Here’s How to Get Computerized Arms, Weapon License from NADRA!

National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) and Interior Department of Punjab have joined hands for a new computerized system that makes it easy to renew your existing arms license or cancel the arms license if required.

NADRA is currently not issuing new arms licenses, instead only old arms licenses are computerized / renewed by NADRA.

Also note that computerized Arms licenses from NADRA may take up to 12 months or even two years, as they are computerized after verification from local DCO / original issuer of arms licenses.

The new system is called Computerized Arms License System (CALS).

To identify fake arms licenses, and to provide satisfaction and protection against crimes, NADRA has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Punjab government to issue computerized arms licenses in the province.

In the initial phase, the smart cards will replace the old (traditional) arms licenses in 9 districts of Punjab, as well as in Islamabad, Lahore, Sargodha, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Hyderabad, Sukkar and Karachi.

If you still have the old arms license, you can apply for the new computerized NADRA arms license. This is because the government plans on cracking down on people who carry bare weapons and arms and have old arms licenses, according to the law.

How To Apply For Renewal of Arms License

  • Submit Rs. 1,400 in UBL Omni. (Note: this is a non-refundable annual fee for weapon license).
  • Submit your application for arms / weapon license in your respective district’s Deputy Commissioner Office.
  • Visit the nearest NADRA center or facilitation center.
    • Submit original deposit slip.
    • Submit original copy of old arms license.
    • Submit two recent passport size photographs.

The applicant will be given a token after complete attestation of their documents.

Furthermore, applicants have to go through bio-metric verification, digital photography and similar systems to complete their request.

Upon successfully clearing each step, the applicant will be handed a new computerized temporary permit and the old license will be cancelled.

Arms License Card Information

NADRA aims to make the arms license cards “foolproof and highly secure” by introducing multiple security features. The arms license card will carry electronic data of the arms and the owner of it for instant machine use and integration with other verification systems.

Front Side:


Back Side:


Here are some of the features of the card that NADRA is offering:

  • Verification of applicant particulars through NADRA’s Verisys.
  • Card bears weapon information for instant verification.
  • Weapon Owner Track-ability through CNIC.
  • Foolproof and Secure Document by introducing various security features in the card.
  • Machine readability through bar code for integration with other checking/Verification systems.
  • Secure Lamination on both sides with GOP Logos that are visible under ultraviolet light.

Additional information regarding registration centers can be obtained from below:


For further information, you can call NADRA’s helpline: 111-786-100 or visit

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  • I converted my dad weapon license to smart license one year ago and they are now informing us, and this is not a picture of nadra weapons license card which is posted above.

    • Owning a weapon should NOT be easy. But getting one from the black market should be an order of magnitudes harder.

      Unfortunately, as with all things in Pakistan, getting one illegally is probably easier (I have obviously no idea).

      • Weapons should be with everyone this is basic human right and state is no way eligible to take it away. Weapons are easy to het everywhere on earth. You can make on at home its 300 years old technology maybe older

          • Weapons should be registered not banned. With the situation with India Atleast everyone should have a hunting rifle. It is not a weapon for urban warfare but in war at long range it has a lot of stopping pwer

            • Countries with lowest crime rates are ones that have a complete ban on weapons e.g. Japan and Singapore. Even in countries where guns are properly regulated like the US thousands are killed each year with legally registered weapons.

              Weapon possession should only be with military and police.

              • that is an extremely incorrect and illiterate answer. Japanese have no foreign policy or opinion they are enslaved by the americans. Have you not read how many protests are taking place in japan against the american bases but the japanese can do absolutely nothing against it. go and read about the suicidal rates in japan.

              • I am amazed at your audacity quoting USA as a country with regulated gun and gun related murder. Well for your information the problems in USA are different. they are social. Go and read the stats about switzerland where almost every house has an assault rifle in it. moreover go and read the stats about change in crime in UK after the gun ban. well let me help you nothing changed in UK. anyway i Consider keeping a gun as my birth right and anyone willing to take that away has to go through me first

              • Wrong!!!!!!!!!!! I live in Texas where everybody owns a gun legally without a license. Conceal and Carry law in Texas requires you to have a permit and you can get that in one day and carry a firearm on you. To own a semi automatic weapon like AR-15 or AK-47 you don’t need a License and can go to the local sports shop and get one. However, ATF(Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms) Bureau on the phone will run the background check on you and you get the gun there and then if you don’t have a criminal background, same with the handgun. Most of the people who kill other people with Guns are felons, who cannot legally own a gun by law. Hardly, you will find people who are responsible gun owner shooting and killing people for no reason. I have seen so many responsible gun owner in Texas who have saved the lives of others with their concealed handguns during the Robbery. You are telling me that Owning a gun legally automatically puts you in the category of probable felons, which is far from the truth. USA has a population of 320 millions, compared to Japans 130 million and Singapore 5 million. If you look at the Stats. Most number of Violent crimes are committed by habitual felons not the responsible gun owner. Violent crimes are a result not because of Guns but because of broken justice system.

        • Defending yourself is the right of everyone. Our constitution should guarantee us as citizens of this country the right to own and bear arms. We are the nations of warriors, it is in our blood. Pathan and Baluchis can own a weapon without a license and display them as their ornament, but ordinary educated Pakistani cannot own a weapon and display it without a license even for their home protection or he will go to Jail. Look at this stupidity. Muslims in Pakistan are the decedents of warrior from Central Asia, Arabia and Afghanistan, we have a right to defend and fight against tyranny. But Unfortunately, the thugs in the government and their bureaucratic poodles have deliberately decided to make the process of obtaining and owning a weapon so difficult that if I ever have a home invasion by the Robbers armed with fully automatic weapon, I don’t stand any chance against them. This is the oppression of highest order, when Police fails to protect you and leave you at the mercy of Thugs who owns the biggest guns, but don’t want the innocent citizens to own a gun. It is like someone have tied your hands behind your back and keep punching you till you are bloody in the nose. to this I would say, We should also celebrate this tyranny and lack of freedom on every August 14th and sing “Pakistan Zindabad, Long live Pakistan”

          • Police is not there to protect you they are there to take your deadbody for the post mortem. Keep a weapon legally or illegally the government can go and shoot itself in the foot. I neither accept any law nor any procedure that makes it difficult for me to obtain a firearm as good as the one kept by criminals

            • Naveed is a stupid traitor bitch of a country. One of the biggest idiot. All person with naveed name are the same idiots.

              • I dare you to say that to me in real life internet k shair. Remember i have enough licensed aslaha and maybe also without license. Come and meet me and say this in my face.

  • please be mentioned that nadra is not issuing new arm licenses nadra is only doing computerization of old issued armed licenses and it may take upto 2 years because license can be delayed until unless is not verified from local DCO/Issuer

  • I have submitted my old license for renewal & the fees for about an year ago, but still i haven’t received the new license. I went to the Nadra office at Hyderabad they said you will receive an sms, but noting yet, does anyone know what to do??

  • Hi Everyone
    Can anyone assist me the procedure to how to get a new armed license. Actually I am an overseas Pakistani and dual national I regularly visit my family in Pakistan who live in punjab and some in rural areas. Though there is no any difference of security situation in rural and urban areas but in rural areas its bit worst then in cities. Sometimes I have to travel in the evening in the remote areas. Though I can get body guards for my security from a security company but its not a solution for all the situations. Any assistance in getting an armed license for myself would be appreciated.

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