Daraz and Easypay to offer a Black Friday Shopping Vouchers During Online Shopping Gala

Last year, Daraz.pk and Easypay broke all previous online sales records during Pakistan’s first ever Black Friday sales. This year, both Daraz and Easypay, have announced to celebrate Black Friday sales again (to be held on November 25).

Daraz and Easypay are already up with promotion for Black Friday as they are giving away shopping vouchers that customers can get and use during Black Friday.

For the purpose, Daraz and Easypay announced that any shopping during upcoming Easypay Online Shopping Gala (From September 26th to September 30th) will entitle customers to free shopping vouchers that they will be able to use during Black Friday sale.

These Black Friday vouchers can also be purchased during the sale event via Easypay.


Starting from 26th September till 30th September, Easypay and Daraz.pk are launching the Easypay Online Shopping Gala where customers can avail up to 50% discount across all categories in addition to a 10% flat on all products purchased through Easypay at https://www.daraz.pk/easypay-online-shopping-gala/.

Daraz.pk will also exclusively launch the Telenor Infinity Series, the most affordable 4G handsets in Pakistan. Besides a special price during the sale, customers will enjoy Rs 300 Balance, 1500MB internet and 1500MB pocket TV for 3 months (dial *345*003# to activate).

First 100 customers to get a free 16GB memory card.

All of Pakistan should stay tuned and get ready to avail the biggest discounts on their favorite items before stocks run out!

    • Don’t expect them to proof read. Even if this is paid article, the credibility of this site is low as they don’t even try to see if there are any errors.

    • Daraz is actually fraud. pk. They give big offers to attract more people and take orders and confirm. Later on they tell you your order is cancelled. This has happened with me. They make me wait for weeks and when i made complaints they said your order is cancelled because the item is not available in our store. I asked then as to why you took order and even confirmed my order? They simply said but now it’s not available and when i checked the same item was available on their website and i sent them link and showed them that same thing is available. Then they said the product you choosen could not go through our quality check and we don’t send damaged or low quality items to our customers.
      The simple reason was they offered in a lower price and later on they realized that we shouldn’t give in such price. Rest of the reasons were all topi drama by daraz. This is how they do business.

    • Daraz.pk is just making peoples fool…….they increase the base price and then give a discount on it. Exampl:e WD 1tb portable hard drive the orignal price in market is 6200…& on daraz first they increase its base price to 8200 then discounted price is 6499 th9s is rediculous. I never saw a true discount on daraz & there shipping time just keep waiting & waiting for weeks.

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