree somewhat! Tor was great when it was launched initially then you know everything which becomes popular is useless. Tor users can be spied also, see the latest news about it. The best example as per SEO point of view is that if you have a hosting that runs your 10 sites – of course, it has a specific IP – if one of your sites is detected by Google as spam, then 9 of your sites on the hosting are at risk. I know there are many ways to become an anonymous, but being 100% is not possible. You can use unpopular beautiful Linux distro, use different browser, exotic VPN etc.

    • No Long Procedures or to go so far in detail,simple it is When you just put an active Sim card in a 3310 you are being spied :-p

    • AHahahaa, aisay to NSA ki spying bhi ham pr sahi h, kiunkay woh is liye spy karti h takay USA safe rhe… Who wants a safe USA?

  • I have Android 2.3 and WhatsApp works like a charm, where as Google Allo minimum compatibility is Android 4.1, that clearly shows the hardwork behind WhatsApp. The lower the version you go, the harder it is to develop and maintain an application.
    WhatsApp is better than Google Allo, Telegram, Viber etc etc in all aspects

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